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Another ‘lost shop’ – Taylor Brothers.

Shops come and go all the time in all towns, with a few lasting for some time – but even these eventually close. One that fits this latter category is Taylor Brother’s shoe shop in Mill Street. I first started buying shoes there 40 years ago, but John and Angela Taylor, the present owners, can trace the beginnings of the business back to around 1938 when John’s father Reg served his apprenticeship with a shoe repair shop situated in one of the Art Deco buildings in front of the Baptist church in Mill Street.

Reg used his new skills to set up his own outlet in the front room of a house in Meddon Street and after the war set up a shoe repair business with his brother Mick in New Street, Torrington (opposite White’s Lane). The two did well, especially after securing the contract to repair shoes for both RAF Chivenor and St.Mawgan’s, and in 1949 moved back to Bideford acquiring 44 Mill Street and later the adjoining number 43. The two shops were completely remodelled in the 1970s to create the premises that have become familiar to generations of children and parents alike. As their available space enlarged so the brothers expanded into selling new shoes and leather goods and then added key cutting to their services. Reg died in 1981 just a year after taking on his son John, and the latter continued to run the business with his uncle Mick who passed on in 1995.

John and Angela have run it successfully with their 5-6 staff until this year when they have decided to retire. Over the years the shop hasn’t just catered for those buying new shoes or repairing old ones but has also provided some ‘special’ lines as well. These include making a pair of boots for a black Berkshire sow who had sore feet, repairing a diving suit and even making some size 20 shoes for local entertainer Jay the Clown. Oddest of all must have been the male customer who walked into the shop, took off his trousers and asked the surprised staff if they could mend his wooden leg!

All good things come to an end, it is said, and now this much loved shoe shop is closing some 68 years after it first opened – one of the longest lived businesses in the town. It will be much missed.

Peter Christie.


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HATS presents “The Hollow”.


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Bideford Positive Living Fair – 3rd September.



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Folk & Shanty Night, 19th August.


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August’s Youth Page.

Cardboard Cruises.

It sits between East and West the water, a murky, sunken Berlin wall to separate the town in two. Jet skis cut the current to ribbons and fish bask deep below the surface. To those who cross its lonely tide every day, it can be all too easy to take for granted. The river Torridge sits there in the background, but last month it took centre stage.

The Rotary club excelled themselves with a new addition to Bideford Water festival. Citizens took on the river in a cardboard boat regatta. In less time than it took Tom Hanks to cobble together a raft, we had an origami flotilla of everything from one man punts, kayaks and even a Viking long boat.

Almost thirty teams showed up to grapple with Poseidon; some emerged victorious, others were dragged kicking and screaming into the froth. ( Many through no fault of their own. The ‘Three little pigs’ forgot for a moment their torrid history and went to rescue ‘the Big Bad wolf’ from the mire. He huffed and he puffed and he pulled their boat down.)

For once, the weather held out, and a dunk in the river seemed like more of a prize than a punishment: a chance to rinse the sweat away and cool off – albeit at a price, as your boat melted to paper-mache before your eyes.

We can all take solace from the fact that if we are ever shipwrecked, as long as we have a bargain bucket, a shoe box, and some mathematical know-how, we can take to the sea. For a few metres at least.

The Wicker Man.

When you read those words, some will gasp and remember Christopher Lee’s most eerie role since Dracula, others will glaze over, and a significant proportion will gasp and weep and pull little straw legs off their miniature Nick Cage voodoo doll, lamenting a movie reboot that sullied the reputation of a classic. Just last year, it celebrated its tenth anniversary; it’s now available to scar a new generation all over again on Netflix.

Forget the encroaching terror of the original, we do not fear for the protagonist’s life, we just wish Nick Cage would stop being so culturally insensitive and leave the poor pagan people alone. Your daughter’s not there, Nick, give up, now stop waving that charred effigy around and put it back where you found it; you’re scaring the children. Director Neil LaBute turned Sergeant Howie from troubled cop into bumbling oaf, but it’s worth seeing for the crass belly laughs.

Never fear, creative kids of Bideford will never make Neil LaBute’s mistakes. We don’t know what they taught him in Kansas, but over here we train our movie makers well!

