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August’s youth page.

Football’s Coming Home.

Walking through Bideford on semi- final night last month, everything was quiet and the tension was palpable…why? England was playing in the world cup semi finals for the first time in 28 years.

Events such as this always have a way of bringing people together but then more than ever it was clearly obvious. The feeling of camaraderie between people who had never met, but who were wearing their England shirts, the conversations between strangers who were watching a match together, this was something not prevalent since the Olympics. And although we lost out on the final there was something very atmospheric about the way the country was brought together by this event.

Unfortunately we can’t fail to notice that some people can get carried away, we only have to look at reports in the paper to see what happens when people go over the top and lose control – embarrassing at best, dangerous at worst.

However, thinking positively, our football team seem to be great role models- showing how a team work, resilience and hard work can achieve success. Manager Gareth Southgate is talked about as a boss who encourages hard work and discipline, but with good team relationships. I have been talking to a local coach who has spent many hours of his time developing these skills in young people and giving them an outlet to improve fitness and well-being.

Carl Strange says;

‘I have worked as a coach in schools, football clubs and summer holiday clubs over the past 7-8 years. The best thing about what I do as a coach is bring a bunch of kids together regardless of their background or what school they go to and we produce something that is truly remarkable. The players might not see each other from one week to the next but when they do come together they are all part of the same team playing together on the same level where every player as a role to play within the Squad.’

Football gives a sense of belonging to something bigger than any one individual can create by themselves and that goes right throughout the game, from youth football right up to the elite internationals.

Thanks to Carl Strange, Coach for Bideford AFC U14’s football team (picture above.) Anyone interested in joining or who has any questions can contact Carl on 07530974506.

Lucy Braund.


Bideford Town Youth Band.

We have recently been lucky to receive a grant from Devon County Council’s Locality Budget allowing us to purchase some much-needed student instruments. We plan to use the instruments to extend the outreach work that the band does to both Westcroft School and also East the Water School, Bideford. At both schools, students will be offered an instrument, for free, along with music and tuition from experience musicians from within the Band.

The Youth band is thriving under the baton of its tutor, Judith Nock; indeed several of its members now play in our senior band too. One player recently won his class in our local solo and quartet contest for the second year running. This contest attracts players from all over the south west of England as well as Wales. If you’d like to join or support the band in any way, please get in touch via email to Check us out on Facebook or at


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Buzz Byte; August.

As you will be aware software can be almost as expensive as the PC or laptop itself! You don’t have to have the top names and pay the top prices – there are many products on the market and some are even open source (free). In this edition of ‘Buzz Byte’ I will look at Google doc vs MS Word vs free software – LibreOffice.

Google Documents is free for basic personal documents but there are more in-depth options through G-Suite by Google cloud. Offers smart editing and styling tools. There are various different styles of spreadsheets and google slides which allows you to create presentations with themes, embedded videos and animations. In addition to all this Google Forms offers the ability to create forms, polls or a quiz, as well as manage email subscription newsletters, making it useful for small businesses and individuals.

LibreOffice is also a free word processing package. You can expect from Libre access to writing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, mathematical formula editing and draw, giving access to vector graphics and flowcharts. Libre is about people, culture, creation, sharing and collaboration. LibreOffice is community-driven and developed software, and is a project of the not-for-profit organization, The Document Foundation.

Microsoft Word offers four levels of packages, currently starting at £60 with one package available on monthly subscription – Office 365. Microsoft offer the same word processing and design packages as the free products with the additional bonus of the webmail service outlook. MS offers tailor made packages for home, business and student use.

Before installing a free package, make sure it is compatible with programs such as Word ; a lot of businesses and large organisations have word packages such as Office 365 for documents at home so that employers or potential employers can open files.

As always the choice is down to customer preference, but if you want for information pop into your local computer store.

Nickie Baglow . Complete Computing.


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One hundred years ago – August 1918.

(Regular readers will recall that the Bideford, Westward Ho! and Appledore Railway closed on Wednesday 17th March 1917). R Dymond & Son are selling by auction on August 21st the Sheds and General Stores left after the rolling stock had gone. An Engine Shed (wood), 2 Wooden signal boxes, 4 more corrugated iron huts and offices, 7 miles of telephone line from Bideford to Appledore consisting of wire, insulators and posts plus 3 level crossing gates and wheel gear for opening them, 110 Windsor chairs, forms, desks, trestle tables, large street lamps, gate lamps, engine head lamps, signalling lamps and stoves. 7 acetylene generators plus 20 lots of track and train equipment.

