Felicity’s sustainable fish cookery – August.

In July I visited Petty Harbour, a fishing village in Newfoundland near St John’s. There were at least 20 fishing boats of all sizes alongside their “stages”.

I was invited to see a youth project called ‘Fishing for Success’, and met Tom Best, the President of the Fisherman’s Co-operative, that has just built the Resource Centre. Lots of activity in this place!

Poutine is a Canadian classic dish ,

and here is a Newfoundland version using lobster.

Lobster Poutine.


A portion of chips for each person.

Cheese curds – or gouda or Baby belles,cut into small lumps.

Lobster meat.

Lobster stock.

Oil and flour for gravy..

The stock should be made to make the gravy – so depends on the number of people eating! Make half to I pint of stock for 2/4 people and, make lobster gravy with 50 g of butter/ veg oil spread . Melt in saucepan and add 50g of flour to absorb fat and cook gently for 1/2 mins.  Add stock in small amounts to make a gravy. Keep quite thin.


Buy chips fresh and hot.

Add lumps of cheese.

Make up stock, add lobster meat, serve poured over to taste.

I will be demonstrating and serving to taste this dish at the Clovelly Lobster and Crab feast on 3rd September. Hope to see you there.


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