Community film making organisation North Devon Moving Image (NDMI) will be running two film making summer schools for children and teenagers this coming August, to make sure we know the ins and outs of cinema.

Creative Director of NDMI, Amanda McCormack says, “There will be two week-long workshops in Instow, one for ages 11 to 15 from 7-11 August 2017, and the other for 6 to 11 year olds from 14-18 August. The younger group will be creating a fun Creature Comforts style stop motion film and the older group will be given a surprise “prop box” to inspire the story for their short film.”

Millie Sutherland O’ Gara.


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One hundred years ago – August 1917.

Meetings are held around the district to mark the 3rd Anniversary of the start of the war. Mr W T Charlwood presided over an evening gathering on Bone Hill. The salute was given by the Scout Bugle Band and prayers were offered by the vicar, Revd Gerald Payne Cook. A resolution was passed stating that while regretting the loss of life, they were determined to carry on the war to a successful issue.  Two Grand Promenade Concerts will be given at the Nassau Baths in Westward Ho! in aid of the Nursing Association and Soldiers Teas. If the weather is unfavourable the gymnasium will be used.

Mrs Daw of Yeolden House is making arrangement for a series of concerts to be given by the Belgian Artists Committee.

At Bradiven Farm on the Christie Estate Mr Dennis, who is one of the tenants, saw a demonstration of a Strait caterpillar crawler tractor capable of 2½ mph. It can pull a four-furrow Ransome plough, and at least 10 acres can be done in a day. The plough will be used by all of the estate tenants, a kindness much appreciated in these tough times.

A farmer from Abbotsham has been summoned to appear before Bideford Borough Sessions for selling adulterated milk. The defendant, who had delivered to the Workhouse, was in Lime Grove when apprehended. The witness purchased a pint of raw milk for 2½d which on analysis contained 5.88% added water. The farmer had been busy cutting hay and had left the milking to a boy aged 14 and a girl aged16, as he had no other help for many years. He said the milk supplied to the Workhouse had been analysed recently and found to be satisfactory. A fine of 9/- was imposed more as a warning than a punishment.

Farleighs stores remind readers that it is important to register your name and the number in your household for the purpose of the sugar rations. A card will be issued to enable you to claim your full entitlement. At this time of year many householders would be collecting hedgerow fruits for jam making and this will be a serious restriction to the diet.

In an advert by Mr E Gerrish, Chemist of 9 The Quay, the benefits of Iodized Sarsparilla are extolled. It is described as an excellent and certain remedy for diseases of the blood and skin. The price is 1 shilling per bottle.

Since the formation of the Carpentry Branch of the Bideford & District War Supply Department in April last the workers have made 160 pairs of crutches, 9 back leg splints, 16 Carrs wrist splints, 25 arm splints, 22 leg rests, 7 Bowlbys arm splints, 7 rectangular splints, 7 bed rests, 8 nests of splints, 19 bed tables, 42 plain grooved splints and 52 dropped wrist splints. A creditable record from voluntary workers generously supported by Bartlett & Bayliss & Co, Messrs Cocks of Appledore, Mr C Gibson, Mr H Williams of Royal North Devon Golf Club, all preparing the wood for crutches.

These and many more items of local interest are available to read at the Bideford Community Archive at the Council Offices, Windmill Lane, Northam. Tel: 01237 471714. Open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

STOP PRESS – Great News. The Archive is pleased to announce our new website You will now be able to see some of the items we hold in the offices here at Windmill Lane. You will be able to search our family names and local history databases that relate to the Bideford Gazette newspaper from 1856 onwards. We will be adding new information EVERY week so if you do not find what you are seeking on your first attempt, please keep coming back.


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Buzz Byte – computer service software fraud.

This month we’ll look at Computer Software Service Fraud phone calls. The first reported calls associated with IT related fraud started in mid 2014, with identity fraud starting a year earlier in 2013. I bet most of you have had one, an unknown caller ringing you up to tell you that there is a problem with your computer and that they can assist you for a fee and/or if you give them access remotely to your PC.

