One hundred years ago – April 1914.

This month we are looking at the changes that are coming to transportation.

An April edition of the newspaper contained a report from the Magistrates Court of a man who was charged with “using a broken down horse” and subjecting it to cruelty. In his defence the man said that the owner of the horse was at home ill and in need of an income.   To help out, the defendant had taken the horse and wagon out to do some work not realising how out of condition the animal had become.   The magistrate fined him a modest amount and was assured the horse had been restored to better health again.

In the classifieds section a local farmer advertised his pony and trap for sale as he had recently acquired a new motor car as his personal transport.

There are a number of advertisements for various forms of personal transport.

Ford are advertising a ‘universal car’ from £125. Triumph Motors are not only manufacturing motor cycles but also bicycles under the slogan ‘a quiet spin’. Raleigh bicycles can be purchased from £5 19s 6d from G Boyle, High Street, Bideford.

The state of North Devon roads were considered “a deplorable state of affairs” according to the Mayor, Mr S R Chope.   A lorry had broken its back axle on the road between Bideford and Hartland and Bideford Urban District Council passed a resolution “That this Council desires the attention of the Devon County Council to the dangerous condition of the road between Bideford and Hartland and is strongly of the opinion that an inspection of the road should be made by a committee of the County Council.    It is of the opinion that the consequences to the trade of the town of Bideford and North Devon generally will be disastrous if drastic and prompt measures are not taken to made the road passable”.


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