Bideford UDC and Bideford RDC urgently require ‘All fruit stones including date stones and hard nut shells for immediate and urgent war purposes’. Collection from jam factories, hotels, restaurants and canteens as well as private houses is needed. With the consent of Education Authorities school children are urged to bring stones for despatch to a munitions department in southern England. Stones will be converted into charcoal to be used in the British respirator, and this type of charcoal has the power to absorb many times more volume than other forms of charcoal.

The possibility of a grouping of local authorities in connection with the work of reconstruction after the war may be said to have come within the range of practical politics. At a gathering of members of Bideford Town Council and Northam Urban District Council at Gammaton Reservoirs the subject was broached and tentative discussion took place.

Walter E Ellis, the proprietor of Ellis & Son builders who are engaged in the repair of Bideford bridge for the Bridge Trust, appeared before the local Tribunal to plead for exemption from the draft. When asked how long the work would go on he said ”Until long after the war is ended” At interview he agreed that he had a 59 year old foreman mason who could oversee the work so he was instructed to be available for service on 1st October

Harvest Help Scheme. Plymouth College OTC went into Farford, Hartland camp arriving by train while 20 students cycled to Hartland and others went by bus. 40 lads will go to Cabbacott at Parkham, these lads come from Devonport High School. Woolsery has lads from the Rossall School, Fleetwood Lancashire.

Property for Sale: Milford Farm, Hartland, 165 acres; 6 bedroom farmhouse and 2 cottages at Elmscott Hartland including a Blacksmith Shop.Wear Gifford Mills and land, 23 acres. Grazing land at Jopes (Chopes?) Bridge, 8 acres. Freehold Dock & Land comprising 0 acres 2 rods 23 perches. Canada Cottage, Barnstaple Street, East the Water, Bideford. Dublin & Wacklow Cottages also at Barnstaple Street. Hill Cliff & Stables, garden at Buckleigh Westward Ho! Also Hill Crest Buckleigh, Hardisworthy Farm, Hartland 43 acres

These and many more items of local interest are available to read at the Bideford & District Community Archive at the Council Offices, Windmill Lane, Northam. Tel: 01237 471714. Open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings or visit our website


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North Devon coast monographs.




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Clothes for a heat wave?

Fashions change constantly – especially for women. In early Victorian England fashionable women were wearing yards of usually black cloth with their bodies crushed inside spring steel and whalebone corsets. This particular combination severely constrained their movement, and clearly without freedom of dress there was little freedom of movement – and possibly even of ideas.

This was all challenged in 1851 when an American woman Mrs.Amelia Bloomer started to publicise her views on a new style of dress that would ‘liberate’ women. Colloquially termed the ‘Bloomer’ costume it was described in a contemporary book (in rather sexist language) – ‘It resembles male attire, being an open fronted jacket and loose trousers, the latter wide like those of the Turk, but gathered in at the ankles, and when a lady super-added to these, wears a broad-leafed hat, she looks quite as masculine as her lord.’

North Devonians, often seen as very conservative not to say old-fashioned, must have been astonished when in December 1851 a Mrs.Franklin staged a public meeting in Bideford where she spoke on the need for a more ‘liberated’ style of dress – whilst wearing one of the new-fangled ‘Bloomer’ costumes!

Apparently the audience wasn’t that large and amongst the ones who did attend there were few women, it being noted at the time that if they had attended they would have been ‘proud of their sister orator who, we venture to assert without hesitation, would have put many of our masculine platformers to the blush. Her style throughout was lucid, eloquent and convincing.’ A nicely patronising touch there – clearly written by a man.

Unfortunately the ‘Bloomer’ costume never took off as it was mercilessly mocked in the newspapers and magazines of the day – though the freer style of dress did make a triumphant return in the 1890s and 1900s when women followed men by taking up cycling and adopted a much looser style of costume.

Chope’s Catalogue.

In these days of internet buying and vast shopping malls smaller shops are finding it ever harder to make a decent living. Here in Bideford many of our older shops have gone in the last 20 years – including Chopes which was once a major presence in the High Street. Today the Chope family still run the bookshop ‘Walter Henry’s’ (named after W.H.Chope) but their large shop is now operated by ‘McKay’s.’

