“The Wytches’ Vendetta” – local film production; a chance to star?

The Wytches’ Vendetta – Phlixa Films (Exeter).

A Short Film; A drama based on the hanging of three Devon witches.

Setting: Devon. Time: Present.

A true horror from the past is revenged.

The so-called Bideford witches – Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles and Susannah Edwards were accused by their neighbours of casting spells and sentenced to hang. The three were put to death just as the 17th-century witch-hunts came to an end in England, making theirs the last official public hangings in England.

The former Culture Secretary, and Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw, described the executions as a “stain on our history”.

Summary of the film – Genre: Horror Drama.

1682. Some said they were witches. The good people of Exeter watched and cheered as they swung in the breeze. The judge knew it was a set up, but he caved in to the mob.

Thomas Eastchurch and his cronies accused these women. Said they were witches. Their names: Mary Trembles, Susanna Edwards, Temperance Lloyd. Old women from Bidefod.

And still today, they stand convicted. No pardon granted. No justice. But in this short fictional drama, justice is done: For the descendants of these murdered women have vowed to bring vengeance. Vengeance upon those who are the sons of these murderers, the sons of these cowards, the sons of those who stood and watched their terrible lies bear fruit.

But now it is 2019, on Dartmoor, in a lay-by where a successful American businessman is trying to seduce a young woman. She resists, but suggests a local pub where there may be a room available for the night. Delighted, he finds the pub full with women. But they may not be who they appear to be, and his ‘respectable’ property business career and his precious and privileged life is about to take a twist he would not wish for.


We are seeking people to be involved as supporters, sponsors and crowdfunders, actors, extras, in props design, costume or crew. Ideally, we would like Devon residents to be involved as much as possible in the production process. Anyone interested should look at our website for details, or contact us by emailing info@phlixa.com. No previous experience is necessary.


Phlixa Productions is a Devon based film group that makes short films and promotional videos based around drama and performance. Phlixa encourages local involvement in all aspects of film production and welcomes those with or without experience of film making.

Our focus is on engaging with the over 50’s and encouraging young people just starting out to learn about film production. You do not need to be an expert but you do need to be interested to learn and share skills.


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