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Welcome to the  on-line edition of the Community Newsletter for Bideford   and adjoining towns, villages, and rural area.

‘Bideford Buzz’ is produced and distributed by a team of volunteers, with financial and practical assistance from  Bideford Bridge Trust, Devon Community Foundation, Bideford Town Council, Torridge Volunteer Resource Centre, Devon Library Services, and many others.   If you are interested in helping produce, develop, or distribute this newsletter we’ll be glad to hear from you.

Please note that for commercial notices there is a charge from £18 per month – cheques payable to ‘Bideford Buzz’.

You can submit your article on disc or by e-mail.    However, ‘snail mail’ is equally acceptable. Material for publication should reach us by the 11th of the month preceding the month of publication.

Editor – Rose Arno (Bideford Buzz),    c/o Torridge Volunteer Resource Centre (‘TVS’),  14, Bridgeland Street, Bideford, EX39 2QE.  (TVS opening hours Mon.-Thurs. 9.30am to 3.oopm [12.30pm on Thurs.]).      Telephone 07929-976120, or E-mail:

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“Knit & Natter” – February & March.









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Views of recent patients sought by Trust.


Healthwatch Devon is running a series of focus groups to gather feedback from local people about their experience of Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust’s services

The Trust is looking for feedback on the services it provides at North Devon District Hospital, its community hospitals across northern Devon, and in people’s own homes through its community teams, and it wants to hear from anyone who has recent experience of these services.

A series of focus groups is running this month, and former and current patients are invited to come along to share their views. Dates of the focus groups are:

· Wednesday 25 January, 10.00am – 12.00pm, Landmark Theatre, Promenade, Ilfracombe, EX34 9BZ

The Trust wants to hear about what works well and what could be better, from the patient’s point of view. Topics to be discussed at the groups include communication, availability of staff, co-ordination of care, self-care and how much the Trust encourages patient feedback. This feedback will be used by the Trust to help develop its patient experience strategy.

Healthwatch Devon is running the focus groups on behalf of the Trust. Places need to be booked in advance, as Healthwatch Devon will send further information before the meeting. To book a place, call 0800 520 0640 or email


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The Filo Project.


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Exmoor Pony Centre – January.

News from the Exmoor Pony Centre, Ashwick, Dulverton TA22 9QE

Even though the Pony Centre has been closed to the public over Christmas and New Year, work hasn’t stopped for the staff and volunteers who have been busy looking after the 17 new young foals taken in this winter. They always need plenty of attention and there’s lots of mucking out, feeding and filling of haynets to do.

Each year we choose a theme for naming our foals which makes it easy to remember in which year they were born. Some of the past themes have been detectives, cars and biscuits. This year the foals have been named for fizzy drinks; so we have, for example, Fanta, Cola, Tango, Dr Pepper and, in the photo, Tizer.

All these little chaps have already been vetted and wormed and have undergone some handling. Most are now happy to wear a headcollar and be led. Once they have been gelded and given time to recover from their op, they will hopefully be found homes either with fosterers or on conservation grazing sites around the country.

In the run up to Christmas the charity relies on money raised at stalls such as Dulverton by Starlight. We enjoy the festive atmosphere and, of course, selling all kinds of pony items and gifts, including our 2017 calendars (of which we still have a few left, available via our website and now reduced to only £4 in our January sale). Also in the sale, reduced to £9.50, is the book, Moorland Mousie, from which the charity takes its name.

In January, ten of our geldings will be travelling north all the way to Durham where they will be conservation grazing on Durham Wildlife Trust’s Tyne Tees Nature Reserve.

Our next Activity Afternoon will be in the School Holidays on Thursday 16th February 12 to 3 pm, with our popular pony rides, crafts and refreshments.

In March we re-open for the summer season and for riding sessions and our April Activity Day will be on Sunday 9th from 11am to 3pm. You can find our full schedule for 2017 on our website.

Website: ?Email:

Tel: 01398 323093


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‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ : Holsworthy, 23rd Jan. – 4th Feb.


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Petroc Annual Awards & Open Event.

