Librarian Recollections

Librarian Recollections

I was looking at some old photos and found some taken when I worked for Bideford Library. Here are a few memories of my working days.

My name was Anita Colwill, now Edwards, and lived in Appledore.

I left the Council School in 1945 at the age of 15 to start work in the Library. The staff consisted of Miss M.Jenkinson, Librarian, Miss A.Hughes and myself as Librarian’s Assistants. My hours were 9am until 7.15pm, including Saturday, 1 half day and 1 free evening. My first job of the day was to put all daily papers on stands in the Reading Room. Also in the room was a model of Bideford Bridge – now at the Burton Gallery.

On Monday morning the Library department was closed; all books and shelves were dusted. Any books with loose pages or needing binding were repaired by me in the office. Before I left the Library to get married, the Town Hall invited us to join them on a Bank Holiday outing – a visit to Tarr Steps An enjoyable day was had by all.

A. Edwards

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