Help with anxiety & depression – ‘TALKWORKS’.

Don’t suffer in silence’ – help at hand for people in North?Devon feeling anxious about leaving lockdown.

For many people across the country, the past few months have been an incredibly difficult time with the COVID-19 pandemic creating a range of pressures and concerns. You might be experiencing job losses and financial worries, be missing loved ones or feeling very isolated. As lockdown eases, many people are also experiencing anxiety about entering the ‘new normal’, and being around more people again.

Many of us have mixed feelings and remain concerned about the impact of the virus on our lives. Perhaps the virus is not your primary concern, maybe you are worried about going back to pre-COVID social situations, such as visiting a restaurant or a pub.

All of these situations are examples of what can lead to an increase in common mental health problems such as anxiety, low mood or depression which can greatly impact on your day-to day-life and leave you feeling exhausted or worried.

We would urge people to seek help from TALKWORKS if they need support.

Part of Devon Partnership NHS Trust, TALKWORKS is a free, confidential NHS talking therapy service dedicated to helping people improve their mental wellbeing. They are here to help individuals who may be struggling to cope, feeling low, anxious, stressed or just not quite themselves.

Chris Silman, TALKWORKS Clinical Team Manager for North Devon, says: “There is a real emphasis on taking care of our physical health at this time, but it can mean that people are struggling more with low mood, stress or anxiety. At TALKWORKS, we have adapted our services, meaning we are now offering talking therapies and practical help with your mental wellbeing through online platforms and over the phone.”

Sue Pike, TALKWORKS Service Manager, adds: “Last year we saw almost 19,000 people across Devon. This year we expect to treat even more people. However in common with other NHS services, we have seen fewer people coming forward to get help and treatment since lockdown and social distancing was introduced.

It’s important that those who are struggling with their mental health and wellbeing know that the NHS is still open as usual and that TALKWORKS in North Devon can help you or anybody you know that is struggling. We are able to offer an initial appointment very quickly.”

We all did our bit to protect the NHS by staying at home, but now is the time to look after ourselves, too.

Call TALKWORKS today on 0300 555 3344 or self-refer online at

Take the first step to improving your life and feeling like ‘yourself’ again.


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