Petroc A-level and Access to HE students celebrated at annual awards

High-achieving A-level and Access to Higher Education (HE) students celebrated their successes at the Barnstaple Hotel at the college’s annual celebration evening.

Following Petroc’s best-ever A-level results, students from the class of 2015/16 were awarded prizes for outstanding academic and personal achievement in Social Sciences, Maths and Science, Language and Communications, Creative and Performing Arts, Art and Design, Access to HE and STEM.

The returning students, many of whom have gone onto further study and employment, applauded each other as glowing citations were read out by college lecturers.

Diane Dimond, Petroc principal, welcomed the students and their family and friends to the ceremony.

It really is great to see so many of you here this evening. This is such a brilliant celebration of all of your hard work,” she said.

Our students do achieve great things at Petroc. Our students’ excellent results have placed Petroc in the top 9% of colleges. Whatever your background or experience we have a course for you and we will provide a tailored and supportive training programme.

You have achieved great things through sustained hard work and we are really proud of you.”

Former Petroc student Hermione Williams-Copp, who now works for Jaguar Landrover, was guest speaker at the awards and had some words of advice for the award-winners.

Get involved with as many things as possible. It gives you so much to talk about at interviews,” she advised. “Get some work experience and do not stress if you do not get what you want at first.”

Seven outstanding achievement awards were announced at the event – with the recipients remaining a mystery until the end of the evening.

Winner of the Outstanding Achievement for Languages & Communications was Samuel Jarvis, a former Pilton Community College pupil.

His glowing citation said: “You epitomise the image of the well-rounded student – academically skilled yet also caring and involved in the community.”

Former Park Community School pupil Megan Knock won the Outstanding Achievement for Maths & Science, as “her admirable commitment ensured her a coveted place at Oxford University to study Medicine. She set herself high standards and reached them”.


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Bird’s-eye view of Westward Ho!

New aerial footage, shot using a drone, has been launched on the internet and shows off Westward Ho! in glorious high definition and from a vantage point normally accessible only to birds.

For the first time people will be able to see aerial footage showing the outline of the wreck of the merchant ship the “Sally”, which ran aground in 1769 while bound from Oporto in Portugal to Bristol carrying a cargo of port wine. The “Sally” is one of two wrecks of 18th Century merchant ships that can be found at low tide on the beach, which this summer were given protection by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Wrecks are usually only the preserve of divers but at Westward Ho! visitors can stroll along the sand to see the remains of these ships which offer a fascinating glimpse into the area’s rich mercantile history. The “Sally” has been described as “nationally important” as it still retains its key identifying features, with details of the ship’s construction clearly visible for all to see. The aerial footage offers a unique and new vantage point to view this and other landmarks.

Further along the resort there are views of the newly refurbished tidal Rockpool and Promenade with the community-chosen extract of the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling inlaid into the walkway. (The works are all part of the Council’s £418K investment into Westward Ho! funded through a successful application by the Council to Central Government under the Coastal Community grant scheme.)

Westward Ho! – Birds eye view

Video courtesy of Altitude58


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December’s youth page.

Youth page June 11.2_0001

Bridging the gap.


“Mind the gap”, “gappy tooth” ,”pay gap” even ‘Gap’ the clothing outlet if you have an explosive allergy to tank tops and sweatshops… With all these negative connotations- ‘gap’ as something to be avoided or filled- and ‘gap year’ doesn’t immediately scream positivity. If anything, it implies a little year-long lull; a hole in your timeline that some people vault straight over into uni life, others walk round into paid employment- a ‘proper job’- and some fall right into. If you do take the plunge, it’s all about filling it with meaningful experiences that look good on your CV. A time outside the vortex of education, it’s constrained only by finance and work shifts; an eerie peek through the curtain at actual adult life. It’s a time when you can do pretty much anything, but when the mind boggles, it tends to give up and the sheer scale of possibilities can be daunting. So here at Buzz for your delectation we have arranged a list of 5 things you can do to fill that year shaped gap in your life.