These callers typically say they are calling from Microsoft but they may also claim to be from a broadband supplier such as BT or TalkTalk, and some even make up generic sounding names like “windows technical department”. The purpose of the call is to defraud you of funds and/or to install software on your machine that will give them access to your data and passwords, allowing them to take more money from your account without permission.

The callers can become very aggressive when you question their authenticity so hang up and if it is a genuine call they will call back. In my experience the Microsoft scammers do not (well not within the week anyway). Firstly, if it is genuine caller they will not mind you asking them questions and calling the company back, although never phone them back on a number they have given you. Call using a known number. Secondly, you should already be aware if your PC or laptop is not performing correctly.

The police advise that you end the call immediately and do not divulge passwords, bank account details or any sensitive information over the telephone. To get more information about cyber-crime or if you have been a victim and need to report it please visit or call them on 0300 123 2040.

If you think that you have been a victim of a cyber scam take your PC into a local computer repair centre and have it checked for software or installed programmes that the fraudster may have installed. You should also contact your bank to make sure no payments have been taken or set up.

Nickie Baglow.


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Felicity’s sustainable fish cookery – August.

In July I visited Petty Harbour, a fishing village in Newfoundland near St John’s. There were at least 20 fishing boats of all sizes alongside their “stages”.

I was invited to see a youth project called ‘Fishing for Success’, and met Tom Best, the President of the Fisherman’s Co-operative, that has just built the Resource Centre. Lots of activity in this place!

Poutine is a Canadian classic dish ,

and here is a Newfoundland version using lobster.

Lobster Poutine.


A portion of chips for each person.

Cheese curds – or gouda or Baby belles,cut into small lumps.

Lobster meat.

Lobster stock.

Oil and flour for gravy..

The stock should be made to make the gravy – so depends on the number of people eating!?Make half to I pint of stock for 2/4 people and, make lobster gravy with 50 g of butter/ veg oil spread . ?Melt in saucepan and add 50g of flour to absorb fat and cook gently for 1/2 mins. ?Add stock in small amounts to make a gravy. Keep quite thin.


Buy chips fresh and hot.

Add lumps of cheese.

Make up stock, add lobster meat, serve poured over to taste.

I will be demonstrating and serving to taste this dish at the Clovelly Lobster and Crab feast on 3rd September. Hope to see you there.


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Buzz Word – August.

May Hilder.

We have noted the articles in the last two months Bideford Buzz concerning May Hilder Way. Northam Town Council totally refutes the suggestion that it is unaware of May Hilder. Her name is shown on our Honours Boards in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall, once as Chairman of the Northam Urban District Council and twice as Mayor of Northam Town Council. Both Members and staff are well aware of her and the contribution she made to the area.

Jane Mills, Town Clerk Northam Town Council .


Instow electrified before Bideford.

I’ve been turning out old tapes etc and found a recording which I made on the 13th May 1956 at 6.30 pm on my Grundig Tape Recorder. (Over 60 years ago!)

I don’t know whether any of your readers would be interested to know that Instow Station was ahead of Bideford Station then. Yes, truly! I needed to make a recording of a train leaving a station for sound effects for one of our W.I. Plays. I took my Grundig tape recorder to Bideford Station, only to find that there was no electricity, so had to drive in haste to Instow Station to catch that same train in order to make the recording! (I also made a recording of ‘a car pulling up on a gravel drive’.)

The attached newspaper print-out (below) confirms those events!

Coincidentally, you will see that Nesta Hilder was in the cast of one of the plays.

Cynthia (Snowden).


School Governors wanted.

I am a Governor at the Holsworthy Federation and have been in that role for just 2 years but am enjoying it very much.

As you may have read from the local press and from other sources, Holsworthy Federation that includes the Community College and the Primary Schools at Bradford, Bridgerule and Black Torrington is in the process of joining a Multi Academy Trust.

The intention is to merge with a number of other schools in the surrounding area to create a larger, more vibrant and bigger group that will provide increased opportunities for the students and staff.

