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Raleigh or Grenville?

Some people may query part of the content of Eliabethan Pageant, page two.(July issue). It states:- St Mary’s Church . . .where the North American Indian brought back by Raleigh was baptised and buried.  I thought the ‘Native American’ was brought back by Grenville and named after his cousin Raleigh.I may well be wrong but I thought I would raise the point and have you prepared for any future query.

Robin Stowell

Arches under Police Station

I moved here four  years ago and love reading the Buzz as love  the stories and pictures  that your readers send in; also useful information bout what’s on. On walking past the Police station I noticed some arches in the wall that had been bricked up at some time-  they all have numbers on them 1 think 1 to 7.  I wonder if any of your readers know what these would have been . Are they  part of the old jail and prisoners were taken through,  or perhaps to do with maritme ?

Thanks if you could help.Keep up the good work

Margaret Bellamy

Kathleen and May

I have been told that  last month your paper reported  that K&M had been sold.
This is not true.
Three years ago, K&M was placed in the Core Collection of the County’s Historic Vessels, She is now classified as a National Treasure and as such is eligible for Government funding as per the Cutty Sark & Mary Rose, but She has to be in Public Ownership.
For a couple of years I have been rejecting offers from other ports that she used to visit/trade with, as my wish was to retain her in her Port of Register Bideford.
Out of the offers we have had, Liverpool offered the best security for her short team future, partly due to the fact that they have world heritage status, but in the main because they desperately want her as the catalyst for their Maritime Regeneration right up to the time she starred as the Mary Rose in the Onedin Line. To close, I can bring her back to her home “Port of Bideford” at any time  if there was a real drive to do so.

Steve Clarke

In the July edition I made mention that the vessel had been sold;  however this information was not correct and  the vessel is in Liverpool for safety reasons. I apologise for any distress I may have caused Mr Clarke.

Norman – Buzz shipping correspondent

Bideford Town band
BTB held its 21st solo contest on June 11th, with 78 entries including ones from Wales, Okehampton, Taunton and local bands. It was held in the Bideford Methodist Church rooms.
From a local point of view Bideford came 2nd in the quartet section and first in the ensemble. Best instrumentalist in this section was awarded to Bideford’s Angela Butler on Eb bass.
The band would like to thank all participants and organisers Cyril and Jane Pascoe as well as Mr Adrian Harvey from Sidmouth who kindly adjudicated.
Once again a highly successful day was enjoyed by all.
Many thanks
Tim Watts Publicity Officer BTB

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