1.) For those who don’t fancy a nice ramble round the globe; this site offers you travel with a purpose. Be it teaching monks to read English in Tibet or rounding up cattle in Australia, you can choose a foreign job that suits you and set off on a jaunt. The only real downside is that a lot of the work doesn’t pay ( though you never know, the monk’s may tip handsomely) and the trip expenses- while discounted through the site- fall on you. This means a part time job/ year of mooching may be required to fund your Mother Theresa act, though in the grand scheme of things, it’s still a lot cheaper than a rail ride across Europe- that other gap year staple.

2.) Visit friends at uni. With a 18- 25 rail card, your train fees can be truncated by 1/3- most uni’s also allow 2 visits per month, which cuts out the need for a hotel, so this works out at a very affordable glimpse into student life before you go.  A gap-year perk, you can gently acclimatise to the idea of communal living while your foolhardy friend submerges themselves fully.  Sadly, even as a part timer, there is no avoiding the fresher’s flu. With streaming eyes, a nose like treacle and the cough of a 63 year old asbestos miner, this reporter went right on the front line and caught the bug from an overzealous giggler who happened to spray some airborne droplets as he chuckled. That’s all it takes to pass the highly infectious disease on. Disinfect your bags after you visit and breathe through your nose; that’s our only advice.

3.) Look further into your course- want to be an optician? Write a report on cataracts for fun- they can only look favourably on such extracurricular interest in your interview. Perhaps pick up a few books written by a prospective university professor- they can’t say no to a fan. Hopefully.

4.)Take a part time job. If you save well enough, you may even be able to stretch out your income, augment it with the housing loan and not have to work for at least the first 2 years of your course. This gives plenty of time for study and partying.

5.) Write a book, do something creative. If you choose to go down the part time job route, this leaves you with vast swathes of time to yourself. An incredibly productive way to spend your time is to create something- be it a comic, a picture, a play or a book. If you’re that way inclined, it can be great fun and it means you have a goal, something to finish before September. Who knows, if those Tibetan monks get a good enough teacher, they may be reading your best seller in years to come.

Hopefully this has been of some use. Time is money- you just have to spend it wisely.

And a Happy Christmas and New year.

Thanks for reading

Millie Sutherland O’Gara


If you have any gap year ideas of your own, or just want to share what you’ve been up to, give us a “buzz”? or leave us a message on our Facebook Page.


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One hundred years ago – December 1916/ January 2017.


The first three issues of the Gazette in December 1916 are full of seasonal cheer of all varieties.

W.J. Ridge, Wine merchant of 70 High Street has two adverts – one for Old Scotch Whiskies including “Dew off the Highlands”, the other for “Anglo” ales and Oatmeal Stout. Charles Ashton, family grocer trading at Trafalgar House, is the sole agent for W& A Gilbey’s wines and spirits. For the home baker, Tattersalls Stores boast that they have the largest stock, the best of everything at the lowest prices. Among the items for sale are loose Muscatels for cooking at 8d per pound, Chinese figs and the finest Tunis dates are 9d per pound. Tattersalls also offer “Evaporated fruits” – apricots, peaches and pears as well as a wide variety of nuts.

Suggestions for Christmas presents are plentiful. A. M. Morrish at the Quay Café is showing a good selection of chocolates, confectionery and season’s novelties. F. Karslake, draper from London House, heads his advert with the words “Christmas should be enjoyed in a reasonable manner. Our old fashioned custom of giving and receiving presents must not be allowed to pass. It is a glad time of friendship and goodwill of the year.”

If you are looking for practical presents, Heywood & Heywood of Grenville Street offer serviettes, 5 o’clock tea cloths and tea cosies as well as handkerchiefs and Antimony trays. Steward & Co.’s Bazaar at 56a Mill Street has a splendid selection of British-made toys. W. Wood of 10-11 Meddon Street reminds readers that Christmas is the children’s festival and offers dolls, toys games and tea sets.

For the ladies, Robert Yeo at Manchester House(in an advert illustrated with line drawings) suggests that “Suitable and acceptable” presents include aprons and pinafores, whilst Sanguine & Son’s Boot stores in Grenville St. promote their pretty slippers, house shoes and ladies gaiters. For the man in your life you could visit H.I. Meredith at 18 High Street and buy vacuum flasks, shaving requisites and electric pocket lamps, whilst Coles & Lee at the Gazette Offices offer useful leather goods.

