Beekeeping beginners’ course; commences 2nd April.

North Devon School of Country Beekeeping.

Have you ever had the slightest interest in beekeeping? Do you want to help the environment AND get honey as a reward? Then the North Devon School of Country Beekeeping may be the place for you.

Our apiary is at Harracott Village Hall at Ensis.  Protective clothing can be provided, but stout trousers in muted colours are advisable. Shorts and skirts are asking for trouble with the more inquisitive bees! There is no age limit (either end of the scale), but a little height is needed to manage the hives. 

Please contact Tony Wright at or John Surman at for more details, including directions.

We are running a Beginners Course for 12 weeks from 2nd April, 2.00-4.00pm each Sunday. The course covers all aspects of keeping bees and is a practice-based experience. You will learn mostly through doing, which means you will be thoroughly competent to keep bees at the end of the course. We can never promise to provide a colony of bees to students as that is not in our total control; however, in the past, we have always managed to provide a colony to students by the end of the course every year we have run it.

After the course we provide social activities through the year which are bee related, and we offer a free ‘at home’ support service for novice beekeepers who may have an issue to resolve.

Jon Frayne,

Secretary NDSCB.


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