One Hundred Years ago – April 1913.

(From Bideford Gazette. Compiled by Mike Davy)

Manor Court

The occasion attracted so little public notice that the only person present in addition to the Mayor, Council, the Jury and officials was the representative of the Bideford Gazette !

Church Institute

In Lower Meddon Street the laying of the memorial stone for the building of the Church Institute was officiated by the Mayor, Mr.HNC Stucley. He was the nephew of the late Rev. Roger Granville – the new premises to be known as the Granville memorial.

Builders’ wages

With regard to the application by men in the building trade in Bideford for an increase in pay of one penny per hour, the Masters have intimated that they will grant an increase of a halfpenny on condition that the builders in the neighbouring towns of North Devon do the same. (Current pay 6d per hour – about 2p)

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