Shipping news No. 89 (April 2012).


Abis Belfast – built 2011; reg.flag Harlingen, Netherlands ; owners Dutch ; from Foynes to Rosyth ; crew Dutch & Philippino ; arrived 22.3.12, sailed 24.3.12 ; cargo, parts for HMS ‘Prince of Wales’.

Vasily Shuhskin -  built 1995 ; reg. flag Valletta, Malta ; owners Russian ; from Glasson Dock to Kunda ; crew Russian ; arrived 28.3.12, sailed 5.4.12 ; cargo, 2950 tons clay.
(The reason this vessel was alongside for so long was that she arrived on the last possible tide with only a minimal amount of water under the keel, and the tide she sailed on was the first to give adequate draught to navigate).

Komarno -  built 1993 ; reg. flag Limassol, Cyprus ; owners Russian ; from Kinsale to Wismar ; crew Russian ; arrived 4.4.12, sailed 5.4.12 ; cargo, 2400 tons timber.

Arco Dart 11.3.2012

Oldenburg resumed service to Lundy from Bideford and Ilfracombe


17.3.2012 at 18.06 hrs cargo vessel Wilson Garston 2801 tons d.w, owners Wilson Asa Norway, inward bound for Avonmouth.
18.3.2012 at 10.13 hrs cargo vessel Casablanca 3002 tons d.w, owners Kapitan Siegfried Bojen Schiffahrtsbetrieb EK Germany, inward bound for Newport.
20.3.2012 at 08.00 hrs bulk carrier Aasli 6630tons d.w, owners Hans Martin   Torkelsen Norway, outward bound from Port Talbot.

21.3.2012 At  08.00 hrs  project vessel Abis Bilbao 3800 tons d.w owners Abis Shipping Co BV Netherlands  inward bound for Newport . At 09.03 hrs cargo vessel Saffier 5800 tons d.w owners De Bock Maritiem BV Netherlands inward bound for Birdport.
26.3.2012 at 08.57 hrs vehicle carrier Grande Napoli 14900 tons d.w, owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury.   At 11.25 hrs tanker BW Rhine 76578 tons d.w, owners B.W Shipping Group Norway, inward bound for Avonmouth.   At 16.31 hrs vehicle carrier Baltic Breeze 28116 tons d.w, owners Wallenius Wilhemlseb Logistics Norway and Sweden, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 11.45 hrs.
31.3.2012 at 11.30 hrs cargo vessel Karystos 27079 tons d.w, owners Karystos Shipping SA Greece, inward bound for Newport.   At 16.49 hrs two cargo vessels  passing each other the Aasli 6630 tons d.w, owners Hans Martin Torkelsen Norway,  inward bound for Cardiff  and the cargo vessel Sea Mithril 2220 tons d.w, owners Torbulk Ltd U.K., outward bound from South Wales.   At 17.36 hrs Cargo vessel Astra 3570 tons d.w,  owners Sia Aquarius Co Latvia,  inward bound for for Sharpness ; her next voyage should have been loading timber at Bideford – however, she was neaped at Sharpness and would have been late for loading so the Komarno was chartered in her place.
3.4.2012 at 11.40 hrs vehicle carrier Tijuca 75000 tons d.w,  owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Norway and Sweden,  inward bound for Portbury.
7.4.12 at 09.10 hrs bulk carrier Auk Arrow 43952 tons d.w, owners Gearbulk Holdings Ltd Hamilton Bermuda inward bound for Portbury.
13.4.2012 at 15.00 container ship Laura Schulte 23579 tons d.w, owners Reederei Thomas Schulte GMBH & Co KG Germany, outward bound from Portbury,  having sailed at 1117hrs.   Seen off Clovelly by Chris Tolley at 18.30 hrs the sail training ship Stavros S Niarchos owners Sail Training Association UK,  inward bound for Cardiff. This vessel was built in late 90′s at Appledore.
15.4.2012 at 07.50 hrs vehicle carrier Viking Drive 10817 tons d.w,  owners Gramcar Shipping HK Ltd Singapore,  inward  bound for Portbury and cargo vessel Aasli 6630 tons d.w.owners Hans Martin Torkelsen Norway, inward bound for Cardiff.   At 08.40 hrs vehicle carrier Grande Portogallo 12594 tons d.w,  owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury.    At 10.17 hrs vehicle carrier Autosun 6670 tons d.w owners UECC Unipessoal Ltd Maderia,  inward bound for Portbury.

Regards Norman.

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