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Richmond Dock status – December 2012.

Photographs taken at Richmond Drydock on 11th December. First two photos – disassembly of the ‘Bryher’ has now been completed.    The nearly-finished vessel on the right is the  ‘Annaliese’, and only the ‘Silver Harvester’ appears mostly intact.     The ‘Monkleigh’ will … Continue reading

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Buzz Word – December.

Remembering after November. Recent conflicts have brought added relevance to annual acts of Remembrance.   Increasingly we remember not just battles long past but families in our own communities who are mourning the recent death of a loved one.   We also … Continue reading

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One Hundred Years ago – December 1912.

(From the Bideford Gazette). Advertisements for  Christmas. After the jollification of Christmas , the damaged wallpaper and the scratched paintwork will show up – in all these matters Mr R Pye of 8 and 9 Meddon St will be found … Continue reading

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Mysteries at St. Margaret’s, Northam.

Whilst clearing ivy from gravestones in Northam Churchyard recently, we came across a very well-carved stone commemorating two families, the Blighs and the Copners. Francis Bligh was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and died in 1825.   Also named were … Continue reading

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