One hundred years ago – August 1917.

Meetings are held around the district to mark the 3rd Anniversary of the start of the war. Mr W T Charlwood presided over an evening gathering on Bone Hill. The salute was given by the Scout Bugle Band and prayers were offered by the vicar, Revd Gerald Payne Cook. A resolution was passed stating that while regretting the loss of life, they were determined to carry on the war to a successful issue.  Two Grand Promenade Concerts will be given at the Nassau Baths in Westward Ho! in aid of the Nursing Association and Soldiers Teas. If the weather is unfavourable the gymnasium will be used.

Mrs Daw of Yeolden House is making arrangement for a series of concerts to be given by the Belgian Artists Committee.

At Bradiven Farm on the Christie Estate Mr Dennis, who is one of the tenants, saw a demonstration of a Strait caterpillar crawler tractor capable of 2½ mph. It can pull a four-furrow Ransome plough, and at least 10 acres can be done in a day. The plough will be used by all of the estate tenants, a kindness much appreciated in these tough times.

A farmer from Abbotsham has been summoned to appear before Bideford Borough Sessions for selling adulterated milk. The defendant, who had delivered to the Workhouse, was in Lime Grove when apprehended. The witness purchased a pint of raw milk for 2½d which on analysis contained 5.88% added water. The farmer had been busy cutting hay and had left the milking to a boy aged 14 and a girl aged16, as he had no other help for many years. He said the milk supplied to the Workhouse had been analysed recently and found to be satisfactory. A fine of 9/- was imposed more as a warning than a punishment.

Farleighs stores remind readers that it is important to register your name and the number in your household for the purpose of the sugar rations. A card will be issued to enable you to claim your full entitlement. At this time of year many householders would be collecting hedgerow fruits for jam making and this will be a serious restriction to the diet.

In an advert by Mr E Gerrish, Chemist of 9 The Quay, the benefits of Iodized Sarsparilla are extolled. It is described as an excellent and certain remedy for diseases of the blood and skin. The price is 1 shilling per bottle.

Since the formation of the Carpentry Branch of the Bideford & District War Supply Department in April last the workers have made 160 pairs of crutches, 9 back leg splints, 16 Carrs wrist splints, 25 arm splints, 22 leg rests, 7 Bowlbys arm splints, 7 rectangular splints, 7 bed rests, 8 nests of splints, 19 bed tables, 42 plain grooved splints and 52 dropped wrist splints. A creditable record from voluntary workers generously supported by Bartlett & Bayliss & Co, Messrs Cocks of Appledore, Mr C Gibson, Mr H Williams of Royal North Devon Golf Club, all preparing the wood for crutches.

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