Chopes didn’t just rely on casual passers-by – they also issued catalogues illustrating the latest fashions with an offer to make up the designs for customers. These catalogues are a wonderful source of fashion designs and doubtless the arrival of the latest ‘Chope’s book’ was a red-letter day in many households.

The earliest surviving one I have seen dates from 1901 and shows some ludicrously wasp-waisted women wearing classic sweeping Victorian dresses and carrying stick-thin parasols. Chope’s did also sell corsets so perhaps these waists were achievable but I doubt it.

The firm continued issuing such guides for some decades after that. An undated catalogue which was probably issued in the 1940s strikes a rather contemporary note when it included a letter from the store which notes ‘This brochure gives some suggestions for tailored styles, any of which can be copied in our workrooms. We make a speciality of adapting youthful styles for larger figures.’ What a wonderfully polite way of putting it! I here reproduce two of the fashion plates inside, the one on the left just out of an Agatha Christie novel! It is odd to think that these very fashionable clothes would now fall into the category of ‘retro’ or even ‘vintage’ today – if any have survived!

Peter Christie.


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No flies on the Bun!

August is time for sun, sea and holidays. It is also the time for flies. They plague us and we have seen a huge number in the last few weeks with conditions suiting them perfectly. Unfortunately hygiene risks aren’t the only problem with these irritating creatures. Their purpose in the great scheme of life is to aid in the break down of dead meat matter and rotten food. Sadly they don’t always wait for their meal to die. If they find an open wound or recumbent animal they will try to get a jump on it. This comes with terrible and gruesome consequences.

Most commonly fly strike is seen in sheep and, all too often, pet rabbits. It can affect any vulnerable animal though. Rabbits are particularly at risk as their husbandry isn’t always up to scratch, a rabbit allowed to grow fat and on a poor diet that produces sticky soft faeces will be a very attractive prospective host for the flies to lay their eggs on. It can take just hours for the eggs to hatch and maggots to start dining. A rabbit confined in a hutch that isn’t checked often can quickly suffer a horrible fate.

Please check your rabbits’ backsides at least twice a day. Get them to a vet for a weight and health check twice annually. There are also long-acting repellents available which are very useful for keeping bunny safe. Netting hutches and giving bunny plenty of time outside, and ensuring a good diet are also very important. Hutches and runs should kept very clean and any soft faeces seen, particularly on bunnies bottom, should be bathed off. Helping your small flurries stay cool can be challenging, a great tip is to freeze a bottle of water and place this in the hutch. Please don’t let your rabbit suffer a terrible fate.

Alice England RVN.


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Buzz Bits.

Appledore Band Proms Concert Sunday 26th August 2018.

Get ready for a fantastic evening of flag waving, singing and community spirit at its best.

Appledore Band will be holding their annual ‘Last Night of the Proms’ concert, under the baton of their Musical Director Jim Wortley. The Training Band will be performing from 5.00pm with the Senior Band taking over at 6pm.The event is very popular so make sure you bring your chairs and come early to get a good view.

There will be all your favourites – Land of Hope and Glory, You’ll Never Walk Alone, Fantasia of British Sea songs. Come and sing your heart out.

(If wet we will be in St Mary’s Church, Appledore).

Appledore RNLI fundraising event with a difference.

On Saturday 1 September a team of twelve, made up of Appledore RNLI volunteer crew and friends of Appledore Lifeboat station, are taking part in a sponsored cycling challenge. They plan to ride over the beautiful but challenging Exmoor National Park from Appledore to Minehead Lifeboat Stations and back all on the same day.

All monies raised will go towards helping the costs of Appledore RNLI to continue to save lives at sea. As a charity all the costs necessary to run the RNLI and all the stations, equipment and crew is raised by voluntary donations, fundraising and legacies. No money comes from the government. Appledore RNLI responded to sixty emergency shouts last year.

The crew have set up a JustGiving page where donations go straight to the Appledore RNLI funds – Sponsorship can also be made direct from a mobile phone by texting APLB50 followed by the amount anyone wishes to donate to 70070 (e.g. APLB50£5) Follow progress of the Tour de Yellow Welly training on Facebook at

Transforming Honestone Car Park.

Valentina Kassam walked to work every morning through the Honestone/Pannier Market car park. It was a depressing sight, neglected, weed-choked raised beds, rampant ivy and crumbling walls.She had a vision of transforming the whole area into a beautiful, flower-filled bee haven, with some edible plants tucked in too. After watching an inspiring TED talk by Pam Warhurst about Todmorden Incredible Edibles, she contacted Bideford Town Council for permission to realise her dream.

