Green Matters

Initiated by the Bideford Quakers but open to contributions from anyone.

How Green is your group?

This is a chance for community and voluntary groups who are trying to tackle climate change and make a difference to our environments to win a prize of up to £2000! from Devon Community Foundation

If your group saves energy, recycles or has a green project in mind  please contact me on [email protected] before 19th July 2010.

A New Bideford Sustainability Group

There was an initial meeting of  the Bideford Sustainability Group on Wednesday, 16th June. About 20 people have expressed an interest in promoting more sustainable living in the town.  It’s still very early days and, clearly, there are so many different directions we could go in. What we can do and how to go about doing it will be up to those of you willing to ‘get stuck in’.

There’s so much we could do but only a limited amount of time and energy. How about coming along to the next meeting and helping to make a difference?  The idea is to promote ‘greener’ living, save money and have fun doing it! For further information, date of next meeting, etc. email Stuart Fuller on : [email protected]


‘Fancy making some dough?’  Bread plea from Farmers’ Market

Where have all the breadmakers gone? That’s the plea from Hartland Farmers’ Market.

The market lost its last bread stall at the beginning of the season when Sargie’s Cornish Kitchen moved on to bigger things after their pudding lines were picked up by major supermarkets. Since then market organiser, Rod Landman, has been scouring the South West for someone to pick up the baton.

Rod said, “We know it’s very difficult for anyone to make a good profit just from bread these days as the margins are so low. That said, anyone who has ever brought bread to the market has sold out really quickly, and our customers are crying out for a good loaf. Bearing this in mind I am prepared to offer a good discount on our usual traders’ rate if someone wants to have a go. This could be an excellent opportunity for someone just starting out in business and someone wanting to take a punt on extending their range. Get in touch and we’ll talk.”

As well as the stall discount a good regular order from the market café is guaranteed as its policy is to buy all its ingredients from market stallholders wherever possible. Rod points out, “This would mean a minimum order from us of six loaves and 30 rolls at every market.”

The next market is on July 4 at the Parish Hall in Hartland. Even without the bread you can buy the best local meat, poultry and game, vegetables (including organic), eggs, pies and pickles, pates and preserves, ice cream, fair trade produce, cakes, plants and flowers, biscuits, cheeses, meringues and cake . . . and there’s always something there to surprise you. Markets will continue to run on the first Sunday of the month through to October, 10am – 1pm.

The markets continue to raise money for the Small School, and offers fund-raising opportunities to other local charities. To talk to Rod about the market call him on 01237 441 786.

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