Gardening tips for June.

June is always regarded as the month for roses and it is a good time to feed them and keep any pests or diseases at bay. Good rose fertiliser, especially formulated for them, is available at most DIY stores or garden centres and is needed to keep them in top condition. Blood Fish and Bone mix, which is organic, is a good choice. Don’t use fertiliser late in the summer as it makes too much young growth that won’t ripen before winter. It’s also good to give a precautionary treat for aphids, greenfly, blackfly and whitefly for the most common rose pests and a systemic general garden product should be chosen. For black spot and rust however you will need ones especially for roses. Please remember to wear disposable gloves and possibly a disposable mask too. Remember to wash the sprayers you use for the chemicals. One important point on diseased leaves, whether it is black spot or rust, remove them and dispose of them safely before they fall to the ground. When the leaves hit the ground the fungal spores lodge in the soil and when it rains bounce back under the leaves above. Don’t compost the leaves either.

When deadheading roses don’t just remove the flowers, but cut back two leaf joints just above the point where the leaf joins the stem (what is known as the leaf axil.) Doing this ensures a more vigorous second flush of blooms.


Bideford Gardeners’ Club.

Hopefully your garden is looking good right now, but if you are growing geraniums (more correctly, zonal pelargoniums) Bideford Gardeners’ Club has a talk by Ken Bishop on Tuesday 12th June on these very varied plants. As usual it’s at Bideford Methodist Church Hall off Honestone Street car park.

We are also running a coach trip to Bowden’s Hosta nursery near Okehampton and The Garden House, Buckland Monachorum on Friday 26th July; full details on our website or from myself

Just a quick note regarding the new GDPR regulations for sharing personal data. We only hold a database of club members and no other names or details are stored. We do not pass on any information to the public or other members without their express wishes.

Hope your plants are all growing well and we would love to see them at our Flower Show on 19th August at Bideford Pannier Market; again more details on the website.

Mike Avis.

07710 454230.


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