The troops have not been forgotten and suggestions include “Swan” fountain pens with ink tablets in tubes, metal cigarette cases and photo cases.

The more extravagant could buy an American organ from J.T. White of 77-78 High Street, a piano from Nicklins in Bridgeland St., watches and jewellery from E. Northwood at 69 Medon St., or furs from Burrows at 17 High Street.

To decorate your home, Perkins and Son, florists on the Quay offer ferns and palms in pots as well as cut flowers supplied fresh daily.

If you were unfortunate to be unwell, Gerrish’s Speedy Cure for coughs and colds can be bought for 1/3 a bottle at E Gerrish, dispensing chemist on The Quay. We are also assured that Mother Seigels Syrup banishes indigestion.

To return to more pressing matters, the 28th December edition reports that Bideford Council are discussing the food shortage and considering the possibility of ploughing up Victoria Park to provide extra allotments. Early in the New Year Bideford Council advertise a Public meeting in the Town Hall for the purpose of considering providing extra Allotments. Northam Council are also concerned about the shortage of vegetable patches, and in particular the shortage of potatoes. The Committee were told that 2 miles from Northam a farmer was holding a large quantity of potatoes waiting for prices to rise. A committee member, Mr Vincent remarks that “the Government should do something” and suggested that as they now controlled the railways they should lead by growing potatoes beside the track. Later in the month a report appears stating that the National Food controller has set and published potato prices. Main crop, of not less than 6 tons will be priced at £5-15-0d per ton, rising to £6-10-0d in the Spring. Locally a 2-acre field at Kiltrasna is available for a period of 3 years for cultivation, but a flood of letters to the Editor decry the notion of ploughing Victoria Park, citing that it is the only pleasant area where the elderly can walk and enjoy.

At the Devon Crown Court 2 local residents are accused of stealing £300 worth of jewellery (£14,500 in today’s value) from their employer, Mrs Elizabeth Daw of Baddesley Grange, Northam. Herbert Clarence Leonard, alias Victor Howard, was employed as a cook but was actually a deserter. His common law wife, who was pregnant, Daisy Fowler, alias Leonard or Howard was a servant and was acquitted of the crime but her partner was found guilty and sentenced to 15 months hard labour. Only a tiny proportion of the jewellery was recovered.

Appearing in the first January edition is an Almanac for the year. In the centre are famous events and personalities for every day throughout the year but around this are local details and information, postal rates and times, bus and train times on both Bideford, Westward Ho! & Appledore Railway and, across the river, the LSWR. Financially the public are served by National Provincial Bank, Fox Fowler & Co Bank, Lloyds Bank and London, City & Midland Bank all in the High Street and Exeter Savings Bank has offices in Bridge Buildings opposite the Town Hall.

These and many more items of local interest are available to read at the Bideford & District Community Archive at the Council Offices, Windmill Lane, Northam. Tel: 01237 471714. Open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. You can also follow us on our Facebook page, Bideford & District Community Archive.


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Felicity’s sustainable fish cookery, December.


Here’s a recipe for Christmas Eve or parties with friends and family. This is based on Darina Allen’s  Simply Delicious Christmas book and is rather retro as it was originally written in 1989! (and reprinted in 2002).

Ingredients for 4. (Can be scaled up for parties)

500g of monkfish or scallops.

I onion, chopped(50gs); 30g butter and 60g/2tablespoon flour/cornflour.

Dry white wine, 500ml fish stock.

125 g /4oz/cup sliced mushrooms.

1 tablespoon parsley, fennel and thyme mixed.

Salt and freshly ground pepper.

Creamy milk/half milk and single cream.

100gm /2oz Cheddar Cheese or Cornish Yarg.

Duchesse potato for piping or spreading around the edge of the serving dish.


1.Trim monkfish tail and cut into 1cm/half inch thick slices, cut fish at an angle – or cut large scallops in half.

