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Welcome to the  on-line edition of the Community Newsletter for Bideford   and adjoining towns, villages, and rural area.

‘Bideford Buzz’ is produced and distributed by a team of volunteers, with financial and practical assistance from  Bideford Bridge Trust, Devon Community Foundation, Bideford Town Council, Torridge Volunteer Resource Centre, Devon Library Services, and many others.   If you are interested in helping produce, develop, or distribute this newsletter we’ll be glad to hear from you.

Please note that for commercial notices there is a charge from £25 per month – cheques payable to ‘Bideford Buzz’.

You can submit your article on disc or by e-mail.    However, ‘snail mail’ is equally acceptable. Material for publication should reach us by the 11th of the month preceding the month of publication.

Editor – Rose Arno (Bideford Buzz),    c/o Torridge Volunteer Resource Centre (‘TVS’),  14, Bridgeland Street, Bideford, EX39 2QE.  (TVS opening hours Mon.-Thurs. 9.30am to 3.oopm [12.30pm on Thurs.]).      Telephone 07929-976120, or E-mail:

For complaints procedure, see “Impress” category.

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New garden waste service for Torridge.


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‘Pop-up Museum’, Barnstaple.


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Host families sought for “Sharing One Language”: June to September.


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North Devon’s cliffs & shoreline – new book.


Telephone number shown above is incorrect – should be 01865 820522.


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Gardening tips for April.

No doubt by now you’re all getting out to your gardens and have started all those seeds off in the greenhouse or conservatory. Don’t get worried if not, as there is plenty of time, and they invariably catch up anyway.

Don’t be tempted into putting out bedding too soon. The garden centres, supermarkets and DIY outlets will be pushing the sale of plants, but they are hoping for a repeat sale when yours get frosted with a cold snap. Think back to the old gardeners and how they planted their gardens. Yes, they got early broad beans planted in the Winter and another lot in the Spring, but their potatoes were “chitted” indoors for planting when the ground was ready, and then covered over and protected by drawing more earth up when the shoots started to appear. A good hard frost can cost you the year’s crop.

Sweet Peas, Pansies, Antirrhinums will be fine because they can stand the cold. With bedding plants and basket or patio plants you’re far better to wait until May before attempting to plant out. In fact most parks departments always reckoned on planting first week in June for bedding after the threat of frost had gone, as is true of the planters on the Quay. They still make a great show for the entire Summer because we wait for Mother Nature.

If you need more information and advice why not come along to Bideford Gardeners’ Club. Our next meeting is on 10th April 7.30pm at Bideford Methodist Church Hall, entrance off Honestone Street car park. Sue Applegate is this month’s special speaker, on Iris and Peonies. She was nursery manager for 40 years at Kelways at Langport famous for their Chelsea displays of these hardy plants. Check out our website for our complete programme. Good Growing.

Mike Avis (Secretary ; Bideford Gardeners’ Club.)


Vegetable garden.

Under glass, sow runner beans. In the nursery bed, sow cabbage, broccoli, savoys, leeks. In the main plot sow carrots, turnips, spinach, peas, radishes: transplant lettuce seedlings, and plant maincrop potatoes.



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Bideford says ‘NO’ to plastic pollution.

There is a change coming to our shopping streets, as Bideford businesses are fighting against the plastic waste threatening our seas. We’re all far too familiar with seeing plastic packaging like bottles and wrappers polluting our beaches, riverbanks, and streets. As plastic leaks into our oceans, it damages marine life and as plastic enters every level of the ocean food chain, from zooplankton up to big fish and whales; it’s even travelling back onto our plates.

Plastic Free Coastlines, started by Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), is a response to this crisis that involves local councils, businesses, schools and community groups. By showing that they are reducing their use of throwaway plastic a business can be recognised as ‘Plastic Free’ by SAS. Bideford, Appledore and Westward Ho! are all working to become ‘Plastic Free’ towns, and in doing so are making a real difference . We can all help by choosing to shop where we are not forced to take plastic wrapping and by telling our supermarkets they need to do more.

For example – Nature’s Nutrition sells many items loose – cereals, pasta, oils, loose tea and herbs. Refill washing liquids and shower gels from their containers. They carry plastic free cosmetics and re-usable coffee cups. Patts greengrocers has always sold as much fruit and veg without plastic as they can and has used paper bags, and Kellands also recently changed to this. You can take your plastic punnets back for reuse at Patts, and take your own containers into the local butchers. Cafes and takeaways are changing too – more on this in May Buzz!

