‘Optimus Grime’ & Co.

Earlier this summer, Torridge District Council launched a competition to name four brand-new vehicles entering service with their Waste and Recycling fleet. The fun competition formed part of the Council’s ongoing recycling awareness campaign and was open to all Torridge residents.

Hundreds of entries were received with many unique and comic name suggestions. After a rigorous selection process, the winning names were chosen by the Council’s Waste and Recycling supervisors and crews. The names were then turned into stylised graphic designs and printed onto templates which have been applied to the vehicles for everyone to see.

The four selected winners beat off strong competition and the winning vehicle names and submitters were announced by the council as:

Optimus Grime – Nikki Jarvis.

Bindiana Jones – Joel Baker.

Bagatha Christie – Lee Kerr.

The Grim Sweeper – Sadie Barnes.

The supervisors and crews had a great time looking through the name suggestions and ultimately decided on names that were not only applicable but also had a strong connection to the local area. Crews are still yet to witness Optimus Grime actually transform! Local connections were emphasised with the inclusion of “Bagatha Christie” inspired by Agatha Christie, the world-renowned author known for her mystery novels, who was born in Torquay, Devon. Her famous book, “And Then There Were None,” was also set in Devon.

The vehicles are all now in service and will be making their way around towns and villages, so residents are being encouraged to watch out for the branded vehicles in their own streets in the coming months.


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