In the Holsworthy Federation, there will still be a need for a strong local Governing Body and we are currently looking for some new faces to fill some spare spaces. The role of a Governor is very interesting and rewarding nowadays and brings with it a great sense of achievement. If you feel you can spare some hours and want to help with improving the education of the students locally, or just want some more information about what is involved, I would be happy to assist.

Ken Watson. 01409 253965

or Sally Wood


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Burton Art Gallery; August.

Summer is still here, and so is that fantastic exhibition at the Burton, right through this month of August, into September and only comes to an end on 1st October, so we all have plenty of time to enjoy the Big Friendly Giant in all his glory. Children of all ages can take part in lots of Workshops throughout August.

On the 18th you can make rhymes and poems just like Roald Dahl at the ‘Dirty Beasts Rhymes day’, and on the 25th more ‘Revolting Rhymes and illustrations’ take place, and you can create a swigpill of poems and paintings.

So lots of fun with the BFG looking on to make sure you create something quirky, (and possibly quite disgusting…) Quentin Blake’s illustrations are all around you, and the Shop has everything you might want to take home as a souvenir of the whole wonderful show. Make sure you have a copy of the Burton’s latest brochure so you will know the times and cost of each of the Workshops. They all start at 9.00 a.m. and some end at 12.00, but others go on until 4.00 p.m. Booking is best, phone number given below.

Get ready to buy your tickets for September 2nd when there is to be an Outdoor Cinema event showing the original 1982 animated BFG film. Picnic, blanket, chairs, warm clothing – it starts at 7.45 (gate open at 6.30), so may be a little chilly by then. They suggest you wear something BFG themed, so there’s something to prepare for. It all takes place in Victoria Park, next to the Burton. Tickets from the Burton: buy now at £8 adult, £5 children – on the night: £10 and £8.

It seems the school holidays are well catered for, but don’t forget Crafty Kids at The Burton every Monday from 10am to12pm. for pre-school children and their parents. Just £1 donation per child.

The Museum, Craft Gallery, Shop and Cafe du Parc are all there for your pleasure. Entry is free. Opening hours are10am to 5pm (August only) Monday to Saturday, but Sunday, 11am to 4pm.

Diana Warmington,

Friends of the Burton Art Gallery & Museum.

Tel: 01237 471455


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Book Buzz; August.

Events at Bideford Library.

Tuesday 1 August 10 – 12; drop in activity. Become your own Secret Agent! Join us in making super sleuth disguises! Booking not necessary.

Friday 11th August 10-11 ‘Cops and Robbers.’   Fun session with Bideford Police Officers.

Friday 25th August 2.00 – 3.00; Children’s author of ‘Alex Sparrow and the really Big Stink,’ Jennifer Killick, will be running the following session: ‘Have you ever wondered what our animal friends get up to when we’re not looking? What if they were all secret agents?’ In this fun creative writing workshop, we will design our own animal agents and send them on dangerous missions. Warning: you may never look at your pet goldfish the same way again. Booking is essential for this session. In conjunction with the Burton Art Gallery.

Over the summer we will also have a special Animal Agent Treasure Hunt around the library which will run throughout the holiday and our Friends’ Group are organising a ‘Guess the name of the Library Otter. ‘ (stuffed not real!!) Look out for our Super Secret Agent Finishers’ event. More details at 01237 476075.


Events at Appledore Library.

Thursday 3 Aug – Animal Themed Lego Club, 10.30 – 12pm.

Wednesday 16 Aug – Agent Eight Legs Craft, 2-3.30pm.

Thursday 24 Aug – Secret Agent Craft Activity 10:30 – 12pm.

The Summer Reading Challenge runs until 9th September. Collect your goody bag while stocks last and try the treasure hunt to be entered into a competition. More details at 01237 477442.


Events at Northam Library.

Wednesday 2 August 10.30—Agent Eight Legs. FREE.

Monday 7 August 2pm—Really Wild Learning; £2.

Monday 14 August 3.30pm—The Fisher Knight’s Tale; £2.

Monday 21 August 2pm—Mini-medics first aid for 8-12 year olds. FREE.

Monday 4 September 2pm—Teen-aiders first aid for 13-16 year olds. FREE.