If you are a business that is changing away from plastic and want to be recognised by Plastic Free Coastlines get in touch with me on or if you want to get involved.

Fiona Gibbons.


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Buzz Byte – April.

If your computer or laptop/tablet is misbehaving, there’re a few things to try before going into panic mode and dashing off to your local PC repair centre.

The most common recommendation is to simply turn it off and then on again. You may need to leave it unplugged for 20 minutes or so before trying again, this is a very common trick and works for other electrical equipment too such as Sky boxes and Xboxes!! There’s a multitude of D.I.Y computer fix tutorials and web pages that you can follow if you want to try to fix it yourself but bear in mind that you could make the situation worse, especially if you’re are inexperienced, and you should never expect free advice from a computer store; some things are best left to the professionals. Check your software is up-to-date and that there are no updates needed; updates are released to improve the performance of your PC system, so by not installing them your PC may not contain vital software such as security patches.

We’ll visit Windows updates in a future column. What are the common errors that have computer users breaking into a cold sweat and require technical knowhow to fix?

The Blue screen of death, aka a stop error – This is considered the most serious possible error code and is caused by a hardware or driver related fault. All may not be lost, get the PC into a repair centre who can try to boot the machine in safe mode and fix the error. It can be a time consuming and complicated repair, but a blue screen doesn’t always mean certain death. It could just need a firmware update or hardware components may need replacing.

404/ Page not found – this isn’t usually a fatal error with your PC, just a web page that you are trying to access. Double check that you have spelled the wed address correctly as miss spelling will generate an error code, and is known as a client-side error! If this is all you get when you log on to the web then there is an error with the router, the line or the PC. BT engineers can check your line, if this is OK then a computer technician will need to text your equipment to determine where the fault is.

DLL file missing error – This error affects any DLL file across all the Microsoft operating systems. There are lots of DLL files that can cause lots of trouble. This is an example of what a DLL file error looks like. Error Loading C:\Users\Admin1\AppData\Local\Temp\ubielbpl.dll The specified module could not be found.

Nickie Baglow (Complete Computing.)


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Burton Art Gallery; April.

The fascinating exhibition of photographic portraits by Diane Arbus (as described in last month’s Buzz) continues to hold our attention throughout April. This national touring exhibition has been drawn from the Artists’ Room Collection, delivered by The National Galleries of Scotland and the Tate, in partnership with the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull. Funding comes from the National Lottery, through Arts Council England, the Art Fund and Creative Scotland. Here until 11th June.

The Friends of the Burton Annual General Meeting is on Saturday, 28th April, starting at 10.30 a.m. in the Kingsley Room. After the usual business, the recently appointed Executive Director of the Gallery, Chris Kirby, will speak on the Trustees’ vision for the Gallery’s future. All welcome.

Future events: Liz Shakespeare, local author, is giving a talk on ‘Edward Capern, Postman Poet,’ on 17th May, in the Kingsley Room at 7.30 p.m. £5 at the door.On Saturday, 9th June, a coach will leave Bideford at 9.00 a.m. for Padstow, to visit the Elizabethan manor, Prideaux Place.(£9 entry) Free time in Padstow in the p.m. before departure. Coach Cost to be announced when numbers are finalised. To book, phone 01237 471455.

Gallery opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 10-4; Sunday: 11-4. Admission Free. Exhibitions, Craft Gallery, Museum, Shop, Cafe du Parc, all awaiting your pleasure.

Diana Warmington.

Friends of the Burton Art Gallery & Museum.


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Book Buzz – April.

‘A Wanted Man’, by Lee Child (A Jack Reacher Novel) – discussed by Bideford Library Readers’ Group.

This is one of the twenty or so novels by Lee Child featuring Jack Reacher, ex US military cop, drifter of no fixed abode, and free-spirit detective. A Wanted Man begins with Jack Reacher hitchhiking on an American highway. He is picked up by two men and a woman who, as the book unfolds, and we and Jack discover, have fled the scene of a murder taking the woman as hostage. Jack is offered a lift to avoid the car being stopped by police roadblocks looking for two men. The story involves the FBI, CIA and various US and foreign agencies and although quite a complex plot, the group didn’t think it had the twists and turns common to many detective novels. The hero is an interesting character with an analytical mind, able to recall facts such as the populations of various American cities and decipher a code conveyed by the hostage with secret blinks of her eyes. He has no home and travels with no luggage, always on the move, righting wrongs without the authority of any police department.

