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Richmond Dock status – December 2012.

Photographs taken at Richmond Drydock on 11th December. First two photos – disassembly of the ‘Bryher’ has now been completed.    The nearly-finished vessel on the right is the  ‘Annaliese’, and only the ‘Silver Harvester’ appears mostly intact.     The ‘Monkleigh’ will … Continue reading

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One Hundred Years ago – December 1912.

(From the Bideford Gazette). Advertisements for  Christmas. After the jollification of Christmas , the damaged wallpaper and the scratched paintwork will show up – in all these matters Mr R Pye of 8 and 9 Meddon St will be found … Continue reading

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Mysteries at St. Margaret’s, Northam.

Whilst clearing ivy from gravestones in Northam Churchyard recently, we came across a very well-carved stone commemorating two families, the Blighs and the Copners. Francis Bligh was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and died in 1825.   Also named were … Continue reading

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