Booking is essential for most events. To book call: 01237 475111 or email


Bideford Library Readers’ Group.

The Luminaries”, by Eleanor Catton, discussed by Bideford Library Readers’ Group.

Eleanor Catton’s book won the Man Booker prize in 2013. It is a hefty book of 832 pages and this is maybe why apparently for every 10 people who buy the book only two actually read it. Our percentage was slightly higher. Yes there were only 2 of us who finished it, but there were only eight in the group. Those who abandoned it early on pointed not only to the length, but the fact that it is slow moving and has a very complicated plot.

The novel is set on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand during the gold rush of the 1860s. It reads like a genuine Victorian novel full of contemporary speech and detail unfolding leisurely with many twists and turns. We none of us really came to grips with the astrological influences which dominate the book – the title itself, the fact the book is in 12 parts, that the characters act in conjunction with the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

It opens with the arrival of Walter Moody, a young Scot, who has come to Hokitika, a town that has sprung up on the back of the Gold Rush in the hope of making his fortune. He lodges in the local hostelry where it happens a group of 12 men have gathered to discuss their predicament. They are all connected in various ways to the mysteries at the centre of the book – the disappearance of a young man, the death of a drunk, the whereabouts of a stash of gold, and the strange behaviour of a whore. Moody gains the trust of these men and listens to their stories. The reader is kept on tenterhooks as secrets are gradually revealed. Some critics have felt that although the book is brilliantly constructed, it lacks substance.

But it does seem to have in it much that is thought provoking and engaging. By the end of our discussion some of those who hadn’t finished it thought they might give it another try. Perhaps during the long dark nights of Winter.

Hilary Aikman.

Next meeting of the group is on Wednesday 2nd August 2pm at Bideford Library when we shall be discussing ‘How to be both’ by Ali Smith.


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A brief history of the Custom House.

Bideford’s buildings are constantly being reinvented – and anyone walking along to the Post Office will have noticed the old Custom House has become a new coffee shop – with some of the best views over the river from its first floor windows.

The main bulk of the building itself dates from 1695, just three years after the Bideford Bridge Trustees decided to develop a new street to be called Bridgeland. The first house was constructed by Nicholas Gascoyne in 1692-93, being the handsome brown brick building known to most as ‘Dr.Candler’s’. Nicholas, whose name suggests he was a descendant of French Huguenots who fled to North Devon, was a local carpenter and his work was evidently good enough for him to be granted a 99 year lease on the Custom House site on which he built himself a house.

By 1760 Benjamin Grant was leasing the house and there is a note in the Bridge Trust minutes from 1778 asking him ‘to replace the Stone which some time since was taken down from the Wall of the House he inhabits facing Bridgeland Street which Stone sett forth the time the said Street was built.‘ I wonder what happened to that?

In 1792 a new lease was granted to Thomas Grant, who was the Bridge Trust Steward, but he does not appear to have lived in it as by 1794 he was building Northdown House (later the Convent). A decade later three spinster sisters called Morrison were leasing the house though whether they actually lived there or not is uncertain. A surviving sister was still the leaseholder in 1832 when the building was noted as being the HQ of the local customs officers.

The earliest surviving census from 1841 records various of these officers living here – as they are so recorded up until the 1891 census when 72 year old Thomas Martin, ‘a gentleman,’ was then the occupant. In the 1901 and 1911 censuses William Martin, a retired builder, was living here and it seems to have continued as a private house until becoming a shop.

People may recall the dry cleaners that were based here for some years before it became a public house (Tequila Jack’s, Quigley’s, Custom House etc). Today it has been refurbished as a coffee shop, delicatessen and cinema, and enters a new stage in its long life.

Peter Christie.


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Bideford Cinema – August.

Friday 25th and Saturday 26th at 7.30pm at Kingsley School; Dunkirk (12A).


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August diary.

Saturday 19th

7.30pm Torridge Shanty Group concert at St Mary’s Church, Appledore 475449

Sunday 20th

Bideford Pannier Market. ‘Taste of Torridge’ Food & Drink Festival.

2pm Torridge Ramblers walk. 475168

Monday 21st

10am-12pm Appledore Community Art Group at Appledore Community Hall.

