Nov 2011 Shipping No.84

The  Quay was closed over the weekend whilst  this  ship was in port  for safety reasons.  Michael the crane driver  advises me that he would have had to wash the Quay down on the Friday evening, and  turn out on the Sunday evening to stop vehicles using the Quay  as the lorries with the clay were  due to arrive early on the Monday morning. Would everybody please appreciate this is a working port and your safety is the prime concern.

Mair Trinity House buoy tender vessel alongside Bideford Quay 26.9.2011

Arco Dart 14.9.2011  15.9.2011 16.9.2011 13.10.2011 14.10.2011

Bristol Channel Observations.

15.9.2011 at 06.37 hrs bulk carrier Jacamar Arrow 46998 tons d.w., owners Gearbulk Ltd of Hamilton Bermuda,  inward bound for Portbury; at 08.40 hrs buoy tender vessel Galatea 1200 tons d.w. owners Trinity House London, inward bound for Swansea ; at 12.53 hrs container Vessel Judith Borchard 11282 tons d.w. owners Reederei Friedhelm Dede GMBH & Co KG Germany, inward bound for Cardiff.

From early morning the fishing survey vessel Cefas Endeavour 650 tons d.w, owners, Cefas Lowestoft, operating in Bideford Bay for most of the day .

18.9.2011 at 14.40 hrs vehicle carrier Viking Drive 10817 tons d.w, owners Grandcar Shipping HK Ltd Singapore,  inward bound for Portbury.

21.9.2011 at 09.56 hrs vehicle carrier Grande Anversa 12353 tons d.w, owners Grimaldi Line of Italy,  inward bound for Portbury.

25.9.2011 at 13.04 hrs vehicle carrier Autosun 6670 tons d.w, owners UECC Unipessoal Ltda Funchal Madiera, outward bound from Portbury, having sailed at 08.00 hrs.

28.9.2011 at 11.50 hrs vehicle carrier Grand Benelux 12594 tons d.w, owners Grimaldi Line of Italy, inward bound for Portbury.

29.9.2011 at 12.11 hrs chemical tanker Alice Theresa 7964 tons d.w, owners Herning Shipping as Denmark, inward bound for Cardiff.

7.10.2011 at 12.15 hrs vehicle carrier Autosun 6670 tons d.w, owners  UECC Unipessoal Funchal Madeira, outward bound from Portbury having sailed at 08.17 hrs ; at 16.45 hrs cargo vessel SCL Elise 7694 tons d.w owners SCL Elise Shipping Ltd Switzerland, outward bound from Avonmouth, having sailed at 06.04 hrs.13/10/11at 16.30 hrs container ship Laura Schultes 23286 tons d.w, owners  Thomas Schulte Reederei GMBH Germany, inward bound for Portbury.




Vasily Shukshin Built 1995

Registered Flag





St Malo



Date arrived


Date sailed




Cargo loaded

2508 tons timber

Abis Bordeaux

Built 2011




Brest Rosyth 27/09/11 30/09/11 Dutch and Phillipines 19 pieces for aircraft carrier
Alexander Grin*

Built 1997




Sharpness Naantali 06/10/11 10/10/11 Russian 2000 tons ball clay
RMS Lagona

Built 2000

ex (Crescent

Seine 03)

St Johns


Antigua and Barbuda

Newport Moerdijk 13/10/11 13/10/11 German



1700 tons

ball clay

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