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Autumn : – A checklist of things to do.

Well – how was it? Late September – the “new start” feeling that either fills you with excitement and anticipation – or the ‘pit of the stomach’ dread of something unfamiliar about to happen that often comes with Halloween season.

Was it the hard ‘business shoes’ (can’t kick a ball in those), the sleeves too long (“You’ll grow into it”), the scratchy labels (many of which get lost in the chaos of the first few weeks). Was it the sense of ‘lost freedom’ and a return to the tyranny of timetables – and all the stuff you know you like doing – but sometimes just want to ‘cocoon’ away from – stay inside and look at the dark outside the window. Was it the expectations that come with it – great grades and the pressure of deadlines. Was it the ‘O’ -word – ‘Organisation.’ This time it will be different. The promises to yourself that this time you won’t throw all your stuff into a bag at the last minute (does anyone really believe this?).

Is it about the leaves bright

and crunchy under your feet

and conkers like polished



Or – is it about the anticipation? Is it about that familiar smell of damp soil and bonfires, candy floss and Sunday lunch? Is it about the leaves bright and crunchy under your feet and conkers like polished treasure waiting to be collected, the golden sunrises that make the Torridge shimmer. Is it about routines and the pattern of life – gruesome masks and toffee apples in the shops, fairy lights and the approach of the season of Tinsel, the excitement of the Bideford Christmas lights or the November fireworks, glittering calendars and an endless loop of ‘shmaltzy ‘ songs that make your family members ‘well -up’ and start talking about how much better it all used to be. Is it about change – the ‘new you’ or the people you haven’t met – yet? This is the time of year where everyone wants to reinvent themselves, but not too much, they save that for new year.

Whatever Autumn is to you, use it as a new start, embrace the unique feeling that only comes at this time of year and the atmosphere it brings to Bideford.

Lucy Braund.

Lucy is our new youth pager taking over from Millie. Please send any contributions, thoughts etc FAO Lucy Braund at or message Bideford Buzz on Facebook.


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