Buzz Byte – the Internet & the World Wide Web.

Most of us use it, but what is the World Wide Web (www)? Well it’s certainly not a giant sky-bound spider that cast its home over the Earth!! Though the Internet and the ‘web’ are often referred to as one and the same they are in fact separate entities.

The internet is the ‘device’ that allows you to connect to other computers (at home and across the world), to use the web for research, shopping and social interaction and to search documents that have been shared by other users. It is basically a gigantic networking infrastructure, a pathway of interconnecting networks where computers can communicate with one another. There are billions of computers, globally, connected together via the internet.

The World Wide Web is accessed via the internet and is the space where information is held – the websites that contain the data/images/interactions we use on a daily basis. For the techies the resources accessed via www.addresses are identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) and are interlinked by hypertext links!!! The World Wide Web (www) was invented in 1989 by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee. If you liken it to a PC, then the Internet is the hardware and the web is the software.

This is the Google data centre which is located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA. It is the closest we will get to seeing the internet in a physical form. This site is one of thirteen spread across the globe and is home to the servers that hold users’ data. That Google cloud system you use to backup your data ; well it isn’t in the sky, it’s here! The pipes are thousands of feet long, carry hot air out from the facility and carry processed water for cooling back in; the pipes are colour coded to aid in the process of identifying each pipe.

Nickie Baglow (Complete Computing)


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