Shipping notes No. 154 (January/ February).

In port – Bideford Quay.

Celtic Crusader – (ex- Scorpius, ‘98 ; Lamego, ’13); built 1994; flag, Cardiff; owners, British; crew Russian, Latvian, Polish; from Leixoes to Castellon; arrived 18/1, sailed 20/1; loaded 2,100 tons ball clay.


The fourth vessel for the Irish Navy will be floated out from the building dock on the 2nd March at 06.00 (high water). She will be named LE George Bernard Shaw.

Bristol Channel Observations.

19/1 at 07.20 container ship BF Cartagena, 5,218 tons d.w., owners Paula Foroohari Schiffahrts Germany, inward bound for Newport. At 11.05 vehicle carrier Vega Leader, 16,396 tons d.w., owners Nippon Yusen Kaisha Japan (having sailed from Portbury at 07.48).

25/1 at 16.45 bulk carrier Yeoman Bank, 38,997 tons d.w., owners Aggregate Industries UK Ltd UK, outward bound from Portbury (having sailed at 09.49).

26/1 at 08.25 cargo vessel Mekanik Krashovskiy, 2,650 tons d.w., owners Joint Stock Northern Shipping Co Russia, outward bound from Sharpness (having sailed at 00.29). At 14.30 vehicle carrier Grand Hero, 18,085 tons d.w., owners Cido Shipping H.K. Co Ltd Hong Kong China, inward bound for Portbury.

30/1 at10.40 vehicle carrier Ciudad de Cadiz, 3,500 tons d.w., owners Anja 2 SNC France, outward bound from Portbury (having sailed at 05.23).

31/1 at 09.10 vehicle carrier Graceful Leader, 20,986 tons d.w., owners Ray Car Carrier Ltd Israel (in the colours of Nippon Yusen Kaisha Japan), inward bound for Portbury. (At 10.10 1/2 vessel seen again outward bound having sailed at 04.48).

1/2 at 08.25 vehicle carrier Fidello, 30,137 tons d.w., owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen Norway and Sweden, inward bound for Portbury.

2/2 at 08.00 vehicle carrier Virgo Leader, 20,111 tons d.w., owners Nippon Yusen Kaisha Japan, inward bound for Portbury. At 11.02 hrs bulk carrier Aasnes, 7158 tons d.w., owners Hans Martin Torkelsen Norway, outward from from Portbury (having sailed at 05.57). At 13.25 cargo vessel Wilson Calais, 4,450 tons d.w., owners Wilson SA Norway (having sailed from Newport at 07.51). At 14.30 cement carrier Ronez, 1,117 tons d.w., owners Heulin-Renouf Shipping Ltd Channel Islands, inward bound for Port Talbot.

3.2 at 11.40 vehicle carrier Virgo Leader, 20,111tons d.w., owners Nippon Yesen Kaisha of Japan, outward bound from |Portbury (having sailed at 06.43). At 13.42 bulk carrier Neptune, 32,318 tons d.w., owners Briana Shipping Co Pte Ltd Singapore, outward bound from Avonmouth (having sailed 07.54).

6/2 at 11.40 vehicle carrier Grande Roma, 14,900 tons d.w., onwers Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury. At 13.43 vehicle carrier Grande Napoli, 14565 tons d.w. owners Grimaldi Line of Italy inward bound for Portbury.

7/2 at 11.10 cargo vessel Argos, 3,666 tons d.w., owners Gerhard Wessels Germany, inward bound for Newport. At 16.40 vehicle carrier Grand Hero, 18,085 tons d.w., owners Cido Shipping (H.K.) Co Ltd Hong Kong, inward bound for Portbury.

8/2 at 11.30 cargo vessel Yasemin, 6,830 tons d.w., owners Is Finanstal Kiralama AS Turkey, inward bound for Newport.




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