2pm Bideford Ladies Club at Marlborough Court. 421925

7pm Appledore Band Concert – training band followed by senior band at 7.45pm on Appledore Quay (St Mary’s Ch if wet).

7.15pm Appledore Singers rehearse at Appledore Baptist Church. 420652

7.30pm Appledore Amateur Radio Club, Appledore Football Social Club 473251

Tuesday 22nd

10am-1pm Lavington Church coffee and lunches.

10.30am Walking for Health. 421528

2-3.30pm Salvation Army ‘Fun & Fellowship’ Club meets at Baptist Hall.

2.30pm ‘Lift Off for Ladies’ at Westward Ho! Baptist Church. 425471

7.30pm Bideford Camera Club meet at Chubb/Churchill hall .421391

7.30pm Lions Club meet at Golf Club, W. Ho! Visiting Lions welcome.

7.30-9pm Samba Baia Rehearsal at Community Arts Network,13 Rope Walk

Palladium Club – Jam Night.

Wednesday 23rd

9.30am-2.30pm Free Social Club for ages 19+ at Happy Café, W Ho!

10am-12pm Bideford Healing Group at Sea Cadets Bldg in Victoria Park.

10.15am Probus Club at Royal Hotel.

10.30am-12pm ‘Feel Better with a Book’ at Bideford Library.

10.30am Walking for Health in Victoria Park. Meet at Cafe du Parc. 421528

2-3.30pm ‘Bideford Friends’ at Burton Art Gallery. 01805 622666

4-6pm ‘Sew Together’ at Northam Library.

7.30pm Two Rivers Wind Ensemble Rehearsal at Bideford Band Room

8pm Torridge Male Voice Choir meets at Woolsery Village Hall. 441601

Thursday 24th

10.30am Walking for Health along Tarka Trail. Clarence Wharf Car Park. 421528

10-11 & 11-12 Tai Chi, Marlborough Ct.

2-3pm Seated Exercise for over 60s at W Ho! Baptist Hall. 01805 622666

2-4pm Holy Trinity Church W Ho! Open.

6.45pm Westward Ho! Bridge Club at Trinity Church Hall. 470990

7pm ‘Life Drawing’ -Bideford Arts Centre.

7.30pm Scottish Country Dancing at Westleigh Village Hall. 473801

7.30pm Bideford Band Concert at Westward Ho! Green(Baptist Ch if wet).

7.30pm N Devon British Bike Club at Robin’s Nest.

8pm Bideford Folk Club at Joiners Arms.

Friday 25th

10am-12pm Coffee,Craft & Chat at Old School Rm, 17 Atlantic Way, W Ho!

10am-1pm Lundy Art Group at Blue Lights Hall, Appledore.

2.30-4.30pm Torridge Table Tennis Club at Bideford Youth Centre. 477932

7.45pm Modern Sequence Dancing, Kingsley Hall, W Ho! 01769 540309

8pm Ceilidh Club at Northam Hall.

8pm Auction in aid of Appledore Community Hall. Further details from

Saturday 26th

11am-4.30pm Appledore Art Exhibition at Blue Lights Hall, Appledore.

Sunday 27th

11am-4.30pm Appledore Art Exhibition at Blue Lights Hall, Appledore.

5pm Appledore Band ‘Last Night of the Proms’ on Appledore Quay (or St Mary’s Church if wet).

Monday 28th – Bank Holiday.

11am-4.30pm Appledore Art Exhibition at Blue Lights Hall, Appledore.

Tuesday 29th

10am-1pm Lavington Church coffee and lunches.

10.30am Walking for Health. 421528

11.45am-12.45pm Tai Chi at Northam Community Hall.

2-3.30pm Salvation Army ‘Fun & Fellowship’ Club meets at Baptist Hall.

2.30pm Lift Off for Ladies at Westward Ho! Baptist Church. 425471

7.30pm Bideford Camera Club meet at Chubb/Churchill hall. 421391

7.30-9pm Samba Baia Rehearsal at Community Arts Network,13 Rope Walk

Wednesday 30th

9.30am-2.30pm Free Social Club for ages 19+ at Happy Café, W Ho!

