Shipping notes No. 192 (March).

Bideford Quay.

Celtic Forester – built 2003 ; flag Cardiff; owners British; crew British, Polish; from Workington to Castellon; arrived 12/3, sailed 13/3; loaded 2,860 tons ball clay.

You will note the vessel sailed on a Saturday and loading was actually completed that day. The quarry at Peters Marland usually does not work at the weekends, and this is only the second time in 18 years I have known this to happen.

The Oldenburg has performed a few voyages to Lundy as cargo runs.


I read a report on the net that the building dock was to be used as a drydock for a couple of vessels at the end of March. Nothing heard since then and nothing from H & W in the press

Yelland Quay.

I understand the Deo Gloria is due to return with more dredged sand for the building industries and cattle bedding. No news on going to press when this will take place.

Bristol Channel Observations.

2/3 at 05.20 bulk carrier Titan, 57,337 tons d.w., owners Leyde Shipmanagement S.A Greece, inward bound for Port Talbot.

5/3 at 08.28 cargo vessel Kitty C., 6,805 tons d.w., owners Carisbrooke Shipping Shipping Cowes I.O.W, inward bound for Avonmouth. At 12.50 the tug Kingston, 113 gross tons, owners Griffin Towage Ltd Blandford Forum, outward bound from Sharpness towing the ex River Severn cruiser Conway Castle bound for Cowes I.O.W., having sailed 22.00 the previous evening.

6/3 at 06.07 cargo vessel Paula C, 5,000 tons d.w., owners Carisbrooke Shipping Cowes I.O.W., inward bound for Sharpness. At 11.17 cargo vessel Muzaffer Anan, 11,788 tons d.w., owners Arter Denizcilik AS Turkey, inward bound for Newport.

8/3 at 09.36 container vessel Elbspirit, 43,294 tons d.w., owners Elbspirit GMBH & Co KG Germany, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 04.03. At 19.03 vehicle carrier Serenity Ace, 21,004 tons d.w., owners Ray Car Carrier Israel, inward bound for Portbury.

9/3 at 05.10 cargo vessel Steinau, 3,712 tons d.w., owners Reederei Erwin Strahlmann Germany, outward bound from Swansea having sailed at 01.40. At 05.15 cargo vessel Sormoviskiy 3063, 3,721 tons d.w., owners Joint Stock Co Northern River Shipping Line Russia, inward bound for Sharpness. At 14.51 cargo vessel Kongsfjell, 3,332 tons d.w., owners AAT Shipinvest A/S Norway, inward bound for Newport.

15/3 at 08.41 cargo vessel Arklow Forest, 4,960 tons d.w., owners Arklow Shipping Ltd Eire, inward bound for Sharpness.

18.3 at 11.45 vehicle carrier Passero, 12,755 tons d.w., owners Reederei F Laeisz & Co K.G Germany, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 06.51. At 16.13 cargo vessel Feed Rogaland, 4,993 tons d.w., owners Halten Bulk AS Norway, inward bound for Sharpness. At 17.28 vehicle carrier Autosun, 6,670 tons d.w., owners United European Car Carrier Norway, having sailed from Portbury at 12.12.

19/3 at 12.25 vehicle carrier Neptune Galene, 6,070 tons d.w., owners Aegli Shipping Greece, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 00.21.

20/3 at 14.11 cargo vessel Celtic Raider, 4,537 tons d.w., owners Charles M Willie Cardiff, inward bound for Cardiff. At 14.48 cargo vessel Arklow Venus, 5,171 tons d.w., owners Ferrybank Shipping Eire, inward bound for Swansea. At 14.52 fruit juice tanker Orange Wave, 16,700 tons d.w., owners Altership Switzerland, outward bound from Avonmouth having sailed at 10.01. At 16.10 tanker Stolt Auk, 5,064 tons d.w., owners Stolt Auk B.V Netherlands, outward bound from Barry having sailed at 11.18. At 17.10 ro- ro vessel Hurst Point, owners British Government, managed by A.W Shipping, inward bound for Newport.

21/3 at 12.44 cargo vessel Edzard Cirksena, 3,630 tons d.w., owners Kaptain Siegfred Bojen Schiffahrtsbet Rieb EK Germany, inward bound for Newport . At 16.10 vehicle carrier Grande Colonia, 12,292 tons d.w., owners Grimaldi Line Italy, inward bound for Portbury. At 16.24 cargo vessel Aldebaran, 2,270 tons d.w. owners Baltnautic Shipping Ltd Lithuania, inward bound for Newport. (Seen again 10.07 27th outward bound, having sailed at 23.50 23rd ).

23/3 at .05.14 cargo vessel Astrid, 3,785 tons d.w., owners Irving Management Ltd Lithuania, outward bound from Barry having sailed at 23.48 22nd). At 0601 cargo vessel Anittepe S, 5,322 tons d.w., owners Dinamik Denizcilik VE Ticaret Turkey, outward bound from Cardiff having sailed at 00.16.

25/3 at 09.20 cargo vessel Spanaco Simplicity, 4,250 tons d.w., owners Spanaco Three Ltd Germany, outward bound from Avonmouth having sailed at 03.13.

26/3 at 09.49 cargo vessel H.Can, 8,716 tons d.w., owners H. Can Maritime Ltd Turkey, inward bound for Newport. At 10.15 vehicle carrier Prominent Ace, 19,550 tons d.w., owners MOL Auto Carrier Express Japan, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 05.56. At 10.56 cargo vessel Adamas, 3,754 tons d.w., owners Wagenborg Shipping B.V. Netherlands, outward bound from Birdport having sailed at 04.33. At 20.05 vehicle carrier Brazilia Highway, 18,793 tons d.w., owners Kawasaki Kisen K.K. Japan, inward bound for Portbury.

27/3 at 17.35 cargo vessel Heyn, 3,500 tons d.w., owners Heyn B.V.Netherlands, inward bound for Newport. At 17.53 cargo vessel Tucana, 3,783 tons d.w., owners Wagenborg Shipping B.V Netherlands, inward bound for Newport.

28/3 at 13.00 cargo vessel Scot Venture, 3,300 tons d.w., owners Scotline Ltd UK, inward bound for Newport. At 19.10 vehicle carrier Lapis Arrow, 12,105 tons d.w., owners Ray Car Carrier Israel, inward bound for Portbury.

29/3 at 15.35 cargo vessel Prima Donna, 3,004 tons d.w., owners Prima Shipping OY AB Finland, outward bound from Newport having sailed at 09.27.

31/3 at 05.16 cargo vessel Rusader, 3,710 tons d.w., owners Rivabulk Shipping Ltd Turkey, outward bound from Sharpness having sailed at 21.11 30th.



Below, another photograph from my collection – in fact, the vessel at the top of my report.


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