One Hundred years ago – June 1913.


The gnarled old oak tree, which had been a landmark and parish notice posting station in the square outside the parish church for centuries past ,having at last been overtaken with decay at the roots has been removed. Its successor is the sturdy young oak planted nearby in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.


At a special meeting of Bideford Town Council,acting in their capacity of Bideford Manor Court, Mr William Ascott MRCVS was appointed as church warden to replace the former officer who had left the district. There are only three places in England where the people’s church warden is appointed by the Manor Court, Bideford being one of them.

The school attendance officer reported that the attendance at the elementary schools was getting worse and worse every week. The result of the circus coming to town for an afternoon resulted in 518 children being absent from school.

MIke Davy (from the Bideford Gazette)

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  1. Ann turner says:

    I have just bought a paper embosser ,early 20th century .It once belonged to William Scott MRCVS of Bidiford .He was the local vet ,I would like to know more information about him if anyone knows any .
    The embosser machine is decorative and very heavy .
    Regards Ann Turner

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