The Devon Medieval Combat Alliance

The Devon Medieval Combat Alliance having recently returned from Wales and a trip 500 years back in time are looking forward to the new season, our eleventh .Based in Bideford, we are a non-political, non-religious organisation which sees education as its primary aim, through promoting public appreciation of life in the early Middle Ages (twelfth to fifteenth centuries in particular) ,by demonstrating the social and military customs of the period at both private and public events. We also aim to further the good fellowship between all medieval re-enactors, their families, friends and the public .

Ours is a totally self funding organisation which depends on its finances from performances and subscriptions paid by members. For the last ten years we have always performed for charitable organisations at cost for public displays or occasionally, for expenses, at many large ‘battles’ held throughout the country, many of which support charitable aims. The trip 500 years back in time referred to in the opening paragraph was in fact a re-enactment of a tournament held at Carew Castle in Pembrokeshire in 1507 when Sir Rhys ap Thomas, was honoured by being made a Knight of the Garter, . The celebrations included hunting with hawk and hound, feasting, music and dancing.
The Devon Medieval Combat Alliance is available for hire to help your fund raising efforts at cost.

Please Contact: S. Jewell ,Chairman, Devon Medieval Combat Alliance Tel: 07989 127697

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3 Responses to The Devon Medieval Combat Alliance

  1. marc says:

    How can I join I saw something on the news, im close to Bideford. This something that definitely speaks to me…

  2. Mark Clark says:

    Good afternoon

    I am mark from upclose theatre from Bideford. I am interested in your group as we are thinking of doing a possible Shakespeare-style play that would need some combat and some music, and we were wondering if you could help with that.

    Please can I have details of where you meet and what you do.

    I would love to speak about this possible joint project.



  3. kyle says:

    how do i join

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