June Edition – One Hundred Years ago from the Bideford Gazette

Rev, Roger Granville

The death has occurred of the Rev. Roger Granville at Pinhoe,  but formerly the Rector of Bideford. St Mary’s Parish Church was rebuilt in 1864/5 and Rev. Granville saved some of the woodwork which he used to form the screen at the base of the tower. He also built St Peter’s Church at East the Water almost entirely at his own expense. He was also responsible for the infants’  school beside St Mary’s and the Port Mission at East the Water. In all he served Bideford for 18 years.

Nightingale in Nurses Home

The new ‘Nightingale Nurses Home’ was formally opened at Westcroft Rd Bideford. There was everything that one could wish for in a private nursing home. The home would provide trained nurses for visiting.

General Booth

General Booth is soon to make a tour of South Africa concerning emigration to that area, but before leaving England, and he is now in his eighty second year, he will visit Bideford to deliver a lecture on the Salvation Army, what it is, what it does, and what it is destined to do.


A Hartland man was summoned for driving without a light at Hartland. The police constable, in proving the case, said the defendant had told him that the candle had burned out completely and that he did not have another one. He was fined 2/6d

Mike Davy

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