Helped by a donation of £200 from both Councillor Peter Christie and former mayor Dermot McGough, the hard work could begin. On Saturday 26th May a group of volunteers, [under the umbrella organisation, Bideford Sustainability Group,Grow Well Project], met at the car park and started digging over the rock-hard beds. The first bed at the entrance on Honestone Street, was finished that day filled with colourful annuals, donated by Braunton Tesco Fair Share Scheme and Grow/Jigsaw in Victoria Park. Beautiful herbaceous perennials were later purchased from Dave`s Plants in the Pannier Market. Special thanks to Marianne Green [Grow Well] and Angus Winfield [BSG] for their unstinting support and hard work, Jim Wood for kindly giving permission to use the Methodist Church to store tools and vital water, Mandy for sourcing and delivering manure, the wonderful, hard working volunteers, the Enevera family and all the neighbours for your encouragement , enthusiastic support, tea, cake, and wateringThere is still a lot to do but Valentina`s dream is becoming a reality; want to volunteer?

Contact Valentina 01237 420892 or call in to The Storehouse, Grenville Street between 10-4.


After –





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August’s gardening tips.

As I write this we have had exceptionally hot weather and no doubt there is a lot of watering to be done. The water meter will be spinning around, but you can use any surplus water from baths or showers as long as it doesn’t have loads of chemicals in it. Collect it and put it around the plants in your garden to keep them moist. Washing up water is fine too, the use of mild detergents is often good for deterring aphids such as greenfly and whitefly as the emulsion effect prevents them drawing the sap from the plants.

Our club doesn’t have a meeting in August but focuses on the Annual Open Flower Show in Bideford Pannier Market on 19th August, for which schedules are also available to download on our website. As usual on 11th September it’s our meeting at Bideford Methodist Church Hall off Honestone Street car park. Our speaker is well known local judge and grower Bill Lee on ‘Vegetables and Allotments’. We are running a coach trip to Toby Buckland’s Harvest Festival at Forde Abbey in Somerset on Saturday 15th September; full details on our website or from myself Mike Avis 07710 454230, email

Mike Avis.


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Felicity’s summer lunch.

Scallop Cerviche.

Ingredients –

1-2 tbsp ground cumin.

Tbsp. lime juice.

1 red pepper, seeded and chopped.

1tbsp. orange juice.

3 spring onions.

500 – 900g scallops.

1-2 tbsp chopped coriander.

1 hot red chilli, finely chopped.

I small onion, finely chopped.

3 ripe tomatoes, seeded and chopped.

1 lime, sliced for garnish.

Method –

1. Stir the cumin into the lime and orange juices and pour the mixture over the scallops

2. Mix in the chopped chilli pepper and red pepper and red onion, cover, and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

3. Drain the scallops and mix with the chopped tomatoes, sweet peeper scallions and coriander just before serving.

Garnish with the slices of lime.


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Burton Art Gallery; August.

Our team at the Burton love Summer, as it’s such a fun time. Our building is full of families enjoying activities, and tourists discovering the gems that Torridge has to offer. It is super-hot as I write this, yet our galleries are cool, in both senses of the word!

The Westward Ho! and Bideford Arts Society’s Annual Exhibition opens on August 11th and runs until September 16th. It is a chance to find work from local artists, and showcases over 300 pieces of art from painters, printmakers, sculptors, woodcarvers, potters and textile artists. With something for every taste, it is perfect if you want that special something.

For families there will be themed drop in sessions to get creative juices flowing. Every Tuesday and Thursday during August at a cost of £2 per child, sessions run from 10:30am – 12:30pm and 1:30pm – 3:30pm. For the intrepid explorers young and old, the Burton Adventurer’s Trail will be on every day during the summer holidays, with a suggested donation of £1 per trail.

We will be Celebrating Ceramics from August 13th – 19th. Exploring The Burton’s links to North Devon pottery with talks, workshops and a free ceramics valuation. To find out more about all our summer events call 01237 471455, email or visit Admission is free. Open Mon-Sat: 10am-4pm; Summer opening times (July 23 – August 31) 10am – 5pm; Sun: 11am-4pm.

The Friends of the Burton will be holding their ever popular Grand Art Auction in September. You can hand in a maximum of four pieces of art looking for a new home, on the 19th September; viewing is on the 20th September with the auction itself at 6pm that evening.

