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Shipping map
I find your newsletter very interesting, particularly the shipping page. I would be very grateful if ‘Captain’ Norman would put a map in Buzz indicating where the ports are. When you look out to sea from the beach at Westward Ho! you see some of these ships sailing by
Hoping this can be done at some stage.

JE Clark

>> You can now click here for a map of shipping ports. <<

Thanks Buzz staff
Many thanks for your kindness in sending me the Buzz;I do enjoy reading it. The ‘birthday’ one was very good;it all makes me think of all the things I did before I left  Bideford. After I have read it I send it to my cousin in Bournemouth, also from Bideford.
So thanks again and best wishes to you all
Hilda Bartlett

The Store Project and Hartland Wildlife Rescue
Valentina Kassam,a project manager at  the Bideford Store Homelessness project which helps around 2000 families annually, is also finding time to help Beth Tyler-King  of Hartland Wildlife Rescue. Beth is particularly looking for unwanted bird and animal cages in good condition including chicken coops, aviaries  and small sheds. The store is a collection point for these items Monday to Friday 11am-12pm at their main premises in Pitt lane , We can also accept donations of surplus animal and pet food. In an emergency small animals and birds can be left at The Store for collection by Beth but please ring first on 07925 654206 after 11am

Bideford Cinema
We have taken a Summer break and will be showing films again in the Autumn.
Until now we have been using photographic film on a reel where sound is taken from the side track on the film. Often,the sound comes from a DVD which is sent with the film. DVD sound is better.  I know you are all thinking why not get the DVD from the distributor  before it is released in the shops?
Well, copyright or the computer said “No” But now it’s YES so we have been looking at
Robin Hood,Ondine,Letters to Juliet,Tamara Drewe and East Pray Love . Watch this space!
.George Caunt .uk


Older “You Write…” Articles…

Westleigh Walks Enquiry

I read Tony Sanders letter with interest as my Westleigh Walks had appeared in the Buzz in July 2006. In response to his queries I can assure him that the old track; close to Millrow Cross and the Vicarage; that once led to Gazawash still exists. As part of the Public Footpath that crosses the A39 towards Eastleigh Manor this is now a route best avoided by walkers! By the time the A39 was open to traffic in 1987 the ruins of Gazawash had vanished forever beneath the construction work for the bridge that now carries the A39 traffic over the lane between Bradavin and Millrow Cross. Off this lane the remains of the other entrance to Gazawash is still visible.

The old quarry towards Southcott is marked on the 1889 Ordnance Survey Map for Westleigh. (6”to 1 mile) I wandered down the lane to see if I could locate it but the site appears to have been filled in. The 1889 map revealed that Westleigh had numerous small quarries – as in all rural areas – the local stone would have been used for constructing both domestic and farm buildings and used for field walls and surfacing the parish roads.

Finally the question of the number ‘17’ which Tony says marks the field where the American Army Camp was sited. On the 1889 OS Map the 17 is clearly marked at the road junction where the original lane from Westleigh meets the new road between Instow and Bideford. I assume that the camp must have been in the big field on the Bideford side of that junction, on the Tapeley Lodge side it is tidal marshland. The number 17 appears again on the marshland in the 1946 OS 1” map of Barnstaple Area 163 and also the 1960 OS Landranger 180. Whereas on other versions that I have to hand it either vanishes altogether or becomes a 5! I understand that 17 refers to a road survey height. I wonder which mapTony was using for reference?
Obviously Tony has affectionate memories of the GI camp. I certainly owe my love of Jazz to the GI boys who were camped in our village on the outskirts of Plymouth during the 1940s.
Dawn Frost


I am writing in response to the letter you received from the lady in Bideford who would like to make friends.
There is a support group called Rheumers for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis and they have 3monthly meetings at Fremington parish hall. They have a large membership and it could be a way for the lady who wrote to you asking for friends both to make friends and help her condition. The contact name is Ann Lewis, Osbourne House West Down Ilfracombe ex34 8ng. tel 01271 865405

Helen Belcher

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