Buzz Byte; Christmas computing.

A computer isn’t just for Christmas.

With the world embracing sustainability and upcycling there is no excuse for the digital world not to recognise this new culture. Given the dictates of TV advertising and peer pressure for the latest gadget and technology, the Yule festivities can become an expensive time.

And how is the old equipment disposed of? Stores have a requirement to take old equipment in, for free under the WEEE recycling scheme, if an equivalent product is purchased; otherwise working equipment can be donated to some charity shop – but please check who accepts what.

Before making purchases ask yourself – Do I really need it? Can my existing PC/laptop/Tablet already do it? Does your equipment just need a service? For example, if your computer is running slow why not take it into a local IT repair store for a diagnostic, you may just need an upgrade of memory or a clean-up of software and virus removal. Before going shopping check the specifications, check the prices and check local first. Many independent stores have very good deals – does it have to be new? Have you considered refurbished equipment? – less cost and just as good.

Where cost may not be a factor for some, there are many who need to operate within a budget and consider replacing individual components. A popular way to breathe new life into old equipment is to replace the existing hard drive with a solid state drive, as they are faster and quieter.

Nickie Joy.

Complete Computing.


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