Footnote Diana Warmington would like to thank the readers of the ‘Buzz’, Bideford’s special publication, who have expressed their appreciation of her Burton Gallery News over the years. She is now handing over to Mariam Sharp, the new Director of the Burton, who is happy to take over and spread the news of events and exhibitions at the Gallery. Diana also thanks the Buzz editors most sincerely for helping to promote the Burton with her articles over the years.?

Naomi Wilson / Mariam Sharp.


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Book Buzz – August.

Mischievous Summer Holiday Fun at Bideford Library this month.

CODERDOJO is coming to the library at our very first coding event Wednesday 22nd August 2.304.00pm. FREE but booking is essential.

CONGRATULATIONS! Collect your well deserved finisher’s medals and certificates at our Special Reading Challenge Finisher’s Party. We’ll have naughty nonsense from Entertainingly Different and lots of fun. Drop-in Saturday 1st September 10am—12noon.

For more information on all these events contact Bideford Library on 01237 476075.

At Northam Library.

Thursday 16th July Lego Animation. For more information contact Northam Library on 01237 475111.


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Going, going, nearly gone (on paper).

Chaiman Neil Bennion, Editor Rose Arno, and Secretary Sue Smith at final AGM 12th July.

All good things come to an end and so it is with community newsletters. After eighteen years, “Buzz” will cease publication of the paper issue next month, the September issue being our last one. We will continue our on – line presence so that our contributors can still send in their articles for inclusion on our website at

It’s been great editing and sorting your articles each month, but it’s also been very time consuming and tiring . It would be nice to be able to go away for a proper holiday without worrying about deadlines and copy dates.

So many people to thank for their help over 18 years. In the beginning we had lots of support from Devon Libraries, Taw and Torridge Voluntary Services (which still continues to date as they allow us to use their premises for mail and distribution,) Bideford Tourist Information and CAB to name a few of the organisations involved in the early days. In 2011 the involvement with the Library Service ceased (apart from it still being hugely important in our distribution process) but Buzz continued in its own right with financial support from many local organisations. For the last eighteen months we have upgraded Buzz to colour, greatly assisted in the change by our printer, Andy Parker. Throughout all the changes we have been supported by our loyal committee and other volunteers.

Most of all we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the people of Bideford, our readers, who follow us each month and contribute hugely to the content of Buzz. We couldn’t have done it without you.

As the editor of Buzz I love this newsletter and how it reflects our community now, and in the past. The bound copies of Buzz going back to 2000 are available at Bideford Archives. More recent copies can be downloaded from our website at

Thank you for all your help and support over the years.

Rose Arno.



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Shipping notes No. 159 (June/ July).

In port – Bideford.

Celtic Endeavour – (ex – Athos 2015, Antabe ’01); flag Cardiff, UK; owners British; crew Polish & Russian; from Foynes to Castellon; arrived 11/7, sailed 13/7; loaded 2,750 tons ball clay.


AppledoreLE George Bernard Shaw is due to depart on her first trials on the 12th July 05.00.

Bristol Channel Observations.

11/6 at 22.10 vehicle carrier Morning Lena, 20,000 tons d.w, owners Eukor Car Carrier South Korea, outward bound from Portbury, having sailed at 17.49.

12/6 at 19.16 container vessel E.R. Hobart, 13,879 tons d.w. owners Reederei Blue Star Holding SA German, inward bound for Portbury. At 22.00 bulk carrier Western Durban, 39,000 tons d.w., owners Ratu Shipping Co SA Japan, outward bound from Newport having sailed at 17.02.

16/6 at 14.08 vehicle carrier Grande Napoli, 14,565 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury.

18/6 at 08.20 vehicle carrier Grande Congo, 25,682 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy inward bound for Portbury. At 10.15 Vehicle carrier Hoegh Xiamen, 12,250 tons d.w,owners Hoegh Autolines Norway inward bound for Portbury. At 10.47 bulk carrier TD. Tokyo, 63,456 tons d.w, owners Tri-Do One Shipping Ltd Germany, inward bound for Portbury.

19/6 at 18.44 vehicle carrier Autosun, 6,670 tons d.w., owners United European Car Carrier Norway, inward bound for Portbury.