2.Use a heavy saucepan – stainless steel or enamelled pan. Add fish slices and cover with white wine and 250ml half fish stock or water. Bring to the boil and poach for 2/3 mins only.

3.Remove fish and continue to boil the liquor until 200ml/2/3pint approx.

4.Cook chopped onions in melted butter for 5-8minutes. Add the sliced mushrooms, season with salt and pepper and cook for 3-4 mins. Stir in the flour and cook for 1min stirring all the time, add liquor with the milk added (300ml total) gradually.

5.Add the freshly chopped herbs /dried herbs. Sauce should be smooth and tasty – check taste. Correct the taste, add the fish into the sauce and cook lightly for 2mins only!

6.Pipe a border of duchesse potatoes -mashed and creamed or spread around the edge of a serving dish and add the sauce, sprinkle top with grated cheese. (This can be cooled and warmed later. When required, reheat in a cool oven 190F or Gas 5 for 20 mins. to melt the cheese).

To serve immediately, heat under the grill for approx. 5mins to melt the cheese.

Serve with a good green salad.

Happy Christmas and a very Prosperous New Year!


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Bideford AFC home fixtures – January.


Home Fixtures,  January 2017.

Sat 28th Jan – Didcott Town.

All matches at Bideford AFC Football Ground, Robin’s Nest, The Strand, Bideford.



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Burton Art Gallery – January.


 Why the_clangers_by_mikedawsnot visit Bideford’s Burton Gallery for a bit of fun? It has something very special to show you just now, but you should bring some children with you, because the Clangers are here! And not just the Clangers – Bagpuss, Ivor the Engine, Noggin the Nog and Pogles Wood!

The Victoria & Albert Museum has sent all their favourite children’s TV bagpuss_bwprogrammes’ animated creatures, machines and sound-effects, so you can get behind the scenes and see how it was all done. It’s not all ancient TV history, either, because the Clangers, for one, are back on screen.

As for the others, many mums and grannies may well remember sitting on the sofa, after school, enjoying their children’s laughter at the antics of the Soup Dragon far away in outer space. We bought the toys, the Swanee-whistle, and lots of books. That was then. Now you can find a few interesting items in the Gallery Shop, such as ‘Make your own Clanger Kit’, and a cuddly Bagpuss or two. If your young folk want to know more about making films, Smallfilms will be there to give some hands-on experience – which could inspire a career, who knows? This wonderland of an exhibition continues until 22nd January. Lots of time to visit again and again. The Gallery will be open every day except  New Year’s Day.


There is much more to the Burton than exhibitions: the Cafe du Parc with scrumptious lunches and cakes; the Museum of Bideford upstairs (lift available), the Craft Gallery full of beautiful creations, and the Shop with all its toys, cards, books, games and handcrafted jewellery. The Tourist Information Centre is also part of the Reception area.

The Friends hope you will find all you desire in Bideford’s very own, very special Burton Art Gallery & Museum.

Diana Warmington,

Friends’ Secretary.


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January diary.


Friday 20th

7.45pm Modern Sequence Dancing, Kingsley Hall, W. Ho! 01769 540309

8pm Ceilidh Club at Northam Hall.

Saturday 21st

2pm Devon Family History Society at Pollyfield Centre.

Sunday 22nd

8pm ND Cancer Care Quiz at Lacey’s Ale & Cider House, Mill Street. 473798

Monday 23rd

10am-12pm Appledore Community Art Group at Appledore Community Hall.

2pm Bideford Ladies Club at Marlborough Court. 421925

6.30pm Yoga & Meditation classes at Chubb/Churchill Community Lounge.

7pm Tai Chi at Bideford High Street Methodist Church Hall. 472532

7pm Appledore Band – training band at St Mary’s Church Hall, Appledore followed by senior band.

7.15pm Appledore Singers rehearse at Appledore Baptist Church. 420652

Tuesday 24th

10am-1pm Lavington Church coffee and lunches.

10.30am Walking for Health. 421528

11.45am-12.45pm Tai Chi at Northam Community Hall.

2-3.30pm Salvation Army ‘Fun & Fellowship’ Club meets at Baptist Hall.

