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What is the difference between antivirus and internet security; don’t they both protect your computer? I hear you say. Yes they do, but to a different extent.  An antivirus protects your computer from those mean little bugs that can infect your PC and cause it to misbehave. Internet security offers all the features of an antivirus, but with the additional features of a firewall, increased security against Trojans, viruses, and worms, as well as having the capability to detect key loggers and phishing – (obtaining sensitive information for malicious reasons to defraud or perform identity theft.)     The disadvantage of internet security packages is that they require a high usage of memory and CPU (Central Processing Unit ) so will slow down your computer, especially if it is an older model. This is due to the system scans that are performed on a regular basis. It is worth considering the cost as well – anti-viruses are generally cheaper and many can be downloaded for free from the internet – but be careful to use a reputable site or you may infect your PC before you even install an antivirus.

It is a matter of personal choice but if you send and/or receive sensitive data and conduct high level financial transactions over the internet then we would recommended an internet security suite (with a possible memory upgrade).

Any good computer store should be able to advise you, if you are unsure on which protection would be the most appropriate, and on which company to use as there are a myriad of suppliers of software to protect your PC. Some are better then others.

Nickie Baglow. (‘Complete Computing’.)


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