Cashless parking in Torridge.

Cashless Parking in Torridge will be changing from Parkmobile to RingGo on the 26th October. The move is part of a wholesale consolidation of cashless parking across the County, with single provision by RingGo across all Devon Councils.

As part of the move to RingGo, and to encourage safer, touch free, parking, the normal convenience fee for paying to park by phone has been dropped. This means that the standard service will effectively costs the same as paying with cash.

Like Parkmobile, RingGo lets users pay for their parking using a mobile phone and their credit or debit card, rather than via a machine. However, it differs from Parkmobile in that motorists no longer have to remember to stop their parking, instead they buy time in advance, in the same way they would buy a pay and display ticket from the machine.

One benefit of RingGo over cash payments at a machine is that if motorists realise, they want to stay longer, they can top up their parking via their phone without having to return to the vehicle. Optional text reminders can also be sent just before the parking is about to run out for a small charge, currently 10p.

The new system offers motorists various ways to pay: the most popular is via the RingGo smartphone app, but users can also call, send an SMS, or pay online. If a motorist pays for parking via RingGo, there is no need to display a ticket in the vehicle.

Any existing Parkmobile user, who has not previously used RingGo, should download the RingGo app and complete their registration online at to ensure they can park quickly and easily. Anyone who would like to try the convenience of cashless parking for the first time can do the same.


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