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Charles  Chappell

Like many people  I am interested in the story of Hubba the Dane and, like,  countless people go past the stone at Bloody Corner, erected by Charles Chappell in 1890.
But who was he ? I have come across a Charles Chappell of Hillpark 1890 and a Northam farmer 1889. A Charles Chappell died on 6 November 1892 aged 77.
Did he just own adjoining fields or was he a keen historian, did he write about Hubba? Also Thomas Hogg Esq of about the same date as above. He had Odun Hall in Appledore with  a tablet on the wall ( This memorable spot adjourns  the ground of Thomas Hogg Esq in the corridor of whose mansion this patriotic gentleman has placed a tablet recording in elegant and nervous language the important victory).
Anyone with any information can contact me through the Buzz or my email address is bagsoftime@hotmail.com
Gordon Mountjoy

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Thank you Bideford Buzz in helping us find a new volunteer- But we need one more!

We help people whose speech has been affected by stroke.

Could you spare  a couple of hours a week for tea and talk? And if you have time you could lead a couple of sessions  eg a quiz or topical conversation

If  you have recently suffered a stroke with speech problems and would like some support do also get in touch on 07713 629774

Torridge Dysphasia Support Group

West Quay Fundraisers raised £1100 to boost their coffers at the recent Art Auction held in St Mary’s Church. Many thanks for those of you who attended and contributed, whether it was artwork submitted or taking part in the auction. Everyone had a great time and some amazing pieces were sold. We will be holding another auction in November at The Beaver Inn, Appledore.”


From our shipping correspondent

To all readers  I have to apologise to anybody who may have gone to Ilfracombe to see the cruise ship Rotterdam on Sunday 29th May.  Due to weather condition the Capt of the ship decided on the Saturday evening that it would  be to dangerous to put passengers ashore in the lifeboats and the ship bypassed Ilfracombe and proceeded to Cherbourg. However the Harbour Master could have told the local radio station long before the news bulletin at 09.00 hrs ;  if I had not told the BBC at 08.30 hrs  that the ship was not coming nobody would have been advised.  Let us hope the arrival of the Prinsedam in July is handled slightly better.


Hartland Market

Turning up at Hartland Farmers’ Market with your camera on July 3 could net you a substantial reward. The market is running a new photography competition in conjunction with J&A Cameras. There are adult and child categories (for people up to 16) with a total of £100 in prizes. As well as sponsorship from J&A, the competition is being supported by the Plough Arts’ Centre in Torrington, who will mount an exhibition of the best entries in August.

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