2.30pm ‘Lift Off for ladies’ at Baptist Church, Westward Ho! 0792 636030

6.30pm Bideford Band Beginners Group at Band Room. 475653

7.30pm Northam Choral Society meet at Northam Methodist Hall.

7.30pm Bideford Camera Club meet at Chubb/Churchill hall. 421391

7.30pm Lions Club at Royal Hotel.

7.30-9pm Samba Baia Rehearsal at Community Arts Network,13 Rope Walk

Palladium Club – Jam Night.

Wednesday 25th

9.30am-2.30pm Free Social Club for ages 19+ at Happy Café, W. Ho!

10am-12pm Bideford Healing Group at Sea Cadets Bldg in Victoria Park.

10.15am Probus Club at Royal Hotel.

10.30am-12pm ‘Feel Better with a Book’ at Bideford Library.

10.30am Walking for Health in Victoria Park. Meet at Cafe du Parc. 421528

11am-1pm Creative (Memory) Café at Quay Meeting Rm, 5 Danver Court, Clovelly Rd Ind Estate. 07817 976053

1.30-3.30pm ‘Knit & Natter’ Group at Holy Trinity hall, Westward Ho! 475720

2-3.30pm ‘Bideford Friends’ at Burton Art Gallery. 01805 622666

4-6pm ‘Sew Together’ at Northam Library.

7.30pm Bideford Folk Dance Club meet at Northam Hall. 423554

7.30pm Two Rivers Wind Ensemble Rehearsal at Bideford Band Room.

7.30pm Bideford Phoenix Morris practise at Bideford Baptist Church .

8pm Torridge Male Voice Choir meets at Woolsery Village Hall. 441601

Thursday 26th

10.15am Northam Men’s Forum meet at Northam Methodist Hall. 459757

10.30am Walking for Health along Tarka Trail. Clarence Wharf Car Park. 421528

10-11 & 11-12 Tai Chi, Marlborough Ct.

2-3pm Seated Exercise for over 60s at W Ho! Baptist Hall. 01805 622666

6.45pm Westward Ho! Bridge Club at Trinity Church Hall. 470990

7pm Hartland Aikido Club for over 18s at Bucks Cross Village Hall.

7pm ‘Life Drawing’ sessions at Bideford Arts Centre.

7.30pm N. Devon British Bike Club at Robin’s Nest.

7.30pm Scottish Country Dancing at Westleigh Village Hall. 473801

8pm Bideford Folk Club at Joiners Arms.

Friday 27th

10am-1pm Lundy Art Group at Blue Lights Hall, Appledore.

10am-12pm Community Coffee Morning at Kingsley Hall, W. Ho! 421274

2.30-4.30pm Torridge Table Tennis Club at Bideford Youth Centre.

7.45pm Modern Sequence Dancing, Kingsley Hall, W. Ho! 01769 540309

8pm Ceilidh Club at Northam Hall.

Saturday 28th

3pm Bideford AFC v Didcot Town.

Sunday 29th

8pm ND Cancer Care Quiz at Lacey’s Ale & Cider House, Mill Street. 473798

Monday 30th

10am-12pm Appledore Community Art Group at Appledore Community Hall.

6.30pm Yoga & Meditation classes at Chubb/Churchill Community Lounge.

7pm Tai Chi at Bideford High Street Methodist Church Hall. 472532

7pm Appledore Band – training band at St Mary’s Church Hall, Appledore followed by senior band.

7.15pm Appledore Singers rehearse at Appledore Baptist Church. 420652

Tuesday 31st

10am-1pm Lavington Church coffee and lunches.

10.30am Walking for Health. 421528

11.45am-12.45pm Tai Chi at Northam Community Hall.

2-3.30pm Salvation Army ‘Fun & Fellowship’ Club meets at Baptist Hall.

2.30pm ‘Lift Off for Ladies’ at Baptist Church, Westward Ho! 0792 636030

6.30pm Bideford Band Beginners Group at Band Room. 475653

7.30pm Northam Choral Society meet at Northam Methodist Hall.