The opinion of the group was quite divided and was described as ‘brilliant’, and ‘boring and tedious’. But generally it was thought to be an enjoyable and engrossing read, often implausible and brutal with a high body count, but then, that’s only to be expected of this genre. Personally, it was not a book I would have chosen to borrow, but I enjoyed it more than I expected to. None of the group had read the other novels in the series and most agreed we wouldn’t want to read any more ! A film has been made of a Jack Reacher story with Tom Cruise as the hero, and it was noted that in the novels, Reacher is a giant of a man with a broken nose, not all like Mr Cruise.

Lesley Palmer.


The Tricky Period.

Staff at Northam Library have been inspired to take on an initiative developed by Norfolk Libraries to tackle period poverty in our communities.

The issue of period poverty has been highlighted in various articles recently and shockingly there are many women and girls who are unable to afford sanitary protection. Women and girls who then have to find their own, often insufficient alternatives, like toilet paper or stuffing socks.

Unsurprisingly girls can feel unable to attend school for the worry of bleeding onto their clothes and find it almost impossible to talk to anyone for the shame surrounding both periods and lack of money. There are women who simply cannot afford sanitary products for themselves because they are trying to survive or feed a family.

To tackle this difficult situation The Tricky Period project will run initially in Northam, Appledore, Bideford and Torrington Libraries who will be taking donations of any spare sanitary products from the public.

Once there is a sufficient amount packs can be organised to be given freely with no questions asked to anyone in need.The aim is to improve the health of low income/homeless women and girls and work with local organisations and schools to maximise the benefits. By highlighting this issue we can help to dispel some of the shame by recognising period poverty in our area and make these necessary products accessible.

As an integral part of the community that supports well-being and education the public library is particularly well placed and we hope you will support us.

Please contact Northam Library (01237 475111) if you have any queries.


‘Pull up the blinds’ – a new novel by Ann Allen.

Do you find crumpled pieces of paper in your pockets? Ann Allen, local author of Rockbridge and Lundy Lichens, did as she cleared out for a removal to find 70 years of poetry, the feelings and imagery expressed by a 20… 30… 40… 50… 60… 70… and an 80 year-old. All is revealed in her new book, ‘Pull up the blinds’ , £8.99, published by Mirador, available from Walter Henry’s Bookshop, and all good book shops, and available to order from your local library as well.


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RNLI ‘Call for artists’.



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Shipping news No. 155 (February/ March).

In port – Bideford Quay.

Celtic Crusader – (ex- Scorpius, 1998: Lamego, ’13); built 1994; flag Cardiff, UK; owners British; crew Polish, Russian, Latvian; from Cork to Castellon; arrived 27/2, sailed 2/3; loaded 2,860 tons ball clay.


The proposed launch of LE George Bernard Shaw on 2nd March was postponed, due to the ‘Beast from the East’, and was put back to the a.m. tide of the 3rd March. She was floated out from the building shed about 07.00, and is due to be delivered to the Irish Navy in the summer of 2018.


Bristol Channel Observations.

11/2 at 16.08 cargo vessel Fehn Courage, 2,600 tons d.w. ,owners Fehn Bereedenrubgs GMBH & Co KG Germany, inward bound for Avonmouth.

16/2 at 08.00 vehicle carrier Neptune Aegli, 6,580 tons d.w., owners Aegli Shipping Co Ltd, inward bound for Portbury. At 09.12 cargo vessel Hathor, 3,850 tons d.w., owners Q-Shipping BV Netherlands, inward bound for Birdport. At 09.50 vehicle carrier Tongala, 22,585 tons d.w., owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen Norway and Sweden, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 05.24 hrs.

17/2 at 14.10 tanker Kensington, 13,000 tons d.w., owners Hudson Kensington Ltd London, inward bound for Avonmouth.

20/2 at 14.17 vehicle carrier Hoegh Target, 15,500 tons d.w., owners Leif Hoegh Autoliners Norway, inward bound for Portbury.

21/2 at 08.15 vehicle carrier Porgy, 18009 tons d.w., owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen Norway and Sweden, inward bound for Portbury. At 12.05 vehicle carrier Bishu Highway, 17,649 tons d.w., owners Kawasaki Kisen K.K. (K.Line) Japan, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 07.19 hrs. At 13.25 container vessel MSC Brianna, 60,200 tons d.w., outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 09.48.

