‘Plastic Free North Devon’ – short film.

Plastic Free North Devon Awareness Raising Short Film

New 3-minute film to highlight our connection to the natural world and  encourage individual actions to help combat environmental issues.

Plastic Free North Devon (PFND announces the release of their awareness raising short film which aims to highlight many of environmental problems that surround us all and how we can all play a part as individuals in making a positive difference.

This deeply emotive film takes the viewer on a journey,  highlighting our connection to the natural world, showing what we are doing to destroy those connections and then gets the viewer to ask themselves a question: ‘What will YOU do?’

We decided to create a film that encourages us as individuals to change our everyday behaviour to reduce our impact on the environment and to highlight the important role we have to play in this story’, said Claire Moodie, CEO of PFND. ‘Whilst we understand that systemic change has to come from government and corporations to really halt the environmental degradation that we are witnessing, it is the hearts and minds of the general public that will force this change – we have to be the change we want to see. Big business and government are still not listening so we have to shout louder. We really hope you enjoy this film as much as we enjoyed producing it, it’s been an emotional journey and one that we hope will inspire our local community and others to act’.

James Szymakiewicz, Chair of Plastic Free North Devon, said ‘We supported our core team at Plastic Free North Devon in producing this short film which amplified the message of our vital work in this locality and contextualised it within the wider environmental crisis. We feel that the film powerfully illustrates the grave nature of the challenges that we collectively face, whilst effectively capturing the essence of hope and community power that is so important in tackling the crisis’.

Plastic Free North Devon’s unique selling point is its local focus and its intricate involvement in the community. This film aims to engage the local North Devon community to feel empowered to take action and for other communities around the world to take inspiration from it. ‘We are lucky enough to live in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ says Anne-Marie Eveleigh, Director of Operations at PFND. ‘If we open our eyes we can all see the impact that plastic pollution and climate change are having on our surroundings. Now is the time to take action. We want everyone in North Devon and around the world to feel empowered to do this’.

This film was only made possible by our very talented local videographer Gemma Pons Alsina, and the additional footage donations from various individuals, organisations and community groups including Panoptic Media, South West Water, Plastic Oceans UK and Horsey Seals, to name a few. We are also very thankful to the local people who played a part in the film.

PFND aim to get this film into local cinemas, galleries and at events. If you would like to use this film please contact info@plasticfreenorthdevon.org and visit www.plasticfreenorthdevon.org to find tips on how to take individual steps to reduce your impact and find information about what else the charity does.

The film can be viewed here:

https://www.plasticfreenorthdevon.org/ (Scroll down slightly to see film on home page).

It can also be seen here on You Tube: https://youtu.be/7xuTTaPDvEI

About Plastic Free North Devon

Plastic Free North Devon is a registered charity (Reg No: 1182464) and local environmental movement started by volunteers who want to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment in North Devon and beyond. Working with local councils, community groups, businesses, schools, residents and visitors we aim to raise awareness of the issue, reduce the amount of plastic consumed, clear waste plastic from the environment and ensure that it is recycled or disposed of appropriately.


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