7.30pm Lions Club meet at Royal Hotel.

7.30pm Bideford Camera Club meet at Chubb/Churchill hall. 421391

7.30-9pm Samba Baia Rehearsal at Community Arts Network,13 Rope Walk

Palladium Club – Jam Night.


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Shipping notes No. 141 (October/ November).


In port – Yelland Quay.


Celtic Warrior – (ex- Thule, 2014) ; built 1996; flag, Cardiff; owners British; crew Russian; from Glensanda to La Legue; arrived 13/11, sailed 13/11 ; dscharged 3,900 tons chippings.

In port – Bideford Quay.


Pur Navolok – built 1997; flag Limassol, Cyprus; owners German; crew Russian; from Rotterdam to Castellon; arrived 13/11, sailed 15/11 ; loaded 2,800 tons ball clay.

Oldenburg due to depart for her annual drydocking at Sharpness.


The Freshspring left the berth at Appledore at 18.20 16th October, in tow of the Seven Sea and proceeded to the allocated berth at Victoria Park. This will now allow the owners The Freshspring Preservation Society to start on the restoration work and apply for further funds to get her back into working order.

Bristol Channel Observations.

15.10 at 09.38 cargo vessel Arklow Valley, 5,769 tons d.w., owners Avoca Shipping V Netherlands, inward bound for Avonmouth. At 10.19 cargo vessel Nautica, 2,166 tons d.w., owners Baltnautic Shipping Ltd Lithuania, inward bound for Birdport.

16.10 at 12.20 vehicle carrier Onyx Ace, 18,529 tons d.w., owners Mitsui OSK Lines Japan, inward bound for Portbury.

18.10 at 16.00 cargo vessel Hendrika Margaretha, 3,200 tons d.w., owners Koning Cans CV Netherlands, outward bound from Newport having sailed 08.02.

19.10 at10.07 cargo vessel Lady Menna, 3,332 tons d.w., owners Osprey Ship 2 Ltd Netherlands, inward bound for Portbury. At 16.55 vehicle carrier Tombarra, 19,628 tons d.w., owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Norway and Sweden, inward bound for Portbury.

22.10 at 1551 vehicle carrier Aniara, 30,089 tons d.w., owners Wallenius Whilhemson Norway and Sweden, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 12.10. At 1600 bulk carrier Puffin Arrow, 6,2967 tons d.w., owners Gearbulk Ltd Bermuda, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 09.09. At 16.20 cargo vessel Tomke, 3,171 tons d.w., owners Tomke Germany, inward bound for Birdport.

29.10 at 13.16 cargo vessel Fehn Mariner, 2,953 tons d.w., owners Fehn Mariner Germany, outward bound from Birdport having sailed at 05.34. At 1324 vehicle carrier Grande Mediterraneo, 18,427 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury.

31.10 at 13.35 container vessel MSC Koroni, 48,244 tons d.w., owners Waldo Shipping Co Greece, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 07.30.

1.11 at 11.13 container vessel Endeavour, 9,168 tons d.w., owners JR Shipping V Holland, outward bound from Avonmouth having sailed at 06.55. At 11.16 vehicle carrier Emerald Leader, 10,879 tons d.w., owners Nippon Yusen Kaisha of Japan, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 06.18. At 13.56 chemical tanker Bro Nakskov, 16,427 tons d.w., owners Maersk Tankers A/S Denmark, outward bound from Cardiff having sailed at 17.15 on 30.10 (previously anchored off Lundy awaiting orders).

3.11 at 10.56 bulk carrier Aasvik, 4,319 tons d.w., owners Hans Martin Torkelson Norway, outward bound from Port Talbot having sailed at 06.30. At 11.20 cargo vessel Svetlana, 8,865 tons d.w., owners Svetland BV Bulgaria, outward bound from Swansea having sailed at 06.15.

4.11 at 12.04 container vessel Elbstrand, 11,367 tons d.w., owners Elbstrand GMBH & Co KG Germany, outward bound from Avonmouth having sailed at 07.17. At 13.53 vehicle carrier Grande Europa, 18,461 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury.