21/6 at 16.47 bulk carrier Elegant SW, 37,163 tons d.w, owners Elegant Pescaderes SA Taiwan , inward bound for Newport. At 19.57 vehicle carrier Grande Bretagne, 18,464 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy inward bound for Portbury. At 22.10 dredger City of Cardiff, 2,730 tons d.w., owners Ltm Western Ltd UK ; originally en route to Marchwood but turned round at 16.50 off Port Isaac and returned to Culver, thence to Avonmouth.

23/6 at 08.45 vehicle carrier Grande Benelux, 12,594 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line of Italy inward bound for Portbury, (Seen again at 11.17 24/6 outward bound having sailed from Portbury at 07.41 hrs.) At 10.40 dredger City of Cardiff, 2,730 tons d.w., owners LTM Western Ltd UK outward bound from Avonmouth having sailed at 04.28 (heading for Marchwood, Southampton). At 11.45 bulk carrier TD Tokyo, 63,456 tons d.w., owners Tro-Do One Shipping Ltd Germany, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 06.41.

24/6 at 21.15 container vessel Annalisa P, 18,464 tons d.w., owners Annalisa |P Schiffaahatris Germany, inward bound for Portbury.

25/6 at 07.43 vehicle carrier Grande Benelux, 12,594 tons d.w. owners Grimaldi Line of Italy outward bound from Portbury, having sailed at 02.49. At 07.43 Grande Anversa, 12,353 tons d.w. owners Grimaldi Line of Italy inward bound for Portbury.

27/6 at 20.21 bulk carrier Victoria, 63,613 tons d.w. owners Ariel Management Inc Pireaus, inward bound for Portbury. At 21.07 vehicle carrier Torino, 22,160 tons d.w., owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen Norway and Sweden inward bound for Portbury.

3/7 at 11.50 hrs vehicle carrier Coral Leader, 12,164 tons d.w., owners Nippon Yusen Kaisha Japan, inward bound for Portbury.

5/7 at 07.55 cargo vessel Lentika, 39,202 tons d.w., outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 01.10.

6/7 at 16.05 bulk carrier Centennial Harmony, 181,338 tons d.w. owners MK Centennial Maritime BV Netherlands outward bound from Port Talbot having sailed at 13.12. At 17.30 container vessel Aries J, 12,892 tons d.w., owners Aries J CV Germany outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 13.11.

8/7 at 05.58 container vessel Fesco Askold, 13,806 tons d.w., owners Astro Moon Ship Ltd Russia inward bound for Portbury. At 21.55 vehicle carrier Vega Leader, 16,396 tons d.w., owners Nippon Yusen Kaisha Japan, inward bound for Portbury.

Norman. 01271 861183.


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August diary.

We’re here every week –


10-12pm Appledore Community Art Group at Appledore Community Hall.

6.45pm – 8.30pm. Breakaway Social Club for adults with learning/physical disabilities at the Baptist Church Hall Westward Ho! 01237 475051

7pm Appledore Band Summer concerts training band followed by senior band at 7. 45 pm Appledore Quay .St Mary’s Church Hall if wet (until 20th August) Contact Hugh, Secretary, 473723.

7pm Tai Chi at Bideford Methodist Church. 01237 472532

7pm – 8pm Walking Football at Kingsley School; Men and Women. Tel 07895 035091.

7pm – 9pm Table Tennis Club at Bideford Youth Centre.

7.15pm Appledore Singers rehearse at Appledore Baptist Church. 420652.

7.45pm Bideford Band Senior Practice at Band Room Victoria Park. Tel Becky 01237 475653.


10 -1pm Lavington Church coffee and lunches.

10.30am Walking for Health. 421528.

11.45-12.45 pm Tai chi. Northam Community Centre. Ageing Well 01409 622666.

2-3.30pm Salvation Army ‘Fun and Fellowship’ Club meets at Baptist Hall, Bideford.

2.30pm ‘Lift off for ladies.’ Westward Ho! Baptist Church. 01237 425471.

6.30pm Bideford Band Beginners’ Practice, Victoria Park Band Room. 01237 475653.

7- 8pm Walking Football at Kingsley School; Women only. tel Rose Young French 07895 035091.

7.30pm Bideford Camera Club meet at Chubb/Churchill Hall. 01237 421391.

7.30 – 9pm Samba Baia rehearsal at Community Arts Network, 13 Rope Walk


10-12pm Bideford Healing Group at Sea Cadets’ Bldg, Victoria Park.

10am – 1pm Job Club at Bideford Library.