10am-12pm Bideford Healing Group at Sea Cadets Bldg in Victoria Park.

10.30am-12pm ‘Feel Better with a Book’ at Bideford Library.

10.30am Walking for Health in Victoria Park. Meet at Cafe du Parc. 421528

4-6pm ‘Sew Together’ at Northam Library.

7.30pm Two Rivers Wind Ensemble Rehearsal at Bideford Band Room.

8pm Torridge Male Voice Choir meets at Woolsery Village Hall. 441601

Thursday 31st

10.30am Walking for Health along Tarka Trail. Clarence Wharf Car Park. 421528

10-11 & 11-12 Tai Chi, Marlborough Ct.

2-3pm Seated Exercise for over 60s at W Ho! Baptist Hall. 01805 622666

2-4pm Holy Trinity Church W Ho! Open.

6.45pm Westward Ho! Bridge Club at Trinity Church Hall 470990

7.30pm Scottish Country Dancing at Westleigh Village Hall. 473801

7.30pm Bideford Band Concert at Westward Ho! Green(Baptist Ch if wet).

8pm Bideford Folk Club at Joiners Arms.


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Shipping notes No. 148 (June/ July).

In port – Bideford Quay.

Catania – built 2012; flag St. Johns, Antigua & Barbuda; owners German; crew Russian & Ukrainian; from Bromborough* to Castellon; arrived 24/6, sailed 27/6; loaded 2,410 tons ball clay.

* For those interested, the port of Bromborough is on the River Mersey – the original dock was built to take in the shipping supplies for Lever Brothers Port Sunlight works. The original dock has been filled in.

Shipping at Appledore.

Arco Dee, 27/6.

Shipping at Yelland.

None since last issue.

Bristol Channel Observations.

11/6 at 13.47 bulk carrier Boreas Venture, 43,389 tons d.w., owners Diderot Financement 18 SNC France, outward bound from Newport having ailed at 08.27. At 18.09 cargo vessel Fri Skien, 3,740 tons d.w., owners Hogli AS Norway, inward bound for Cardiff (seen again on 17/6 at 14.47, having sailed from Cardiff at 09.38).

12/6 at 14.50 tanker Atlantic Twin, 15,000 tons d.w. ,owners Carl F. Peters GMBH Hamburg, inward bound for Avonmouth.

13/6 at 14.17 vehicle carrier Aniara, 30,089 tons d.w., owners Wallenius Wilhemsen Norway and Sweden, inward bound for Portbury. (Also seen again on 14/6 at 13.16 having sailed from Portbury at 10.14). At 15.20 vehicle carrier Autosun, 6,670 tons d.w., owners United European Car Carriers, inward bound for Portbury.

14/6 at 14.25 vehicle carrier Grande Benin, 26,097 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury. At 15.14 vehicle carrier Paganella, 11,453 tons d.w., owners Reederei F Laeisz GMBH & Co Germany, inward bound for Portbury. At 18.27 vehicle carrier Oberon, 24,600 tons d.w., owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen Norway and Sweden, inward bound for Portbury. (Seen again at 13.20 16/6 outward bound from Portbury, having sailed at 09.14).

15/6 at 16.50 tanker Thun Genius, 7,559 tons d.w., owners Thun Tankers B.V. Sweden, inward bound for Cardiff.

17/6 at 08.15 vehicle carrier Michigan Highway, 17,673 tons d.w., owners Kawasaki Kisen K.K. Japan, inward bound for Portbury. At 15.03 project vessel Nordic, 3,000 tons d.w., owners Hartman Beheer 005 B.V. Netherlands, inward bound for Swansea. At 20.07 vehicle carrier Grande Scandinavia, 18,440 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy inward bound for Portbury. Anchored in Bideford Bay the buoy tender vessel Galatea, 1,300 tons d.w., owners Trinity House Harwich – she stayed over until about 08.30 on Sunday morning, then sailed towards towards Ilfracombe.

