Bideford says ‘NO’ to plastic pollution.

There is a change coming to our shopping streets, as Bideford businesses are fighting against the plastic waste threatening our seas. We’re all far too familiar with seeing plastic packaging like bottles and wrappers polluting our beaches, riverbanks, and streets. As plastic leaks into our oceans, it damages marine life and as plastic enters every level of the ocean food chain, from zooplankton up to big fish and whales; it’s even travelling back onto our plates.

Plastic Free Coastlines, started by Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), is a response to this crisis that involves local councils, businesses, schools and community groups. By showing that they are reducing their use of throwaway plastic a business can be recognised as ‘Plastic Free’ by SAS. Bideford, Appledore and Westward Ho! are all working to become ‘Plastic Free’ towns, and in doing so are making a real difference . We can all help by choosing to shop where we are not forced to take plastic wrapping and by telling our supermarkets they need to do more.

For example – Nature’s Nutrition sells many items loose – cereals, pasta, oils, loose tea and herbs. Refill washing liquids and shower gels from their containers. They carry plastic free cosmetics and re-usable coffee cups. Patts greengrocers has always sold as much fruit and veg without plastic as they can and has used paper bags, and Kellands also recently changed to this. You can take your plastic punnets back for reuse at Patts, and take your own containers into the local butchers. Cafes and takeaways are changing too – more on this in May Buzz!

If you are a business that is changing away from plastic and want to be recognised by Plastic Free Coastlines get in touch with me on or if you want to get involved.

Fiona Gibbons.


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