The bus stops here.

Is it better by bus?

Do you travel on buses? Many a village has no bus at all, so those who can use buses are lucky. But are you satisfied with the bus service? How are the bus stops (bus shelters, if you’re really lucky)?

The NDPTU group (North Devon Public Transport Users) would like to hear from you about your experience with buses and bus stops. The group has already begun a survey of bus stops. The findings are on their website . Please contact us to add your findings to the survey – if you can add a photo, that’s even better.

Devon County Council calculates that 19% of households in North Devon have no car, so bus services really matter to them. But, if they need buses, they also need shelters. The wonderful hot summer this year meant that shelter on hot days was really appreciated. And with the area’s usual, fabled wet and windy weather, shelters are really important. If you have any views on buses and stops, or on public transport in general, do let NDPTU know. You can use the feedback section of the website or send an e-mail (

We look forward to hearing from you.


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