Dec. 1911 – One hundred years ago

One hundred years ago

Appledore Disasters

Appledore was thrown into a state of grief on hearing that the schooner Agnes was  lost and that Captain George Cawsey and his son  Alfred of Appledore were both drowned.  The Rival, sailed by Captain J. Lamey  of Appledore,  and the Cornflower, owned and sailed by Captain J Cox of Appledore  were also lost but the crews  were rescued.

Christmas Present

A quaint style bedroom  door knocker would make an acceptable present . We have a good selection Bishop of 16 Market Place,  Bideford .

A New Motor Car – A 20 Horse power ,  four cylinder,   five seated touring car for £170 completely equipped with hood, windscreen . speedometer , gas lamps, generator and three oil lamps –  this hardly seems possible , But our readers will find that the Ford motor car is offered by the Bideford Motor works at this low price.

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