11am -12pm Walking tennis for over 40’s at Atlantic Racquets, Caddsdown.

10-11.30am Bradworthy History Society. Memorial Hall, Collacott Room. 01409 241202.

10.30-12pm ‘Feel Better with a Book’ at Bideford Library. 01237 476075.

10.30am-11.30am and 11.30am-12.30pm Tai Chi SW. Free for over 50s. G4 Gym, Dadden Court Ind Est. 01237 478802.

10.30am -3pm Alwington Church (13th C) open for visitors. Refreshments.

10.30am Walking for Health in Victoria Park. Meet at Cafe du Parc. 421528.

2pm Tea with friends at St Mary’s Church,Bideford.

2.15pm-3.30pm “Fit as a fiddle.’ Buckland Brewer School Room. Tel 01805 622666.

7-9pm ‘Sew Sociable’ at Lavington Church Rooms, Willett St.

7.30pm Two Rivers Wind Ensemble rehearsal at Bideford Band Room.

7.45pm Torridge Male Voice Choir meets at Woolsery Village Hall. 441601.

8pm Appledore Band Senior rehearsals at St Mary’s Church Hall, Appledore. Sec. 01237 473723.


9.30am -10am Under fives story time at Bideford Library. 01237 476075.

10-11am Tai Chi Beginners. Marlborough Court, Bideford. £2.50 donation. Ageing Well. 01805 622666.

10.15am – 12noon Northam and District Men’s Forum, Methodist Church Hall, Cross St. Mike, 01237 459324.

10.30am Walking for Health along Tarka Trail. Clarence Wharf car park. 421528.

2-3pm Seated exercise for over 60s at Westward Ho! Baptist Hall. 01805 622666.

2-4pm ‘Tea and IT’ at Bideford Library. Bring your tablet/phone etc. 01237 476075.

6.45pm Westward Ho! Bridge Club at Trinity Church Hall. 01237 470990.

7.30pm Bideford Town Band Summer Concerts at Westward Ho! Green. If inclement weather, it will be in the Westward Ho! Baptist Church. Contact Becky, 01237 475653.

8pm Bideford Folk Club at Joiners’ Arms.


9.30am Over sixties fitness class at Pollyfield

2-4pm ‘Sew Together’ at Westward Ho! Baptist Church. 01805 622666 Ageing Well.

2.30- 4.30pm Torridge Table Tennis Club and afternoon table tennis club at Bideford Youth Centre. 01237 477932.

4-6pm Needlecrafts at Bideford Library. 01237 476075.

7.45pm Modern Sequence Dancing, Kingsley Hall, W Ho! 01769 540309.

8pm Ceilidh Club at Northam Hall. 01237 4776632.


10am -12noon Children’s lego Club at Bideford Library. 01237 476075.

10am -12pm Table tennis club at Bideford Youth Centre. 01237 477932.

10.30am -12.30pm Scrabble Club at Bideford Library. 01237 476075.


7.45pm ND Cancer Care Trust Quiz at Robins’ Nest Football Club. Tel Neil 01237 473798.


And we’re not –


Saturday 18th

10am -4pm Westward Ho! Art Exhibition in Westward Ho! Baptist Church.

2-5pm Tea at Tapeley Park in aid of Appledore RNLI. Entry Ticket only, £8. 01271 346560.

Sunday 19th

Bideford Annual Open Flower Show Pannier Market.

2pm Torridge Ramblers Afternoon Walk. 01237 239129.

7.30pm British Naturalists’ Association meet at the Puffing Billy car park in Torrington for a ‘Bat evening’. Level walking. Brian Sims 01271 343607.

Wednesday 22nd

10 .15am Bideford Probus meet at Royal Hotel. 01271 473337.

2-3.30 pm Bideford Friends meet at Burton Art Gallery. 01805 622666.

Thursday 23rd

2-5pm ‘Way of the Wharves’ project at Royal Hotel, Kingsley Room. Email:

Friday 24th

10am-midday Coffee, Craft n Chat, Kingsley Hall, WHo!, £2

10am–1pm Lundy Art Group at Blue Lights Hall Appledore.

5pm Entry deadline closes for Buckland Brewer Garden Produce & Craft Show. T: 01237 451669 for Schedule. Show on Sat 1st Sept.

Saturday 25th

2 – 5.00pm Open Garden at Stone Farm, Alverdiscott Road, EX39 4PN. In aid of charities supported by the National Garden Scheme.

