Clovelly Herring Festival, 18th November.

Clovelly Herring Festival always falls in November. It’s the time of year when our historic village celebrates the coming of the great “Silver Darlings”, better known as Herring. We celebrate and promote this tasty, nutritious fish whilst supporting sustainable fishing.

The village always depended on the harvest of herring, caught in superb condition for a short season off this coast. Records go back over 400 years, and in 1749 there were about a hundred herring boats in the port. When fishing was good 9,000 herring could be landed at one time. Those days of massive catches are long gone; these days we have just two herring fishermen, both employing sustainable fishing methods using only drift nets and long lines.

The Maritime historian and writer, Mike Smylie, attends with his “Kipperland” exhibition, which is devoted to the history of all things herring. Mike also turns the herring into delicate-tasting kippers and bloaters in his smokehouse for sale.

‘Flaxland’ joins the event with their exhibitions and demonstrations – an opportunity to discover how the flax plant is used to make a vast range of goods.

On the quay, kitchens serve a variety of delicious herring specialities, along with beer tastings, local food and craft stalls.

Throughout the day there will be live music, street entertainers, face-painting, and an exhibition of Clovelly herring fishing.

You can also learn how to handcraft bowls from sea debris at the ‘Beach clean’ bowl workshops. This is due to our beach-clean efforts to keep them free from ropes and nets that are harmful to wildlife and sea creatures. Washhouse Studio has been fully supplied with equipment from Beach Care and Keep Britain Tidy and hold organised beach cleans with the local general public. All the debris is collected and taken back to the studio so it can be re-used to make beautiful bowls.

This year The Marine Pioneers and the Blue Marine Pioneer Foundation will be showcasing their herring project and also offer an event-themed activity.

A new addition this year will be the North Devon Hospice 3k Fun Run along Hobby Drive for the North Devon Hospice. To take part, please sign up online at or contact them on 01271 347232.


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