Nov. 1911 – One hundred years ago.


Guard against damp feet and consequent chills by wearing a pair of Goodenough’s rubber overshoes.   To prevent a serious cold is worth the outlay of several pairs, and one pair answers every purpose.                                WH Goodenough of 2a Meddon Street.


The inhabitants of Lundy have passed through a difficult time. Three weeks had elapsed since the mail boat ‘Morning Star’ last landed provisions, However Captain Dark on the Gannet eventually reached there,  the islanders having run out of flour,bread, and biscuits,


All the bands of ringers in the area have been invited to the opening of the bells after rehanging on November 24th.A brass memorial will be placed in the vestry recording the fact that the work has been carried out in commemoration of the Coronation.

Mike Davy(from Bideford Archives)

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