10.30am – 4.30pm Lundy Art Group exhibition at Blue Lights Hall Appledore. Entry free.

2pm Devon Family History Society Meeting at the Pollyfield Centre, Avon Road. Talk by Janet Few ‘Toleration or Turmoil? Non-conformity and our ancestors.’ All welcome. Free.

Sunday 26th

10.30am – 4.30pm Lundy Art Group exhibition at Blue Lights Hall Appledore. Entry free.

2.00 – 5.00pm Open Garden at Stone Farm, Alverdiscott Road, EX39 4PN. In aid of National Garden Scheme charities.

6pm(training band at 5pm)Appledore Band Last Night of the Proms; Appledore Quay (Contact Hugh Wormington 07770 787147).If wet St Mary’s Church Hall.

Monday 27th BH

Bideford Phoenix Morris , Parkham Fete tel 01237 473798.

Tuesday 28th

10.30am – 4.30pm Lundy Art Group exhibition at Blue Lights Hall Appledore. Entry free.

Wednesday 29th

7.45pm Bideford Phoenix Morris Cyder Presse, Weare Giffard with Borderline Morris tel 01237 473798.

Thursday 30th

10am-12 ‘See Hear on Wheels’ at Northam Griggs Close Lounge. Tel 01271 373236.

1.30-4pm ‘See Hear on Wheels’ at Bideford, Morton Court. Tel 01271 373236


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Plough Theatre; August events.

9 – 11 Fore Street

Great Torrington

EX38 8HQ

Listings – August 2018

Box Office: 01805 624624

Until Sat 8 Sept.


Hilary Paynter & John Butler – ‘Out of the Wood’.


Sat 18.


Away From The Western Front – Holy Lands; at The Guildhall, Barnstaple.

10am – 4pm.


Sicario: Day of the Soldado (15).


Sun 19.


Mary Shelley (12A).



The Escape (15).


Mon 20.


Self Portrait Collage Workshop for Children at St. Anne’s Arts Centre, Barnstaple.



The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society (12A).



Leave No Trace (PG).


Tues 21.


Behind The Scenes (7-12 yrs).



Incredibles 2 (PG).



Young Writers Taster Workshop (8-16yrs) at St Anne’s Arts Centre, Barnstaple.



Tracking Edith (PG).


Wed 22.


Behind The Scenes (7-12 yrs).



‘Get Creative’ with Noir Carnaval Art Collective at St Anne’s, Barnstaple.



‘Dead Good’ at St Anne’s, Barnstaple.



Incredibles 2 (PG).



Leave No Trace (PG).



Arcadia (12A).


Thurs 23.


Behind The Scenes (7-12 yrs).



Incredibles 2 (PG).



Ghost Walk at St Anne’s, Barnstaple.


Open-Air Theatre.

Illyria present ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ at Hartland Abbey.



The Endless (15).


Fri 24.


Behind The Scenes (7-12 yrs).



The New Jersey Boys.


Sat 25.


Incredibles 2 (PG).



Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (PG).



The Escape (15).


Sun 26.


Drama Workshop (6-11 yrs) at The Vicarage Gardens, Torrington.

3pm – 4.30pm.

Open-Air Theatre.

Heartbrook Productions present ‘The Railway Children’ at The Vicarage Gardens, Torrington.


Mon 27.


Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (PG).


Open-Air Theatre.

The Festival Players present ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at Hartland Abbey.



The Escape (15).


Tues 28.


‘Get Creative’ with Noir Carnaval Art Collective at St Anne’s, Barnstaple.



Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (PG).



Incredibles 2 (PG).



Arcadia (12A).



Sicario: Day of the Soldado (15).



Chico Chica at The George, South Molton.


Wed 29.


Still Life Mosaic Workshop for Children, at St. Anne’s Arts Centre, Barnstaple.



Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (PG).


Open-Air Theatre.

The Panataloons present ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ at Castle Hill, Filleigh.


Thurs 30.


Drama Workshop (6-11 yrs) at Castle Drogo.

3pm – 4.30pm

Open-Air Theatre.

Heartbreak Productions present ‘The Railway Children’ at Castle Drogo.



Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (PG).


Fri 31.


Object Puppetry for 5-8yrs (In The Dance Studio).



Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (PG).


Open-Air Theatre.

Heartbreak Productions present ‘Pride and Prejudice’ at The Vicarage Gardens, Torrington.



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