Felicity’s seaweed recipe.

The Seaweed Festival in Clovelly was attended by many enthusiastic people and the demonstrations on Foraging, Identification and Seaweed for health were all excellent.

I ran a tasting stall with Nori (same seaweed as laver) crisps, Seaweed Plan, Pickled Samphire and Seaweed croquettes made from parsnips and carrots instead of potatoes.

Here is the simple Seaweed Flan recipe; mushrooms and/or tomatoes can also be added.

Ideal for a picnic.

Seaweed Flan.


I pack of shortcrust ready-made pastry.

1 egg, beaten.

4floz -100ml milk.

2tsp cornflour.

2oz/100g grated cheese.

2oz/100gseaweed, shredded – or soak dried kelp, dulse or mixed seaweed flakes. Salt and pepper to season.

6 cherry tomatoes – halved, and /or 2oz/100sliced mushrooms (optional).


Line a 6-8inch flan tin or a deep tin plate. Bake it blind in a medium oven-Gas mark 6 or 200C.for 10 mins and allow to cool.

Mix cornflour with the egg in a bowl and then add milk, seaweed and grated cheese. Season to taste. You can use seaweed salt and pepper. Add the tomatoes and sliced mushrooms.

Pour into the Flan and sprinkle with some grated cheese.

Bake for 20 mins.at gas mark6/200C until set and golden brown.

Serve hot or cold. Cut into 4 quarters for main course, or 6 slices for a picnic treat.


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