Nov 2011 Shipping Report

Bristol Channel Observations.

15.10.2011 seen anchored off  Clovelly  all this day, having arrived previously on the 14.10.2011 the tanker Bro Gazelle 7515 tons, owners Bro Go BV & Erik Thun Netherlands ;she was outward bound from Cardiff .  The vessel was seen by Chris Tolley. She sailed on the Sunday  morning heading towards Milford Haven.

16.10.2011 at 10.37 hrs cargo vessel Erieborg 10750 tons d.w, owners Wagenborg Shipping B.V Netherlands, inward bound for Cardiff ; at 12.16 hrs cargo vessel Yong Xing 22309 tons d.w owners, Polish Ocean Lines Poland, inward bound for Newport; at 12.42 hrs vehicle carrier Undine 22616 tons d.w, owners Wallenius Wilhemsen Logistics Norway and Sweden, outward bound from Portbury, having sailed at 09.38 hrs ; at 18.31 hrs vehicle carrier Grande Scandinavia 18440 tons d.wm owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury.

18.10.2011 at 15.30 hrs cargo vessel Pinnau 3686 tons d.wm,  owners Reederei Erwin Strahlmann of Germany,  inward  bound for Cardiff.

19.10.2011 at 13.25 cargo vessel Scot Ranger 3167 tons d.w, owners Scotline Ltd UK, inward bound for Newport.

20.10.2011 at 13,29 cargo vessel Rhein 4155 tons d.w, owners Scheper Rheintrader  Germany, inward bound for Newport.

22.10.2011 at 11.05 hrs vehicle carrier Autosun 6670 tons d.w. owners UECC Unipessoal Ltd Funchal  Madeira, inward bound for Portbury; at 13.20 hrs container vessel Elevation 6449 tons d.w, owners Elevation Shipping BV Netherlands, inward bound for Portbury.

23.10.2011 at 13.00 hrs vehicle carrier Viking Drive 10817 tons d.w, owners Gramcar Shipping HK Ltd Singapore, inward bound for Portbury.

28.10.2011 at 08.25 hrs bulk carrier Ocean Confidence 175000 tons d.w, owners Ocean Confidence Maritime inc Hong Kong China, outward bound from Port Talbot,

30.10.11 at 15.40 hrs cargo vessel Pernille 3492 tons d.w owners Interscan Schiffahrts GMBH Germany, outward bound from 15.15 hrs cargo vessel Wolthusen 6918 tons d.w,  owners W. Bockstiegel Reederei GHMB & Co KG Germany, inward bound for Avonmouth ; this vessel was seen whilst I was at Ilfracombe and would have been crossing the bay about 90 minutes beforehand.

1.11.2011 at 0815 hrs cargo vessel Belina 6918 tons d.w, owners Peter Dohle Schiffahrts KG Germany, outward bound from Portbury, having sailed at 02.16 hrs ; at 10.28 hrs cargo vessel Hunteborg 6100 tons d.w, owners Wagenborg Shipping BV Netherlands, inward bound for Swansea.

6.11.2011 at  17.00 hrs project vessel Abis Belfast 3800 tons d.w, owners Abis Shipping BV Netherlands,  inward bound for Sharpness.

10.11.2011 at 13.40 hrs vehicle carrier Grande Europe 18461 tons d.w, owners Grimaldi Line of Italy,  inward bound for Portbury.

12.11.2011 at 11.33 hrs vehicle carrier Autosun 6670 tons d.w. owners UECC  Unipessoal Ltd Funchal  Maderia. outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 07.35 hrs.

Ship          Registered       From     To        arrived   Sailed    Crew   Cargo

Flag /Owners                                                               Loaded

Baltiyskiy 202 Valletta          Cork   Wismar  19.10.   25.10  Russian 2620 tons

Built 1994        Malta                                                                             Timber


This is the largest amount of timber load since shipments started in May

There is a shipment due to load about 23/24 November on the Valentin Pikul.

As this is my last report for 2011 may I take this opportunity to wish all readers of the Shipping News,  a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,  and thanks for your kind comments about the page.

Regards Norman

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