Patch’s petfood Bank.

Emma Osborne, the founder, had noticed that much was being done to help children and struggling families but nothing was being done to support low or no income families with their pets. She posted to a range of local Facebook groups asking for people’s thoughts and opinions; the response was overwhelmingly positive and donations started to come in.

Patch’s Pet Food was set up in October 2020, with the aim of helping those in need to feed their pets during this crisis and beyond, hopefully helping to take the strain and worry from people and also the need for them to re-home their pets.

Emma named the food bank in honour of her loyal Labrador cross who sadly had passed away in November 2018, so that his loving memory lives on.

They supply people with 2 weeks supply of food for a large number of pets including but not limited to dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits, mice, hamsters, rats, gerbils, and guinea pigs.

We are currently helping to support 35 cats, 14 dogs, 2 rabbits, 2 Guinea pigs and some rats, this number is growing week on week, proving the need for support and help in this area.

We are also at South Molton Community Fridge and Kitchen at the YMCA in South Molton on alternative Mondays, where we drop off food parcels for people requesting help so they can collect and also have a few pet food bags made up to help anyone that should pop in.

We have Donation boxes set up at various locations around North Devon to help us collect Food as well as a range of pet items such as bedding, cages, bowls leads etc if anyone is in need.

We have developed a positive working relationship with Cat Protection in both Barnstaple and Holsworthy Areas, K9Focus and the Bluecross in Bickleigh.

Most of our pet food donations come from the public as well as list people can make donations which come directly, saving people having to travel during the lockdowns.

We have a gofundme page set up by a volunteer to help us with donations.

We are currently looking for donations to help us raise enough money to obtain a storage container to store our ever-growing pet food supplies; we currently have a room in the back of Del Boy’s Ilfracombe, who have been amazing and so helpful and also some space in a garage, but we are rapidly running out of room. If anyone can help us with one free or at a significantly reduced rate we would be very grateful.

And lastly we are looking for local support from businesses and local funding groups that can help us with funding, volunteers to help with fundraising and collections and deliveries.

If anyone you know is in need of help please contact us on their behalf, so we can help reach as many people as possible, please contact us on our facebook page

or via email

or our website

Here are a couple of quotes from supporters –

Ioni Drake

Patch’s pet food bank provided a lifeline. In a world where things are so upside down, and so much human kindness surfacing it is reassuring to know the companions of many are thought of too! It is devastating that many have lost their jobs, funding or aid. In this many have had to face the harsh reality of not being able to feed their furry family adequately or at all. This is just another unnecessary and avoidable issue to deal with in the pandemic. Pets aren’t just pets. They are a furry family, and companions. In isolation the ability to have a companion, something to care for, have responsibility for, and indeed a routine has been a life saver for many. Our beasts have kept us sane, allowed us outside walks, and combated loneliness. This wonderful charity has not only helped humans keep and feed and support their pets, it’s also stopped many pets being surrendered, and having to heartbreakingly leave their homes and environments and humans for the unfamiliar. These wonderful people have spent time not only providing for our pets but time engaging in a distanced chat on the doorstep, or a conversation through a message. The service and those who run it are truly invaluable, and it should not be like this in this day in age, but thank goodness there are folks like this when and where they are needed. A gratitude is owed to them for thinking of providing such an amazing service x

Michelle Clarke-Watkin

I offered some spare cat food recently. I had a speedy response from Patch’s and it was collected promptly by a very friendly chap who made a big fuss of my puppy. This is a great initiative to help those who are in need.



Market Veterinary Centre, Riverside Road Pottington EX31 1QN

9, Charles Dart Crescent, EX32 7EB*


30 Fillablack Road.


Tops ’n’ Tails, 19, Cross Tree Centre, Caen Street, EX33 1AA.


Holsworthy Pets, 4 Victoria Square, EX22 6AA.


DelBoy’s, 149 High St, EX34 9NH.

IlfraGroom, 3 Marlborough Rd, EX34 8JJ.

Melian Pet Supplies, Buzzard Crt, Mullacott X Ind. Est, EX34 8PX.

Melian Pet Supplies, 121 High St, EX34 9EY

9, Greenways, EX34 8DT (Buzz to access Box).


1 Marine Parade, EX39 4HZ*


Dipper Mill Cottage, Shebbear, EX21 5TA*

South Molton

Market Veterinary Centre, Southley Road, EX36 4BL.


22, Hunterswood, EX38 7NX*

Whiskers Pet Centre 20 South Street EX38 8AA.

Westward Ho!

Sweeps Pet Shop, 22 Nelson Rd, EX39 1LQ.

*These are Private Addresses: Please leave the items in the boxes.

Please do not disturb the Box hosts.


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