Coronation Day, 1953.

Photos from Owen Vaggers.

In the paper edition of November’s “Buzz”, we published this –

Two photographs of the V.E.Day Celebrations, 1945, which took place at the bottom of Pitt Hill, Appledore . I cannot remember all the the names of the persons in the photographs, but I am sure some of your readers can.

Picture 1: The two lads at the bottom of the picture are Left to Right :- Michael Eastwood and Billy Edwards. On the other side of the table L. to R. Alan Popham, ? , Phillip Scilly, Owen Vaggers, John Scilly, ?, ? Hargreaves (Visiting ) and ?

Picture 2: The two girls at the bottom of the picture are L. to R. Geraldine Prouse and Alice Vaggers. On the other side of the table L. to R. ?, ?, Gillian Eastwood, Alan Popham, ?, Phillip Scilly, Owen Vaggers, ?, ? Hargreaves (Visiting).

Some readers suggested that the event was in fact Coronation Day, 1953. Owen says –

I am pleased that some of your readers have contacted you regarding the date. On reflection they are correct in suggesting that it was Coronation Day, 1953. I was aged 15 at the time, goodness I do look young! Perhaps you will be so kind as to put a correction in your next edition. Thank you and good Buzzing, Owen.


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One Response to Coronation Day, 1953.

  1. Alan Popham says:

    Hello I have just discovered the photos you published concerning coronation day and were suggesting it was me sitting at the table .
    The boy was my cousin Edward Popham , They lived on Pitt hill and we lived on Tomouth Crescent which is where we had our street party

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