One hundred years ago – February 1912.

One Hundred years ago

Health– As a result of the death of a 2 year old girl from Diphtheria in the Monkleigh area the medical officer visited  the address. The following details were noted – the wages of the father were  12 shillings a week and the family consisted of nine children all under the age of thirteen . The premises consisted of one  downstairs room and two upstairs. The back door would not open and the house was dirty and dilapidated.

Bideford Park
The Victoria Park has proved to be a valuable asset to Bideford and the question of providing railings and gates is now under consideration.
An anonymous donor has agreed to pay the cost of the entrance gates- £100.

Pawley’s Charity was distributed this month

in Bideford. This is an annual occurrence and also bears the unattractive name of ‘the Death Sermon’. William Pawley by his will dated 1728 gave £1 1 shilling yearly for the Rector of Bideford to preach a sermon on every St Paul’s  Day on the subject of mortality. A similar sum was also to be used for bread to be distributed by the Church Wardens to the poor who may be at the service.
Mike Davy (from Bideford Archives)

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