22/2 at 08.07 cargo vessel Frezya S, 7,486 tons dw., owners Nova Warrior Ltd Istanbul, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 01.11.

24/2 at 16.15 container ship BG Diamond, 13,250 tons d.w., owners First New Horizons Shipping Co Germany, inward bound for Avonmouth.

25/2 at 15.03 cargo vessel John-Paul K, 4,250 tons d.w., owners Rufinia Beheer BV Netherlands, inward bound for Avonmouth.

27/2 at 07.28 cargo vessel SP Viking, 4,934 tons d.w., owners BBS Bulk V111 AS Norway, inward bound for Sharpness. At 09.43 vehicle carrier Morning Calypso, 18,200 tons d.w., owners Eukor Car Carrier Inc South Korea, inward bound for Portbury. (Seen again on 28/2 at 11.45 outward bound from Portbury, having sailed at 07.40).

4/3 at 10.40 cargo vessel Lady Anneke, 3,718 tons d.w., owners Lady Anneke BV Netherlands, inward bound for Sharpness. At 12.30 vehicle carrier CSCC Shanghai, 12,500 tons d.w., owners Ray Car Carriers Israel, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 06.58. At 15.45 vehicle carrier Grande Spagne, 12,500 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury,

9/3 at 06.10 vehicle carrier Grande Europa, 18,461 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 01.46.

10/3 at 15.30 vehicle carrier Neptune Dynamis, 6,850 tons d.w., owners Dynamis Shipping Co Greece, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 09.34 – at the same time passing inward, the container vessel BG Diamond, 13,250 tons d.w., owners First New Horizons Shipping Germany. inward bound for Avonmouth.



01271 861183


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April diary.

We’re here weekly –


10am-12noon Appledore Community Art Group at Appledore Community Hall. 01237 425541.

7pm Tai Chi at Bideford Methodist Church Hall. 01237 472532

7pm Appledore Band – training band St Mary’s Church Hall, Appledore, followed by senior band. Contact Hugh, Secretary, 473723.

7pm-8pm Walking Football at Kingsley School: Men and Women.Tel Rose Young French, 07895 035091

7.15pm Appledore Singers rehearse at Appledore Baptist Church. 420652


10am-1pm Lavington Church coffee and lunches.

10.30am Walking for Health. 421528.

11.45-12.45 Tai Chi at Northam Community Hall : TorrAGE Ageing Well. £2.50 donation. 01805 622666

23.30pm Salvation Army ‘Fun and Fellowship’ Club at Baptist Hall.

2.30pm ‘Lift Off for Ladies’ at Westward Ho! Baptist Church; speakers and cuppa. 01237 425471.

6.30pm Bideford Band Beginners rehearse. New members welcome. Victoria Park Band Room. 475653

7pm-8pm Walking Football at Kingsley School: Women only.Tel Rose Young French, 07895 035091.

7.30pm Camera Club at Chubb/Churchill Hall. 01237 421391.

7.30-9pm Samba Baia rehearsal at Community Arts Network, 13 Rope Walk.


10am – 12 noon. Bideford Healing Group meet at the Sea Cadets Hall in Park Lane.

10.30am-12noon ‘Feel better with a book’ at Bideford Library. 01237 476075

10.30am Walking for health in Victoria Park. Meet at Café du Parc. 01237 421528

10.30-11.30am Tai Chi SW, free classes for over 50s, G4 Gym, Dadden Court Ind Est. 01237 478802

2pm Tea with Friends at St Mary’s Church.

2.15-3.30pm ‘Fit as a Fiddle.’ Buckland Brewer Church school room : TorrAGE Ageing Well, 01805 622666

7-9pm Bideford ‘Sew Sociable’ at Lavington Church Rooms, Willett St.

7.30pm Bideford Folk Dance Club at Northam Hall. 01237 423554

7.30pm Bideford Phoenix Morris practice at Bideford Baptist Church. 01237 473798

8pm Torridge Male Voice choir rehearse at Woolsery Village Hall. 01237 441601


9.30am-10am Under fives story time at Bideford Library. 01237 476075

10-11am (beginners & intermediate) and 11-12noon (intermediate) Tai Chi at Marlborough Court. £2.50 donation. 01805 622666

10:15am – 12 noon Northam & District Men’s Forum: Methodist Church Hall, Cross Street, Northam. Contact Mike on (01237) 459324 for more information.

