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Buzz Off!

Here at Buzz, we went out for cream teas – a relatively safe trip, you may assume. We got our scones, we considered tea, but it was a blisteringly hot day so we chose lemonade instead. Thus awoke a malevolent force long dormant in the neighbouring woodland, the tea garden was plunged into anarchy and everyone’s afternoon was ruined. When the wasps descended, so began a game of musical chairs, whereupon the critters would latch on to one particular family at a time and follow them round the garden. Some groups hopped from table to table in the hope that their pursuers would lose interest, others loitered near a neighbour with more fragrant cologne; throw them under the bus instead. Don’t judge, it was every man for themselves. Here at Buzz, we felt partially responsible because of our sweet beverage, so left the lemonade to one side, absconded with the scones and vowed never to venture outdoors again. We did our best. We didn’t even last a day. Too much has happened these last weeks for a curfew.


The 11 hour long extravaganza on 22nd July, The North Devon Firefly Otherworldly Fayre and Ball, successfully brought together all gnomes, trolls, elves and pixies from the surrounding area. Clans put aside their feuds for one day of live music as steam punks rubbed shoulders with unicorn people and raised £384.72 for the Clovelley Parish Hall. ( Not including profits from the night-bar, so funds were probably double.) It went well on after dark, where minimal lighting mingled witchcraft with stage craft and added to the cosy atmosphere. Part of its success was no doubt because everyone embraced the magic and came in full costume. Nothing shatters the atmosphere like a Morlock in civvies.


Anyone on a stroll through Victoria Park at the start of the month will have seen their portaloo enclosure, five low budget Tardis’ huddled together for warmth, behind a wrought iron fence. As it turns out, this was no art installation, but the foundations of our latest music festival on August 7th. ‘Music day’ at the park had everything: bouncy castles, cheer leaders, and more live music than you could shake a stick at. Among the acts on show were Soul Craft, Josh Beer and the underground and Palladium headliners, the Verbals, who bashed out a great set with several self penned tracks.


The 6th day was a day of many delights- among the bouncy castles and radio shacks of Victoria Park sat an exciting new attraction: Zorb rides. Were you jealous as a kid of your hamster’s semi freedom- free to roam where ever it pleased around the house as long as it didn’t try to squeeze through any small spaces or attempt to mount the stairs? For under a fiver, you could climb into the colourful plastic orbs and recreate every hamster fantasy you ever had. They were by far one of the most popular attractions that day. If the sight of these human sized tangerines rolling round the park whet your appetite, you were in luck, because the Tastes of the World food festival went on simultaneously along the Quay.

Traders who had cavorted all over the globe, and thus amassed quite a collection of foreign cuisine gathered their stalls together. From coffee, to sausages, to some daredevil chillies, each palate was catered for, and it was a fantastic way to buy snacks for the festival and enlighten your taste buds at the same time. They hadn’t just scooped some Kenco Millicano into a bag and slapped a price sticker on it, they knew what they were talking about. We spent ages happily discussing the ins and outs of their wares with each trader. As well as food, a variety of soaps, scarves and Moroccan bowls were also on sale.

What a way to round off the summer- it was impossible to stay in this August, no matter how hard we tried. As it turns out- there was no need to hide after all. In a rather crass homage to The boy in the Bubble, we have found one sure fire way to avoid the wasp plague. Go about your daily business in a Zorb ball. Life hack # 53 right there. You’re welcome!

Millie Sutherland O’Gara.


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