Shipping notes No. 146 (April/ May).


In port – Yelland Quay.

Celtic Crusader – built 1994; ex- Scorpion 2009, Lamego ’13; flag Cardiff, UK; owners British; crew Polish, Russian, Ukrainian; from Glensanda to Teignmouth; arrived 8/5, sailed 9/5; discharged 3,500 tons chippings.

Shipping at Bideford.

Whilst at Portishead on the 22nd April I collected a time table for the Balmoral ; she is due to make 2 visits to Bideford on 18th August and Sunday 3rd Sept coming from Ilfracombe and returning there. This of course weather permitting.

The new Harbour Master at Bideford is Capt. Labistour (more about him next month.)

Shipping at Appledore.

Arco Dee, 26/4 – 29/4.   This is the first time since 2004 that she returned to the river ; after this visit she returned to her usual dredging area off the South Coast.

Bristol Channel Observations.

14/4 at 16.47 container ship Nordic Hamburg, 13,000 tons d.w, owners Nordic Hamburg Group Germany, inward bound for Portbury.( Seen again on the 16th at 15.07, having sailed at 08.57.)

16/4 at 14.20 bulk carrier Buna Arrow, 55,967 tons d.w, owners New Fortune Maritime SA Taiwan, inward bound for Portbury. At 16.00 bulk carrier Lucky Sunday, 80,372 tons d.w., owners Skipper Marine Ltd Ukraine, inward bound for Portbury.

17/4 at 12.20 vehicle carrier Eastern Highway, 12,991 tons d.w., owners Kawasaki Kisen KK Japan, inward bound for Portbury.

18/4 at 07.30 tanker Terry, 15,441 tons d.w, owners Terry Shipping Corp Greece, inward bound for Portbury. At 14.55 vehicle carrier Grande Benin, Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury (Seen again on the 19th at 11.30 outward bound.) At 20.00 bulk carrier Kumano Lily, 32,292 tons d.w., owners Foreland Panama SA Japan, inward bound for Avonmouth.

19/4 at 07.23 cruise ship Marco Polo, 22,080 tons gross, owners Cruise and Maritime Voyages, inward bound for Avonmouth.

24/4 at 18.17 bulk carrier Genco Champion, 28,445 tons d.w., owners Genco Shipping and Trading USA , inward bound for Newport.

25/4 at 08.04 cargo vessel Wilson Bilbao, 3,735 tons d.w, owners Wilson Shipowning AS Norway, inward bound for Cardiff. At 13.15 bulk carrier Sagar Samrat, 76,404 tons d.w.,owners Tata NK Shipping PTE Ltd Singapore, inward bound for Port Talbot.

1.5.17 at 15.50 cargo vessel Velsedijk, 4,891 tons d.w, owners Velsedijk 11 V Netherlands, outward bound from Sharpness, (having sailed on 28th ,08.45 & having been anchored in Blue Anchor Bay awaiting orders). At 16.00 vehicle carrier Autosun, 6,670 tons d.w.,owners United European Car Carriers Norway, inward bound for Portbury.

2/5 at 08.40 chemical tanker Stolt Auk, 5,064 tons d.w., owners Stolt Nielson Rotterdam, inward bound for Barry; (also seen again 3.5.17 at 18.45 outward bound, having sailed at 14.58.) At 18.28 cruise ship Marco Polo, 22,080 tons gross, owners Cruise and Maritime Voyages, inward bound for Avonmouth. (Also seen again on 3.5.17 at 19.35 having sailed from Avonmouth at 13.46.) At 18.33 container ship Vega Philip, 10,600 tons d.w., owners Vega Philip Schiffahts Germany, outward bound from Avonmouth, having sailed at 13.46.

4/5 at 17.28 buoy tender vessel Galatea, 1,200 tons d.w., owners Trinity House Harwich, outward bound from Port Talbot Anchorage, having sailed at 18.53 3rd. At 17.40 vehicle carrier Hoegh Xiamen, 12,250 tons d.w, owners Hoegh Autoliners Shipping A/S Norway, inward bound for Portbury.

5/5 at 12.04 cargo vessel Sea Kestrel, 2225 tons d.w, owners Torbulk ltd UK, inward bound for Avonmouth.

7/5 at 11.35 vehicle carrier Mignon, 28,127 tons d.w, owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen Norway and Sweden, outward bound from Portbury, having sailed at 07.12. At 12.07 vehicle carrier Vega Leader, 16,396 tons d.w, owners Nippon Yusen Kaisha Japan, inward bound for Portbury. At 19.16 cargo vessel Velserdijk, 4,891 tons d.w., owners Velsedijk 11 BV Netherlands, inward bound for Sharpness .At 19.40 vehicle carrier Manon 14,863 tons d.w, owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen Norway and Sweden, outward bound from Portbury, having sailed at 15.05.

8/5 at 17.55 cargo vessel Boreas Venture, 43,389 tons d.w, owners Diderot Financement SNC, inward bound for Newport.

9/5 at 09.05 tanker Atlantic Wind, 15,019 tons d.w, owners Atlantic Wind GMH Germany, inward bound for Avonmouth.

Regards, Norman.

01271 861183.


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