5.11 at 12.10 cargo vessel Westewind, 2,815 tons d.w., owners Weststrate JL Netherlands, inward bound for Sharpness. At 12.31 cargo vessel Akela, 5,572 tons d.w., owners Akela UG Haftungsbeschrankt Germany, inward bound for Avonmouth. At 13.31 vehicle carrier Morning Chorus, 16,178 tons d.w., owners Eukor Car Carrier Ltd South Korea, inward bound for Portbury.

6.11 at 11.02 vehicle carrier Opal Leader, 12,200 tons d.w., owners Nippon Yusen Kaisha of Japan, inward bound for Portbury.

7.11 at 113.40 vehicle carrier Oberon, 24,600 tons d.w., owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen Norway and Sweden, inward bound Portbury.

Just out of interest between the 31.10.and 8.11, apart from the vehicle carriers I have seen passing Lundy, there have been a considerable number of vehicle carriers calling at Portbury as follows – Arcadia Highway, Heogh Xiamen, Ciudad de Cadiz, Grande Benelux, Autosun, Titania (one of the largest carriers visiting Portbury), Leo Spirit, Asian King , Auto Eco (the first vehicle carrier to be powered by LNG) and, on her maiden voyage, Genuine Ace. None of these vessels seen, due to misty weather.

9.11 at 16.40 vehicle carrier Auto Eco, 12,600 tons d.w., owners United European car Carrier Norway, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 11.51 (& see comments above).

10.11 at 08.15 vehicle carrier Grande Benin, 26,097 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 03.51.

11.11 at 15.07 cargo vessel Arklow Rally, 4,400 tons d.w., owners S & P Bulk X1 AS Netherlands, outward bound from Avonmouth having sailed at 1101.

13.11 at 07.26 vehicle carrier Grande Anversa, 12,353 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 02.43. At 0952 vehicle carrier Michigan Highway, 17,673 tons d.w., owners Kawasaki Kisen K.K. Japan, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 05.14.


Review of 2016

Things have been rather quiet at Bideford, with just a few clays ships loading for Castellon and Bendorf. Yelland has not seen as many ships this year even though the building industry has been busy. The shipyard at Appledore completed the third patrol vessel Le William Butler Yeats and also obtained an order for a fourth vessel, due to be delivered in 2018. As shown above the SS Freshspring finally arrived at Victoria Park after long negotiations with TDC and clearing the berth of the wreck in September.

As this is my last Shipping news for 2016 may I take the opportunity to wish all our readers and Happy Christmas and New Year.




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Plough Theatre – January events.

9 – 11 Fore Street

Great Torrington

EX38 8HQ

Listings – January 2017

Box Office: 01805 624624


Friday 20


Paterson (nc) – 8pm

Friday 20


Let’s Get Quizzical’ – The Plough Quiz Night (In The Gallery) – 8:15pm

Saturday 21


Vin Garbutt (Folk) – 8pm

Sunday 22


Sully (12A) – 3pm

Sunday 22


Paterson (nc) – 5pm

Sunday 22


Snowden (nc) – 7:30pm

Tuesday 24


Cold Process Soap Making Workshop with Chris Keeley from Hogwash Soap

10am to 2pm

Tuesday 24


A United Kingdom (12A) – 8pm

Wednesday 25


Francofonia (12A) – 8pm

Thursday 26


A Retro Musical Soiree (A Gallery Gig) – 8:15pm

Thursday 26


Steve Knightly – ‘Landlocked’ – 8pm

Friday 27


Local bands night, including Littermouth and The Rivals (+ more bands to be announced)  : 8pm – midnight

Saturday 28


The Plough Café Curry Night with live music : 6pm – 8:30pm

Saturday 28


Ricky Knight & Friends (A Benefit Night for SOHS) – 8pm

Sunday 29


A United Kingdom (12A) – 3pm

Sunday 29


Star Wars: Rogue One (nc) – 7pm

Tuesday 31


Frozen Light present: ‘HOME – A Tale of Unexpected Friendship’

11am & 1:30pm

Tuesday 31


Star Wars: Rogue One (nc)




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