2-3pm (in term time) Seated exercise for over 60s at Westward Ho! Baptist Church. £3 donation. 01805 622666

2-4pm ‘Tea and IT’ at Bideford Library. Bring your tablet/ phone etc. 01237 476075

2.15pm Thursday Fellowship at Northam Methodist Hall. 01237 421956

6.45pm Westward Ho! Bridge Club at Trinity Church Hall. 01237 470990.

8pm Bideford Folk Club at Joiners’ Arms.


2-4pm ‘Sew Together’ at Westward Ho! Baptist Church. TorrAGE Ageing Well, 01805 622666

2.30-4.30pm Torridge Table Tennis Club at Bideford Youth Centre. 01237 477932.

4-6pm Needlecrafts at Bideford Library. 01237 476075

7.45pm Modern Sequence Dancing, Kingsley Hall, Westward Ho! 01769 540309 .

8pm Ceilidh Club Northam Hall. 01237 476632 .


10am – 12noon Children’s Lego Club at Bideford Library. 01237 467075

10.30am – 12.30 Scrabble club at Bideford Library. 01237 476075.


7.45pm ND Cancer Care Quiz at Lacey’s Ale and Cider House, Mill St Bideford. £3 per person, teams up to 6. All welcome, contact Neil 01237 473798.


And we’re not –


Friday 20th

6pm – 10.30pm Whaam Youth Concert at Pier House, Westward Ho! Contact details:- John BartonEmail: Tel: 07725 056 094.

Saturday 21st

10am Torridge Ramblers Day walk. 01805 625485.

10.45am Devonshire Association Bideford Branch AGM at Burton Art Gallery. Contact Michael Wright 01409 281565 or

(Devon Family History Society meeting cancelled – see 28th.)

Sunday 22nd

6am British Naturalists ; Dawn Chorus meet at Parkham Ash .details from sec. 01271 343607.

Monday 23rd

8.30pm North Devon Jazz Club at Beaver Inn Appledore For a meal booking phone 01237 474822 and for details about the Club phone Peter Hames on 01237 421065.

Tuesday 24th

10am-1pm Positive People Workshops at Morwenna Community Centre.

Wind Chimes and Bird Box Craft. 07803406776 or

Wednesday 25th

10.15am Probus meets at Royal Hotel Bideford. 01271 831480.

2-3.30pm Bideford Friends at Burton Art Gallery tel 01805 622666.

Thursday 26th

10am – 12pm Coffee morning and table top sale at North Devon Yacht Club, Instow. Jenny, 01237 422710.

2pm – 5pm Way of the Wharves project meet at Royal Hotel. Kingsley Room.

Friday 27th

10am – 12noon Coffee and chat at Kingsley Hall Westward Ho! 01237 421274.

10am -1pm Lundy Art Group at Blue Lights Hall, Appledore. Tel 07733 443580.

Saturday 28th

11am-2pm Parkinson’s Spring Fayre at Weare Giffard Village Hall.

2pm Devon Family History Society Bideford Group. Pollyfield Centre Peter Christie -‘The Skeleton Army’.

Sunday 29th

10am Angela’s Ride from Braunton to Torrington in aid of Dementia UK.; email


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Plough Theatre – April events.

9 – 11 Fore Street

Great Torrington

EX38 8HQ

Listings – April 2018

Box Office: 01805 624624

Saturday 7 April to Saturday 12 May.


Benedict Rubbra.


Friday 20.


Richard Herring.


Saturday 21.


Photography Workshop.



Giles Robson band + support from Jim Crawford.


Saturday 21


Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll (at The George Hotel, South Molton).


Sunday 22.


Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist.



Red Sparrow (15).



Charlie Dore with Julian Littman (St Anne’s Arts and Community Centre, Barnstaple).


Thursday 26.


Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist.


Music / Spoken Word.

A Retro Musical Soiree (In The Gallery).


Friday 27.


Calan (at The George Hotel, South Molton)



Gein’s Family Gift Shop Volume 3.


Saturday 28.


Gein’s Family Gift Shop Volume 3 (at The George Hotel, South Molton).


Sunday 29.


Andrew Riverstone (In The Gallery).


Monday 30.


The true story of North Devon Savages’ with Peter Christie (St Anne’s Arts and Community).



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Protheroe Smith (1809-89).

