Check the bathing water quality between May & September.

Regular testing of water quality by the Environment Agency is now underway at 150 designated bathing sites across Devon and Cornwall.

High standards of water quality at swimming locations are important for people’s enjoyment of beaches and other beauty spots in England. Throughout the season, which runs from 15 May until the end of September, the Environment Agency will regularly monitor water quality at bathing waters across the country to give bathers the up-to-date information they need.

The monitoring also means the Environment Agency can assess whether extra action is needed to address water quality at these sites. Dips in water quality can occur due to factors like rainfall, wind and high tides.

Information on all 424 designated bathing water sites nationally and any forecasted drops in water quality will be published on the Swimfo: Find a Bathing Water website. This provides immediate access to information on every bathing water in England, including coastal locations, inland lakes and the newly designated areas (Firestone Bay in Plymouth, for example).

The Environment Agency works with local authorities to ensure signs at these swimming locations to inform bathers about any possible dips in water quality.


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