Book Buzz – November.

Bideford Library.

Crime writer Graham Hurley will be here on the 12th December 7.00pm onwards; £2.00 ticket to include a glass of wine or soft drink

(Below; newspaper cutting from “Bideford Gazette”, courtesy Peter Christie – Bideford library in 1906.)


Northam Library.

Just imagine if buildings could talk, what a tale they could tell! With the support and guidance of local author Liz Shakespeare we invite you to share your own memories of everyday life and the connections you had and still have with the buildings in and around Northam.

Over the course of three free workshops Liz will use photographs of buildings in Northam to trigger memories of times past. Previous writing experience is not essential as Liz will guide the process. All participants will receive their finished work in a booklet form with old and current photographs of the related buildings. The work of those who give permission may be used in a future ‘Northam Life Stories’ exhibition.

All writing materials will be provided along with refreshments. The remaining workshops will take place at Northam library on  Monday 20th November and Monday 4th December 2-3.30pm. Places are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment. To book call 01237 475111.


Bideford Library Readers’ Group.

‘Animal Farm’, by George Orwell ; discussed by Bideford Library Readers’ Group.

Reading ‘Animal Farm’ when young made me aware of Orwell’s incredible talent not only as a writer with his wit and enthusiasm, but also his awareness of the revolution and corruption within politics.

Now I see so much more within the novel and admire the clever descriptions of power, dictatorship and human behaviour.

The animals start off with new rules and one commandment e.g ‘ all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’ and Napoleon & Snowball’s differing leadership qualities both fail.

The novel may be short, but weaves swiftly through Orwell’s descriptions of harsh leadership and compares events and the uprising in Russia (1917) giving the reader a sense of doom and destruction.

Characters and themes, threats and arguments all emerge through the novel as we question who is right or does power simply imply greed and self gratification?

Different animals either lack education or prefer to support their leader whatever the outcome. They actually adapt a human lifestyle – pigs stand on two legs and form a society that has come full circle! ?

The group all contributed to a lively discussion on this novel – analysing different aspects of the plot, characters, religion, rulers & the inevitable outcome for Manor Farm. Most enjoyed the powerful struggle to survive and yet saddened by some upsetting events and cruelty along the way. Only one person had not read the novel before.

Margie Summers.

(Bideford Library Readers’ Group meets on the first Wednesday of the month 2pm at Bideford Library.New members welcome.)


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