Protheroe Smith was born in 1809 in Bridgeland Street, Bideford, the son of a doctor, William Smith, and one of twenty children. He was educated at Bideford Grammar School and was destined for a military career, but injured his hip in an athletic activity, which put paid to his career as a soldier.

He decided on a medical career instead, and in 1833 qualified as a surgeon at St. Bartholomew’ s Hospital in London. Here he was appointed Lecturer in Midwifery and Diseases of Women, one of only two such posts in Great Britain and Ireland.

At this time, gynaecology was very much in its infancy, and very definitely a Cinderella subject. Smith was only the second person ever to carry out an ovariotomy without anaesthetics (on a woman who lived another 45 years), and the first to do the same operation with anaesthetics. An argument raged at the time, as to whether anaesthetics should be used during childbirth, as the Bible appeared to forbid it. Protheroe Smith argued from the Bible itself that the use of anaesthetics was perfectly acceptable, and wrote a well-known paper on the subject. The matter was sealed however, when Queen Victoria gave birth to her eighth child, with the use of anaesthetics. He was also an enthusiastic inventor of surgical gadgetry.

However his most important achievement was the founding of the first hospital in the world specifically for women.

In those pre-NHS days, hospitals were funded by subscription, but this proved to be an unpopular cause, partly because of its original name, the Hospital for Diseases of Women, which meant only one thing to the prudish Victorians: venereal disease.

It took five years and a lot of hard work for Protheroe Smith and a committee of pioneering doctors to gain proper support and funding, but the hospital finally opened in 1843 in Red Lion Square in London, transferring soon afterwards to larger premises in Soho Square, and renamed the Hospital for Women. By 1849 it had 5,000 outpatients, with 20 beds.Once opened, interest was shown by other cities in England and the USA, and general hospitals soon had gynaecological wards where females could be treated with more privacy and dignity, and medical expertise developed for women’s diseases. Before this doctors were generally ignorant of female complaints, and simply turned women away

A later report stated: “The foundation of this, the first hospital devoted entirely to diseases peculiar to women, is a great milestone in British medicine and gynaecology and has hardly received the recognition it deserves’.

He retired from his official post at the hospital in 1885 and died in 1889, aged 80. A memorial plaque celebrating his life and work can be found on the south wall in St. Mary’s Church.

Possibly Protheroe Smith has done more for humanity than any other Bidefordian, and his story should be better known.

Chris Trigger.


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One hundred years ago – March 1918.

It is reported in the 5th March edition that HMHS ‘Glenart Castle’, a hospital ship, was torpedoed some miles offshore between Hartland Point and Lundy on 26th February. The ship sank in several minutes and only a few of the 182 on board were saved. This action took place in an area speciality designated as a free zone and not liable to attack. (A memorial stone is on the cliff path at Hartland)

Property for Sale: Hole, Seldon & Ward offer Nos. 11, 12, & 13 Milton Place Bideford, and 1 & 2 Torridge Street, Bideford East. Also stables premises at Westward Ho! totalling ½ acre (which later became Twose Garage, now also demolished and rebuilt as Nelson Court).

Bideford Food Control. Mr R S Chope reported that requisitioned stocks are now in hand of margarine and will be available on 25rd March for general distribution. All retailers have been trained to administer the coupon rationing system except one retailer who was selling his stock without a certificate of approval. Application from dairymen to sell margarine from their carts to meet the demands of ration cards were approved. In last month’s article we reported that meat was becoming very scarce. Early this month a considerable quantity of venison was made available by Mrs Clemison and distributed at markets across our region priced at 8d per pound. It is also reported that store cattle, sheep, store hogs, bullocks, cows and calves were all in good supply and fetching reasonable prices.

Bideford Council have applied for another field in the Hartland Road area, currently owned by Sir George Kekewith, to be purchased and converted to allotments. The owner is prepared to sell but the tenant objects War Agricultural powers will be invoked to compulsorily purchase the land. Since the outbreak of war the council have provided 150 allotments totalling 20 acres around the town.

Silent Knight – Minerva 6 person tourer. 4 speeds and reverse. Cape cart extension hood with side curtains. Beatsonon double folding windscreen. Upholstered in brown leather and well stuffed.

An Adler 12hp touring car – seats 5 people. Body by Morgan of London; painted dark blue. Owned by a doctor.

These and many more items of local interest are available to read at the Bideford Community Archive at the Council Offices, Windmill Lane, Northam. Tel: 01237 471714. Open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings or visit our website


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