18/6 at 06.33 cargo vessel Hellenic, inward bound for Swansea. At 18.50 vehicle carrier Autosun, 6,670 tons d.w., owners United European Car Carrier Norway, inward bound for Portbury.

19/6 at 08.05 vehicle carrier Amber Arrow, 21,120 tons d.w., owners Ray Car Carriers Israel, inward bound for Portbury. At 09.55 vehicle carrier Victory Leader, 13,363 tons d.w., owners Ray Car Carriers Israel (in Nippon Yusen Kaisha Japan colours) inward bound for Portbury.

20/6 at 12.55 Airbus aircraft parts carrier Ciudad de Cadiz, 3,500 tons d.w,.owners Anita 2 SNC France, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 05.49.

21/6 at 19.15 container ship MSC Koroni, 48,244 tons d.w., owners Waldo Shipping Co Greece, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 14.43.

23/6 at 12.55 vehicle carrier Grande Togo, 26,650 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury.

27/6 at 17.05 cargo vessel Anita, 2,625 tons d.w., owners Anita Vertom UCS B.V. Netherlands, outward bound from Newport having sailed at 11.39.

29/6 at 17.20 vehicle carrier Suzuka Express, 15,154 tons d.w., owners Vroon B.V. Netherlands, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 13.04.

30/6 at 19.10 bulk carrier Weaver Arrow, 51,364 tons d.w., owners Gearbulk Holding Ltd Bermuda, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 13.36.

1/7 at 07.30 cargo vessel Hav Snapper, 2,767 tons d.w., owners Hav Ship Management AS Norway, outward bound from Birdport having sailed at 0025. At 07.45 cargo vessel Prosna, 3,650 tons d.w., owners Prosna Shipping Ltd Poland, outward bound from Birdport having sailed at 00.49. At 08.10 cargo vessel Wilson Harrier, 4,206 tons d.w., owners Wilson A/S Norway, outward bound from Newport having sailed at 02.24. At 14.45 cargo vessel Wave, 4,500 tons d.w., owners Wave B.v. Netherlands, inward bound for Swansea.

2/7 at 14.20 buoy tender vessel Galatea, 1,300 tons d.w., owners Trinity House Harwich, outward bound from Swansea having sailed at 10.59 heading for Teesport. At 14.33 cargo vessel Olza, 2,690 tons d.w., owners Baltramp Shipping SP Z 00 Poland, inward bound for Newport. At 16.18 vehicle carrier Grande Napoli, 13,565 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 11.35.

5/7 at 05.45 cargo vessel Lady Magda, 3,284 tons d.w., owners Magda Netherlands, inward bound for Newport. At 07.10 vehicle carrier Coral Leader, 12,614 tons d.w., owners Nippon Yusen Kaisha Japan, outward bound for Portbury having sailed at 01.51 At 14.15 Ciudad de Cadiz, 3,500 tons d.w., owners Anita 2 SNC France, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 0746. At 14.33 vehicle carrier Glovis Cougar, 26,532 tons d.w., owners Glovis & Co Ltd South Korea, inward bound for Portbury.

6/7 at 08.43 vehicle carrier Grande Spagne, 12,594 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury. (Seen again on 7/7 at 08.24 outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 03.49).

7/7 at 19.15 cargo vessel Eems Spring, 2,600 tons d.w., owners Spring B.V Netherlands, inward bound for Briton Ferry .

8/7 at 11.44 tanker Stolt Kittiwake, 4,700 tons d.w., owners Stolt Nielsen Rotterdam, inward bound for Barry. At 17.40 cargo vessel Beaumont, 3,794 tons d.w., owners Faversham Shipping Ltd U.K., changing anchorage from Bideford Bay to Woolacombe Bay, awaiting berth at Briton Ferry. At 17.45 tanker Lillo Swan, 4,800 tons d.w., inward bound for Cardiff.

9/7 at 10.07 cargo vessel Moseldijk, 4,927 tons d.w., owners Moseldijk B.V. Netherlands, inward bound for Sharpness. At 12.00 vehicle carrier Dalian Highway, 21,616 tons d.w., owners Kawasaki Kisen K.K. Japan, inward bound for Portbury.




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