Shipping news No. 87 (Feb. 2012)

Shipping news 87

Built 2004

Rotterdam  Netherlands


Date arrived

Date sailed



Cargo loaded
1850 tons timber

Alexander Grin

2385 tons timber
Abis Belfast
Harlingen  Netherlands
19 pieces aircraft carrier

*No Deck cargo due to falling tides

Arco Dart 8..2.2012  14.2.2012
Oldenburg alongside Bideford Quay ; new schedule for 2012 published and available at the Lundy Office and many other outlets.
Bristol Channel Observations.
15/1/12 at 14.00 hrs vehicle carrier Baltic Breeze 12466 tons d.w, owners  Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Norway and Sweden on charter to United European Car Carriers Norway,  inward bound for Portbury spotted from Braunton Burrows by Peter Finn whilst out walking.
22.1.2012 at 08.40 hrs cargo vessel Vyg 2300 tons d.w, owners Orion Shipping Co Russia, outward bound from Sharpness
28.1.2012 at 13.07 hrs container vessel Encounter 9335 tons d.w.,owners JR Shipping BV  Netherlands, inward bound for Portbury
2.2.2012 at 16.00 hrs two vessels seen passing Ilfracombe ; bulk carrier Chaitali Prem 93313 tons d.w, owners Gestioni Armartouriali Naples, outward bound from Portbury and the cargo vessel Leopold Staff 30469 tons d.w, owners Polish Ocean lines Poland,  outward bound from Newport  seen by Josh Hulse and a school friend on the bus going home from school. These two ships would have passed Lundy about I hour later.
6.2.2012 Anchored in Bideford Bay during the morning the coastal tanker Bro Gazelle 7515 tons d.w, owners Eric Thun AB Sweden, outward bound from South Wales, she sailed off towards Milford Haven about 13.30 hrs.
7.2.2012 hrs 12.45 hrs cargo vessel Mermerdelen 3640 tons d.w, Golden Moonshipping Co Istanbul, outward bound from Newport.
13.2.2012 anchored in Bideford Bay for most of the day the RFA Mounts Bay a Landing Ship Dock,  part of the Royal Navy Fleet on exercises with the  Royal Marines;  think she sailed  Monday evening or Tuesday morning .
Weather conditions lately have been dreadful and the opportunities to see any vessel passing Lundy have been few and far between.
In  the February edition I mentioned  I was awaiting confirmation from Torridge District Council for the vacant position on the Harbour board working group; this was duly confirmed  and I attended my first meeting on the 26th January. A great deal had been mentioned in the local press about mooring fees,  but the Chairman Councillor Barry Parsons read out a statement confirming they would not be imposed on yacht and small craft.
The Harbour Master advised that shipping movements had increased mainly due to the timber shipments.
The old wrecks lying on the ground next to the shipyard should be going shortly, hopefully to the Old Richmond Drydock at Appledore for breaking up or, in the modern terminology recycling.
Regards Norman.

Shipping News  100 years ago
The Bideford & Bristol Steamship Company have accepted a contract for transit of mail to Lundy island from the mainland, and the SS Devonia will be the ship engaged in the work
(From Bideford Archives)

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