August’s gardening tips.

As I write this we have had exceptionally hot weather and no doubt there is a lot of watering to be done. The water meter will be spinning around, but you can use any surplus water from baths or showers as long as it doesn’t have loads of chemicals in it. Collect it and put it around the plants in your garden to keep them moist. Washing up water is fine too, the use of mild detergents is often good for deterring aphids such as greenfly and whitefly as the emulsion effect prevents them drawing the sap from the plants.

Our club doesn’t have a meeting in August but focuses on the Annual Open Flower Show in Bideford Pannier Market on 19th August, for which schedules are also available to download on our website. As usual on 11th September it’s our meeting at Bideford Methodist Church Hall off Honestone Street car park. Our speaker is well known local judge and grower Bill Lee on ‘Vegetables and Allotments’. We are running a coach trip to Toby Buckland’s Harvest Festival at Forde Abbey in Somerset on Saturday 15th September; full details on our website or from myself Mike Avis 07710 454230, email

Mike Avis.


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