June Edition Shipping Update 79

Bideford Harbour has been in negotiations with Euroforest to undertake locally harvested shipments of round timber from Bideford to Germany. AGW shipments could start as soon as Mid May. This will be a welcome boost to the Harbour’s trade and provide valuable income from Wharfage, Pilotage and Harbour Dues.  (from Roger Hoad harbour master )

Arco Dart ;16.4.11 17.4.11 4.5.11

Oldenburg has recommenced sailing to Lundy

Understand the Kathleen and May will be  spending the summer in Liverpool.

Bristol Channel Observations

16.4.2011 at 10.10 hrs tanker Amaranth 5838 tons d.w. owners Unibaltic SP Zoo Poland, outward bound from Avonmouth, having sailed at 06.40 hrs ;1 at 11.42 hrs container ship Elevation 6449 tons d.w, owners JR Shipping BV Netherlands, inward bound for Avonmouth.

22.4.11 at 13.30 cargo vessel Amur 2507  3152 tons d.w, owners  North- Western Shipping Stock Co Russia, inward bound for Newport.; at 16.50 hrs bulk carrier Petka 75460 tons d.w,  owners Atlantic Conbulk Maritime Croatia,  inward bound for Portbury; at 15.50 hrs vehicle carrier Grande Napoli 14900 tons d.w , owners Grimaldi Line of Italy,  inward bound for Portbury; at 18.07 hrs vehicle carrier Autosun 6670 tons d.w,  owners United European Car Carrier Norway inward bound for Portbury.

27.4.2011 at 17.56 hrs vehicle carrier Planet Ace 15327 tons d.w,  owners Mitsui OSK Lines Japan,  outward bound from Portbury,  having sailed at 14.36 hrs.

1.5.2011 at 0630 hrs the cruise ship Expedition off  South Lundy 6336 gross tons,  owners Gap Adventures,  passenger capacity 120,  seen on AIS later heading in a North Westerly direction toward Milford Haven thence  to the Sicily Isles.;at 07.07 hrs cargo vessel Eva Maria Mueller 3680 tons d.w,  owners  Brink & Wolffel GMBH & Co Germany,  inward bound for Sharpness; at 11.15 hrs vehicle carrier Autosun 6670 tons d.w,  owners United European Car Carrier Norway inward bound for Portbury.

2.5.2011 at 09.12 container vessel Judith Borchard 11382 tons d.w owners Anna Sophie, Jork Germany outward bound from Cardiff ;at 0923 hrs cargo vessel Graf Uko 2900 tons d.w,  owners Graf Uko KG Leer Germany inward bound for Avonmouth.

8.5.2011 at 15.05 hrs buoy tender vessel  Patricia 990 tons d.w,  owners Trinity House London inward bound for Porlock Bay.

9.5.2011 at 18.10 hrs cargo vessel Barizo 5647 tons d.w , owners Atlantico Shipping SL Bilbao Spain,  outward bound from Newport

11.5.2011 at 16.55 hrs chemical tanker Stolt Egret 5758 tons d.w, owners Stolt Nielsen Rederi A/S Norway,  outward bound from Barry,  having sailed at 10.15 hrs;  at 17.25 hrs cargo vessel Helsinki 4221 tons d.w,  owners Kapitan Siegfried Bojen-Schiffahrtsbetrieb Germany,  inward bound for Cardiff  at 18.50 hrs cargo vessel Jerome H 1525 d.w. owners Reederei M Lauterjung KG Germany , inward bound for Newport; at 19.27 hrs cargo vessel Nekton 3246 tons d.w,  owners Schram GD Rhoon Netherlands outward bound from Birdport (Newport),  having sailed at 10.10 hrs

On Thursday 21.4.2011 it was announced by the Harbour Master Capt Hoad that Bideford had come to an  agreement with Euroforest for shipments of timber from Bideford to Germany and the first shipment was made in Mid May. The timber was stored at the Old Cattle Market and brought to the quay when vessel Roseburg arrived on 16th. Full details in July edition. Shipments will be approx 2500 tons every three months. This will be  a welcome income to Torridge Council as the guardians of the Port.

Ship Registered flag owners From To Date arrived Date sailed Crew Cargo loaded
Barbarossa Ex Flinthorn Gibraltar      BritishRussian Las Palmas Rosyth 15/04/2011 17/04/2001 Russian Pieces for  aircraft carrier
Built 2000
Bavaria St Johns    Antigua & Barbuda German Terneuzen Rosyth 17/04/2011 19/04/2011 German, Russian Pieces for  aircraft carrier
Built 1996 Ukrainian

Both the above ships arrived in the Bay a lot earlier;  the Barbarossa on the 12th April and the Bavaria on the 14th April. On the Buzz website there are photographs of these; if anybody wishes to download them, they are welcome to do so. Correction to May edition – vessel’s  name should have read Baltiskiy 202


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